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  1. Here in Florida no smoking allowed in any restaurant or bar that serves food or any mall, etc. Was in a bar a while back that had "smoke eaters" hooked up to their ceiling fans instead of blades and they work really good! You could not tell there were people smoking in there and it seemed to make people want to smoke less. I know I make me think twice.
  2. What about a husband & wife duet like Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black?
  3. Thank you one hundred times Julesberry!!!
  4. Just my luck! Using computer at work and system will not allow me to access that link. The curiosity is killing me. Would someone please look mine up? My birthday is 7-25-1969. Muchas Gracias!!
  5. Related story: My husband's a mechanic and guy brought his motorcycle to the shop swearing he blew up the engine. Turns out he was just out of gas. What did my husband say to him? "Got Gas?"
  6. Great news!! To have the "man" himself posting among us. Welcome Eric!
  7. At 36yrs old I missed the boat the first time around. 7 or 8 years ago I was flipping channels and landed on VH1 where a member of ABBA was hosting a show about Raspberries. It was amazing! I missed the first part of the show, but sat there glued to the set for the remainder of it. When it was over I kept hoping they would rerun it but no luck. For some reason I didn't realize that I could still obtain their music. 1 year ago a coworker brought in some used CD's her sister was selling. I saw The Raspberries Collector CD and finally everything connected. Before that show I had no idea Eric was connected to Raspberries. (Yes I am a slow learner sometimes.) As soon as I got that CD I was hooked. I now have almost all of Eric's CD's and am working on a collection of Raspberries. I also remember seeing a video of Eric doing 'I Wan't To Hear It From Your Lips' on VH1 sometime in the late 80's(?) OH BOY!!! He was sooooo cute!!
  8. Well...wasn't born till 1969 so..... BUT, a similar 'Beatles' fever type feeling for me when I saw a member from ABBA hosting a show on VH1 some 7 or 8 years ago that was all about Raspberries!!! My jaw dropped to the floor! It was like finding the missing piece to a puzzle. It was like a switch got flipped in my head. My only regret was I missed the first half of the show. I was hooked. When the show was over I just sat there with mixed emotions, so glad yet so sad it was over.
  9. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060209/ap_en_ot/musical_mystery
  10. Today on Yahoo News web site under the entertainment section I found this article. Just thought it was interesting. Not sure how accurate it is. It may be partially true, but I am the kind of person that either I like it or I don't not depending on anyone else's opinions. Sometimes, however, a song does just 'grow on me'. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060209/ap en ot/musical mystery
  11. I'm a Mazda Miata. You like to soak up the sun, but your tastes are down to earth. Everyone thinks you're cute(I don't know about that one). Life is a winding road and you like to take the curves in stride. Let other people compete in the rat race, your just here to enjoy the ride. That's me. Laid back!
  12. This is the one and only board I have joined and I like it very much. I have enjoyed the laughter, the learning I have done here, the knowledge I have seen, and the compassion I have seen. It feels comfortable. Thanks to Eric and Raspberries for all the great music and thanks to Bernie.
  13. Well, I just got my Winter Dreams CD a couple months ago and I would pick: "Isn't It Romantic", "I Was Born To Love You", "Every Time I Make Love To You". Maybe: "I Want To Hear It From Your Lips" But this year it looks like "It Hurts Too Much", "Never Gona Fall In Love Again" and "Boats Against The Current". Oh well, maybe next year
  14. Ted, Words of wisdom.
  15. Awesome!! thanks for the link!
  16. My parents also have revealed that they knew my husband had "issues" all along. He actually did some work with my dad. Wish they would have told me but I probably wouldn't have listened anyway. Beer and wine, friends,...I concur.
  17. Hang in there Dave. Remember everything happens for a reason. Time heals and the future is full of all kinds of possibilities. I too am in the middle of a seperation and divorce. It seems to me that the journey and all of it's ups and downs has (and continues to) prepared me for the future. Getting through tough times makes you stronger and able to handle the "growing pains" better. I have also found that faith and prayer are very powerful and calming channels. My marriage has also been pretty long (11 years). I have found comfort in knowing that the future is bright and there is a light not only at the end of the tunnel but it is all the way through the tunnel also. I have read a few good books and am seeing a councelor also. That has helped a lot. Fortunately my insurance covers it with a small copay. One word of caution, carefully choose a counselor, I even found info on how tho choose a good counselor in one of the books I read. This board has helped taken my mind off of things quite a bit. All of you seem like very nice people. Thanks for all the laughs and brain tickling. I too have found solace in Eric's music during this time. All of it speaks volumes in relation to the feelings I have been having. It has helped me vent a lot. I did not realize how much I was suppressing good and bad feelings, doubts, opinions, individuality, weaknesses and strengths. Thanks Eric so much for very wonderful, moving music! One added bonus to what I have learned. Even though he may think me crazy to go out of state for the next Berries concert, that's his problem and I don't have to feel stupid for doing it!
  18. I LOVE a good medium rare steak seasoned right, chicken done just about any way, eggplant parmesian(but the eggplant has to be well browned), Mom's marinara sauce. As a kid I would just get a bowl of the sauce and Italian bread and go to town. I miss White Castle. When we lived in New Jersey we would drive a ways to the nearest one and take the dog, it was like a day trip.(Even the dog got his own burgers) Here in Fla there's YaYa's flame broiled chicken WOW!! good stuff. Also, there was a place called The Turkey Farm (I think it was in Jersey) that had the best turkey soup in the world! Pan fried perogies with butter, cream cheese cookies, chocolate syrup with a milk chaser, I hate: liver, fishy tasting fish, peas, lima beans, cauliflower, duck,
  19. In defense of The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis wrote it with Christian symbolism. The only good magic is when Aslan, the type of Christ, himself uses it or gives another character permission to. Tn that respect, the good magic in the story can be related to grace. (Christ Himself freely gives His grace to those that need it and all of the grace comes from Him.) The magic C.S. Lewis talks about is really a metaphor of grace bestowed upon or power used by the character of Aslan. And even he received this power from his father across the sea. (Symbolizes God the Father).
  20. Raspberrywine, Thanks for that very insightful post.
  21. Seems to me that the PARENTS need to provide a preface to their children giving them insight to the difference between fiction and reality. Then also reinforce core values. After all, if parents never tell their children who Santa Claus really was (Saint Nicholas) and that he is in fact deceased, then the children will believe whatever else is presented to them. I was not brought up (thank God) by parents that tried to feed me a bunch of crap.
  22. JuliaD, Thank you for the head's up, it's much appreciated.
  23. As a resident of Florida, I can't relate to the snow, but I can relate to the flooding issue. Sending prayers your way and hoping your weather gets colder.
  24. My bad. Did not know that. I had better Google next time.
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