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  1. I forgot to mention I got those "last" concert Laminates as well.. I really didn't think would get them as the bidding got frenzied toward the last few sec. I won't believe it was the "last" show. Never say Never with our guys. They are our TRUE one of a kind items!!!!!!
  2. The bidding was tight right up to the very end. I really wanted Jim's drum head and stick as I don't have any "Jim" things. However I did score the Eric Carmen power cord..........2 years ago I won Wally's power cord. I can't believe I now own the both of these one of a kind items....... Hey Bernie does Dave have one you can list next year???
  3. Wally LOVES Fotomaker!!! Never say never. it could Happen... Ps THANKS WENDY FOR THE HELP WITH MY AVATAR
  4. Help I must have done it wrong
  5. Glad my Old avatar was still available!! Wally and his Flying V for me!!!!
  6. The sky was cloudy and the air was cold... Then the mailman came and I hold in my hand 2 tickets to the BEACHLAND BALLROOM on Nov. 23rd. All of a sudden I have that warm fuzzy feeling that only a Bryson Lead guitar can give me...!! Finally after much anticipation I am getting to see my LORD OF THE STRINGS play LIVE AND LOUD with his AMAZING and AWESOMELY talented son.... Who needs the lottery!! THIS is going to be a HELL of show... Maryanne
  7. "I guess you were the one from the start, And try as I may, I can't say that we'll part"............................... I think Wally has said it best for all of us............ Luv Ya Wally!!!............. Maryanne
  8. Al, I was wondering if there was any way to purchase one of the Raspberries "scratch and sniff" stickers. If you are not able to sell me one I was hoping someone on the board would........ Thanks >> Maryanne
  9. I have tickets for the Cleveland show and was wondering if anyone knows if they are going to allow camera's. I want to bring mine but don't want to be told at the door I can't have it...... I would appreciate any info.... Thanks... Maryanne
  10. SENSATIONAL!!!! ....... Ya gotta get it on more OHIO TV stations!!! I live in LISBON OH. about 2 hours south of Cleveland... ( 40 min south of Youngstown.. Our local stations are Ch 21 WFMJ...CH 27 WKBN and CH 33 WYTV......There are probably alot of Ohio fans from the 70's that may not know about the new release.. Spread the word till EVERYONE'S HEARD!!!!! ...... I'm recruiting as I go!! Maryanne
  11. Little Amanda is one smart cookie!!! Wally RULES!..... And she got her picture taken with him and jim!! Wow , it sure couldn' t get much better for me, thats for sure!!!!
  12. sorry.. RASBERI.....my fingers got carried away with the rr's.. lol Maryanne
  13. Ok I have SERIOUSLY considered a tattoo of the Famous scented sticker on my lower back...... but I have not gotten around to actually doing it........ What I do have is a PURPLE PT CRUISER registered in Ohio with the personalized plate that says RASBERRI..... Maryanne
  14. Lisbon, Ohio... I've got mine in my hot little hands complete with Bubblewrap! I am getting ready to pop in the DVD any second. I wanted to wait until I was sure I wasn't gonna be interrupted!! I feel an "ALL nighter" coming on!!! Maryanne
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