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  1. The sky was cloudy and the air was cold... Then the mailman came and I hold in my hand 2 tickets to the BEACHLAND BALLROOM on Nov. 23rd. All of a sudden I have that warm fuzzy feeling that only a Bryson Lead guitar can give me...!! Finally after much anticipation I am getting to see my LORD OF THE STRINGS play LIVE AND LOUD with his AMAZING and AWESOMELY talented son.... Who needs the lottery!! THIS is going to be a HELL of show... Maryanne

  2. SENSATIONAL!!!! ....... Ya gotta get it on more OHIO TV stations!!! I live in LISBON OH. about 2 hours south of Cleveland... ( 40 min south of Youngstown.. Our local stations are Ch 21 WFMJ...CH 27 WKBN and CH 33 WYTV......There are probably alot of Ohio fans from the 70's that may not know about the new release.. Spread the word till EVERYONE'S HEARD!!!!! ...... I'm recruiting as I go!! Maryanne :wub:

  3. Ok I have SERIOUSLY considered a tattoo of the Famous scented sticker on my lower back...... but I have not gotten around to actually doing it........ What I do have is a PURPLE PT CRUISER registered in Ohio with the personalized plate that says RASBERRI..... :wub: Maryanne

  4. Lisbon, Ohio... I've got mine in my hot little hands complete with Bubblewrap! I am getting ready to pop in the DVD any second. I wanted to wait until I was sure I wasn't gonna be interrupted!! I feel an "ALL nighter" coming on!!! :blink: Maryanne

  5. MJ, I am about ready to start on the 3rd wall... My kids ages 32 and 24 are convinced I've somehow lost my mind, but my husband says, "If it makes you happy Go For It"... He's actually helping me add to the "shrine" and wasn't even a fan in the 70's!. He now sees the error of his ways and searches the internet for ANYTHING "Berrie"....... Of course my favorites are things the guys have autographed in person for me.... Hoping to ADD to it if there is a tour following the new release!!! spin

  6. "If theres a cure for this, I don't want it,,, Don't want it,,!! "...... 30+ years ago I was buying Raspberrie jam, cookies, shampoo etc... Now I'm spending my money on some REAL great stuff. Books, Cd's Tee-shirts, buttons, CONCERT TICKETS....... Bernie's Auction has enabled me to REALLY gather some one of a kind things, like the power cord to WALLY's GUITARS!!!!! ..........Addicted??? Hell yeah! and having the time of my life!!! My living room looks like a shrine!!! LOL......... Maryanne

  7. Thanks Marlene, I was thrilled to be the winner. I wasn't sure it was going to happen. When it comes to auctions, most times someone else out bids me. Right up until the last second I was on pins and needles. It's a really neat addition for my collection. Maryanne

  8. One of my favorite Eric songs... Nice treat. Thanks for sharing.. Been a great week for me, I was the LUCKY WINNER of the LIPS promo phone that was on Ebay last week... Its in near PERFECT condition and really works!..... Maryanne

  9. Last night I had one of the biggest thrills of my life. Jesse Bryson was playing at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland and we drove up to see him. It was a Drop Dead, Kick Ass, Absolutley AWESOME Rock and Roll evening. Jesse is outstanding. His music, his voice and his guitar playing just keep getting better and better. He came over and talked with us and treated us like he CARED if we were having a good time... Kay came over and talked with us for over an hour. We had a wonderful evening with 2 remarkably caring people....... If any one has the opportunity to see Jesse LIVE I recommend you go. You will NOT be disappointed. His music and guitar playing just blew us away...... PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!! Anyone who was fortunate enough to have seen Wally in his 20's would have to agree it is like watching a remake of history...... Jesse is outstanding. I can't wait for his next CD... I already own the first 2 and have them memorized... Thanks to Jesse and Kay for making us feel like we were part of their family and friends.... Maryanne and Scott

  10. MAGNIFICENT...... Is there any chance you would consider re-recording this gem on a future album. I thought it was beautiful just the way it was, but think of what you could do now with all your knowledge and todays technology..... Your voice is perfected now... Please consider the idea!! ............

  11. Chris, do you live in Canton.? I had to drive to ALLIANCE and you would swear they hadn't touched the roads. The snow wasn't even dirty. I live in Lisbon and had to go to Carrollton and Minerva this morning also. Couldn't wait to get home. How many more days until spring??? Mare

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