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  1. Eric, et.al., Picking up on your earlier thread regarding the "Stepping Down" of today's music... Do you think that the "American Idol" show is bringing an appreciation of some of the really great music from earlier generations to the younger audiences & musicians? I personally like when the show does the 50's, 60's, & 70's themes, because I think it is important for these kids to hear great music from that era being performed by their peers, since most of what they listen to today is complete garbage. I also think it's great when they have great artists / performers (Barry Manilow last week, for instance) working with them, as I think it gives the younger audiences an appreciation, long overdue, for the great music of earlier times. (By the way, I think they should have you as a guest on the show!!!) Your thoughts???
  2. Eric, Thanks for putting today's music in perspective! I was born in '64, the youngest of seven, & some of the best times I can remember growing up were when we would sit around my brother's guitar singing those great songs. ...and, my 13 year old and 5 year old daughters love 'em too. Beatles, Beach Boys, Elton, and -of course- The Raspberries & Eric Carmen!!!
  3. Sure would be great to have you perform here? Any chance of that happening???
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