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  1. Don H, I agree with you. We should not judge another human being's behaviour? There are so many (personal) reasons someone can deviate from their regular path!...

    What Eric needs is support and encouragements for a better time ahead. I believe my comments in the "Bad News" topic reflected just that and I sincerely hope Eric will eventually read all these encouragements notes addressed to him.


  2. Eric - Just read this article on the BBC website:

    "Ageing rock musicians are set to be paid for their recordings for the rest of their lives under a European Union plan".

    Performers currently lose the rights to their recordings after 50 years and most musicians had contracts requiring them to pass royalties back to their record labels.

    How is it in the US? Do you lose your rights after 50 years? I hope not! :(:(


  3. Did you know when an item at the check out supermarket scan wrong, this item becomes free to you. All supermarkets have this policy but will not automatically enforce it unless you request it.

    At my local supermarket, when I go through the cash register, I monitor each scan and one time, I end up getting 3 (yes 3!) expensive meat packages free because they scanned wrong. Tonite I got a free coolwhip!



  4. Thanks everyone for your inputs. All I need now is to buy some CDs! happyhappy

    To AnniekNY - go to YouTube, plug "Simply Red" and you shall find a video of that song. I am sure you'll like it.


  5. In the early 80's, I enjoyed listening to the band Simply Red, especially the songs "Holding

    back the years" and "If you don't know me by now". Then time passed and I did not pay too much attention to their career until, about 3 nights ago, VH1 Classic showed a documentary on Mick Hucknall and his accomplishments. I was blown away by the song "For Your Babies". Does anyone knows who wrote the lyrics & music? It almost brought me to tears. Thanks for any feedbacks you may have.

    (I was interrupted several times while I was watching so I may have missed the portion where they announced who wrote that song).

    Anita spin

  6. Yes, this guy was very gracious and is a Vice President from Meredith Corporation. Unfortunately, I do not know his name since I did not notice where he was seating. He left before I could say anything. I just wonder if he knows he is a look alike?

    Eric, in my opinion, Frankie Valli bears no resemblance to you but again, it is subjective. spin

  7. Today, during a trip from Raleigh, NC to Teterboro, NJ, one of my passenger came to thank me for a smooth flight and my heart just dropped!... It took me a few seconds to collect myself and acknowledge this person: He was an Eric Carmen look alike (same age, height, smile, etc...). I was once told by a wise man that there are look alikes in this world but never gave it a second tought until today!..... Now, I am a firm believer.


  8. This is my second favorite song (Boats being #1). I am not a music expert but for me, it has the right melody and the words are so strong and beautiful, it really touches me everytime I listen to it. I have loaded it in my Ipod and, by changing "she" remembered to "he" remembered, I am back to my high school years and all those feelings are coming back again.... I guess everyone has lost an old flame!

    Thank you Eric for such a beautiful song! heartpump

  9. Eric,

    To quote Dionne Warwick "That's What Friends Are For", we support you during the goods and the bads. We are sad when you are and rejoy when you are happy. Enjoy life and, perhaps, this "incident" will bring us the honor to have you write something great - as you always said, you find easier to compose when you are (were) sad.

    Anita ;)

  10. It's too bad the video ended so soon. Mr. Bean, at this stage, lost his swimming trunk...!

    Anyone who is a "Mr. Bean" fan will tell you that the rest of the story is hilarious.


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