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  1. Because I live in the middle of "NO FREAKIN" WHERE" I have 2 choices to shop at locally. One is Walmart the other is Kmart. Darlene, I am sorry but I have to agree with Rainman. Kmart sucks.. At least around here... They never have stocked what they advertise. The womens clothes are geared toward old ladies, and IF you find what you need there are never more then 2 cashiers on duty at once. Both are usually trainees and have no clue what they are doing. ............ Captain, Walmart can be a royal pain but you have to know how to work them. In the future let them know that you can get your item at a competitor for cheaper. They do match prices. Also FYI they take back pretty much ANYTHING. especially if you are firm about it. That TV would have gone back for sure if it were mine and I'd have a gotten a new one to replace it. I once took back a DEAD hamster. I kid you not.... My daughter got the thing on a Monday and by Friday it was belly up. I packed him up in the box he came in (which I fished out of the trash) and took him back, I set the thing on the counter and told them I wanted a replacement before my 7 year old came home from school and cried her eyes out. Yes I could have just bought a new one, but it was the principle of the thing... The CSR in charge didn't know what to say! She told me to go get a new one which I did... I left the dead one for them to dispose of... They take back stuff with no reciepts, ripped reciepts, and expired reciepts. The squeaking wheel gets you in and out quickly at Walmart just incase you ever decide to go there again Maryanne
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    LC...... yes I did hear about the possible FOTOMAKER reunion. I am really hoping it all comes together. I have never seen them in concert. I really enjoy the albums and think it would be a hoot to hear them in person. The talk was about a spring possiblity.... I am keeping my finers crossed! Maryanne
  3. I tend to "recruit" everywhere I go. I sing Raspberries praises to anyone that will let me go on and on and on...... I have no problem with anyone getting a chance to own this wonderful treasure. As my big sis says. The more people out there craving the music the better shot we all have of a future show, or concert. As far as the price goes we all have our priorities. Mine happens to be RASPBERRIES. Some people spend a fortune on golf, or lottery tickets!....... This was money well spent for me and I'll have a reminder of how happy these reunion shows made me. I would have paid any amount to relive the experience over and over!!! Maryanne
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    LC , Do you own a copy of the TATTOO album.... I have one that I listen to and one sealed. I actually was fortunate enough to win them both when Bernie held the very first garage sale. It was dubbed THE BRYSON COLLECTION. Those 2 albums were included as was the pick that Wally used for the very first Reunion concert at the HOB in CLeveland..... Tattoo is sensational. I had never heard of it before I won it so I was so thrilled to have it for my collection. I never see it on ebay so I think it must be pretty rare...... Several Wally power pop songs!!! Also a rock version of It's Cold Outside ... Totally awesome I am anxious to see what items will be up for grabs at this next garage sale. Last year I snagged the power cord from Wally guitar. Has his name and the Raspberries logo printed on it....... Truely a one of a kind item... I was on pins and needles bidding for it!...These websites are so wonderful... We never had this sort of access to bands when I was a kid thats for sure!!! Maryanne
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    LC, No I had not noticed until you mentioned it. I just went and dug out my album. I recently purchased it on EBAY and when I looked at the jacket it didn't strike me as a black eye, I was thinking it was a shadow in the picture. After looking at it again I'll be doggoned. He is sporting a shiner! I will have to go look and see if I can find the post you refer to. VERY INTERESTING! Are you a Wally fan also??? Maryanne
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    I just noticed this thread and found it pretty interesting. I chose my avatar because quite simply I just adore Wally!...... Always have. Always will...... This is one of my favorite pictures of him as an early Berrie. Anyone who really knows me would have guessed it was me even if my name wasn't right next to it! lol
  7. FRESH Although it was album number 2, it was the first one I had. (It was a Christmas gift and I ended up buying the first album by weeks end).........It was love at first sight and sound. "Guess you were the one from the start, and try as I may I can't say that we'll part...." Maryanne
  8. The first time I heard "It's Cold Outside" was on TATTOO.( Wally Bryson, Dan Klawon, David Allen Thomas, Jeff Hutton & Thom Mooney) 1976 .... I had no idea it had been a ballad recorded by another group. I had not even heard of the Choir back then..... TATTOO does a ROCK version of the hit. It is fantastic. The album is hard to find (Thank goodness I own one cause I have not seen it on CD anywhere.) It's a rare find if you run into a copy and definitely worth it. There's not a bad song on the whole Album and "It's Cold Outside" is awesome!! Maryanne
  9. My wonderful husband ordered mine. I started telling him about it when he came home from work.... He said it was going to be a surprize, but he knew once I was aware, I was never going to let go of it. He figured he better tell me. .........Awesome gift from an Awesome guy ! Spring can't get here soon enough for me!!!
