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  1. I remember "All Right Now" too! They also played it as their last encore song the last time I saw them at "My Fathers' Place" in Long Island I believe.
  2. Wow Tony...I do have very vivid memories from that night because it was a big personal night for me...not Raspberries related. As I posted above, it was my first date with a girl named Debbie who I thought was the most beautiful girl in the world till I met my present day wife Diana. We dated for several years and then broke up...badly. Eventually, we became friends and when I started dating my wife-to-be I introduced them and they became best friends and eventually my wife's maid-of-honor. As for the Raspberries...wow...I had discovered them a year earlier and had bought all their records up till that point. I got tickets (still have the stubbs) and couldn't wait. Unlike what the photos show, my seats weren't that great...somewhere in the back of the hall. But, I walked up to the stage several times to take the pics. I really didn't care for Stories (unlike my date) and I couldn't wait for the Raspberries to come on. When they opened with the Ticket To Ride riff I was floored. My other fav band was the Beatles. I remember the concert going by very quickly once the Raspberries came on. My absolute favorite song was "Let's Pretend"...it is still my favorite song of all-time along with "Don't Worry Baby" by the Beach Boys. "I Can Remember" was the other standout song for me. I went on to see the Raspberries 5 more times after that before they broke up. One great memory of the later concerts was Eric performing "Let's Pretend (slow version)/Starting Over" medley at the "Joint In The Woods" in Parsippany NJ. Eric also played drums on one song that night although I can't remember which one. Maybe you remember Eric? I recorded that show on a small cassette recorded and still have the tape somewhere...haven't seen it in many years. My last Raspberries concert before the reunion was at "My Fathers' Place" in Long Island. I think this was one of their last shows. Tony, I know you only asked about the Carnegie show...but as I was typing, I was remembering and it just came pouring out of me.
  3. I will Marvin, thanks. I forgot to mention that I made copies of these photos and gave a set to each member of the band at one of their Highline Ballroom, NYC reunion shows a couple years ago. Each one of the band members were thrilled to see photos from this famous concert that had never been seen before. I have one photo from the Carnegie show that all the members of the bans signed for me too! Finally meeting them after all these years was one of the biggest thrills of my life. Thank you Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim!
  4. Hi Bernie! Thanks for posting these. Thanks for the kind words Marvin! I have amazing memories of this show 9/26/73. It was the first of 6 Raspberries concerts I attended in the 70's...not counting 4 reunion shows. I saw the original group lineup four times and the Carmen/Bryson/McBride/McCarl lineup twice. The photos were taken with my fathers Ciroflex Twin Lens reflex camera. I was on a first date with the girl who eventually became my wife's maid-of-honor! It was her birthday and she was a fan of Stories...the opening act. By the end of the show she was a Raspberries fan. There are several other shots from this show that I gave Bernie. Do you plan on posting those as well Bernie? If not, I will post them to my Facebook and let everyone here know when. Thanks again Bernie!
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