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  1. An official live cd was a missing link of the legend of Raspberries. Shame that there wasn't good enough promotion for the live cd. No in store appearances or a performance on Conan O'Brien. Talking to Eddie Trunk he said he would have loved to have played the cd and have them on his radio show but he couldn't because his radio program is a Heavy Metal show.
  2. For me it's the last verse in the song "Starting Over" and it has a very personal meaning to me. A girl in High School who I had a huge crush on (she had one on me too) that I was very extremly shy to talk to only to have myself regretting it very much to this day. If I had a chance to make one wish and I know it would come true I'd start all over with her.
  3. Met today Drummer Carmine Appice at the Chiller Theatre convention by the Meadowlands in NJ. Asked him about his experience playing with Eric and he replied that Eric is a very talented and nice guy . He also added that on one of those dates in Japan Eric was so drunk that he fell off the stage but other than that he spoke very positively about Eric.
  4. In 1984 with the music scene dominated by such acts like Culture Club and Duran Duran which I found truly awful. I out of frustration decided to discover music of good days gone by and one of which was The Raspberries. It was like a breath of fresh air for me and I felt like I was the only fan. Special songs for me. John
  5. I don't know why Refreshed was released under the Raspberries Banner when it isn't the follow up to Starting Over. John
  6. Anyone know why Eric didn't participate in the almost Raspberries reunion concert that took place at Cleveland in 1998. I'm aware of the VHS version of the show but I guess a DVD release is highly unlikely. John
  7. Yes "Sarah Smiles" is a great song. Motors were pretty good also.
  8. Unconfirmed rumour has it that he opened a recording studio after his recording career ended. After being out of the limelight for nearly 25 years I highly doubt it he'll make a musical comeback but then again there was a time when I would gaze upon my Raspberries records and I would say to myself "Gee where are these guys now".Maybe if there is a Ken Sharp type person out there that could revitalize his career just like how he did with the Raspberries.
  9. One of my all time favorites songs is "Girl Of My Dreams" by Bram Tchaikovsky. Any fans of Raspberries and power pop should seek for his Strange Man, Changed Man LP. Anybody have any clues of his whereabouts? After his last LP in 1981 he disappeared off the face of the earth and info on the net is very scarce.Dread seeing him vanish without a trace after recording some great but underappreciated music. John
  10. Hi Eric, Just want to ask you what were some of your favorite moments and recollections of the Dirty Dancing tour? John
  11. I think David's best solo album is "The higher they climb (the harder they fall)". John
  12. Since it's from the same era as the Raspberries anyone here has any likeness for the music David Cassidy recorded in the 70's. Anyone with any interesting stories or favorite songs/albums please share here. No David bashing. Being a fan of those records for over 30 years I can never get tired of listening to those feel good songs plus have met David numerous times. John
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