  10. When my daughter was 6 I remember her sitting on a swing set in the back yard singing, "Sleep With Me". I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack. I never made a big deal about it. It is my feeling that if she knew it got to me she'd keep it up!(Besides, I was the one that had given her the Raspberrie/Carmen education with repeated playings on a daily basis.) Over the years I would listen to the music that came out of bedroom and found it to be rather mild in comparasion. Mostly country rock, a little bit of classic rock. Nothing wild or crazy. Today she is 30 and a mother of 2 boys. One 6 and the other 10. She is a college graduate and a responsible parent. She lets her kids listen to some of the rap and pop stuff of today. She doesn't go out and buy questionable material for them but doesn't freak out if it comes on the radio and they know the words. She feels the same way that I do. The bigger deal you make the more they want to do it. Some stuff will make you cringe I am sure. Todays lyrics are more in your face then ours were. OK , Eric's lyrics were provacative, however they were done in such a way that it never seemed offensive. Most of it was so sweet even MY mother sang along and never seemed to take notice. Relax..... Kids change their minds constantly. One day they love something the next they hate it. They'll have a different favorite songs every week. I wouldn't sweat it too much. It will make you nuts! Maryanne
  11. Trindy, I sent you an email with the info you asked me about for the jewelry. Be sure to check the mailbox you use with this website!!! Maryanne
  12. Hi Trindy, Scott and I just got home from the festivities and just wanted to say that it was great meeting you and your cousin. We had a terrific time talking with you about "OUR" guys and reliving some fond memories. We don't get Cleveland stations down here, but I am going to click on the Cleveland Plain Dealer in the morning and see if there is any thing there worth sharing. You did a bang up job reporting what we "got" to see. Although it wasn't exactly what we expected I do have to say that my heart did skip a beat when I spotted them across the street!!! And that brief glimse made the trip worthwhile. I agree the video on the jumbo tron was not the best quality. (AND SHORT4 SONGS) I guess we just have to be patient and wait for the DVD to be realeased. We all better get 2. I have a feeling we'll be wearing the first one out.!!! Again let me say it was neat chatting with you. I hope we get to hang out again in the NEAR future!!! Happy Holidays... Maryanne
  13. Must be Eric's week for TV. We were watching DEXTER on SHOWTIME last nite, (Sun) and one of the main characters was dancing around her bedroom singing MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL. Right about that time the serial killer that everyone is looking for calls her and says, "Is that Eric Carmen you are listening to?'.. VERY COOL!!! Eric you are just bustin' out all over the place. Maryanne
  14. Ok!!! Thank Goodness I live in OHIO.!!!.....( and only a 2 hour drive) This just keeps getting better.... kind of like those info-mercials... But wait, theres MORE!.............. Maryanne
  15. FANRAZTIC!!!!!!!!!! Where was this technology 30 years ago when I was 17.???????? I remember setting up my tripod in front of the TV for Don Kirshners Rock Concert. We ended up with blurry stills with bars across the middle of the picture. At the time we tryed to take scissors and cut around the bars to get enough of a picture to make a collage........ Oh the good old days!!!! Mare
  16. Well I put in my 2 cents!!! How they can snub a CLEVELAND band like the Berries in a crime! Who counts these votes anyway! Mare
  17. I have had my copy for a week now. There isn't a bad song in the bunch!!! It is everything I knew it was going to be and MORE.!! If you are a die hard fan you must have this for your collection. I swear you won't be sorry.... Mare
  18. Kathy thanks so much for that GREAT tip!!! I will start doing it tonight. I have been told about the sore fingers so I knew they were coming, but this might take the edge off. I appreciate you giving me your advice. I'll let you know when I can play something recognizable!!!
  19. Now that my daughter is graduating college this spring I am going to take guitar lessons. I hope in a few months to be able to at least strum my way thru" Lets Pretend"...
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