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  1. Don H, I agree with you. We should not judge another human being's behaviour? There are so many (personal) reasons someone can deviate from their regular path!... What Eric needs is support and encouragements for a better time ahead. I believe my comments in the "Bad News" topic reflected just that and I sincerely hope Eric will eventually read all these encouragements notes addressed to him. Anita
  2. Eric, No matter what, I am still your #1 Fan. We all have our demons inside and we all deal with them in a different manner. Hang in there! Better, happy times are ahead. xxxxxx Anita
  3. Ira, Link page still not found. Maybe I am missing something on my laptop.
  4. I also cannot open the link - It says "not found"
  5. Test your knowledge of the Bond themes http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7533129.stm
  6. FYI - "Batman begins" is playing right now on FX.
  7. Eric - Just read this article on the BBC website: "Ageing rock musicians are set to be paid for their recordings for the rest of their lives under a European Union plan". Performers currently lose the rights to their recordings after 50 years and most musicians had contracts requiring them to pass royalties back to their record labels. How is it in the US? Do you lose your rights after 50 years? I hope not! ac
  8. Did you know when an item at the check out supermarket scan wrong, this item becomes free to you. All supermarkets have this policy but will not automatically enforce it unless you request it. At my local supermarket, when I go through the cash register, I monitor each scan and one time, I end up getting 3 (yes 3!) expensive meat packages free because they scanned wrong. Tonite I got a free coolwhip! Anita
  9. My favourites are: Allo! Allo! Absolutely Fabulous Black Adder Anita
  10. Country Music is not for me either. I still find it very depressing!
  11. 1. Jules and Jim 2. Somewhere in time 3. El Cid 4. Sleepers 5. The third man 6. Moonraker (James Bond Series)
  12. Patriots 21 - Giants 17 Go Patriots!
  13. Go Patriots!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tom Brady is the best QB so far...)
  14. 1. Boat Against the Current 2. She remembered 3. I'm Through With Love 4. All by myself 5. You Took me All the Way 6. Sunrise 7. The Way we Used to Be 8. I Wanna Hear from your Lips 9. Living Without your Love 10.Never Gonna Fall in Love Again 11.Desperate Fools 12.I was Born to Love You 13.All For Love 14.Wak Away Renee 15.It Hurts too much
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