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  1. I've been told that a 'must visit' is Jimmy Buffet's Marguarita Ville, in that same area there are a lot of novelty stores (and other restaurants). One thing I would recommend is snorkling or diving. The key's are a wonderful place to get a great underwater experience. Renting a boat can be lots of fun too, but it's easy to run aground on a sand bar or reef when you're not in the channel so just be watchful. Exploring while island hopping is cool. Parasail, water ski, etc. Jet ski's are fun just remember to yield the right of way to any larger vessel. When on the water always thing safety first. I have lived in Fla for 20yrs and you would be supprised how many accidents happen on the water. Anywho.... back to the fun stuff...for a certain time each year people flock to the keys to go lobster hunting, more affectionately called bugging. As for the PrideFest, it is probably a lot like Martigras. Just don't upset the locals.

  2. My heart goes out to all affected in that area. I hope everyone up there is safe even if they may be wet. Having lived here in Fla the past 20yrs or so, I am very accustomed to flooding of course. It is just one of those things. The major concern is the safety of all up there in the affected area. My biggest worry would be the possibility of getting electricuted.

    I can't help but wonder, however, do most people in that area have flood insurance? My homeowner's ins does not cover rising water...have to have flood ins.

    Paulie, those afternoon thunderstorms that build up off of the sea breeze are still here. But not for a couple more months.

  3. Hi AnneG,

    Thank you and thanks Mellie. Yes it's in Fla. The one company has moved pianos for over 25yrs and has done so for the likes of Hulk Hogan and other celebrities. The article I read in St Pete Times gave a very good reference. How do I attempt to lock the sound board?

  4. Once again I humbly turn to all of the board members for advice. I have 2 moving companies in mind for getting the piano I just bought moved. The piano is a fairly small upright CONN. The one company does not use a hydraulic lift to get the piano in and out of the truck and the other company does. Is there a great advantage to using the lift gate or is it non-essencial? I'm just trying to do this in such a way as to avoid any unncesssary damage to the internal workings of the instrument. Any other advice offered up would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Everyone have a great day! smile

  5. Thanks everyone! I located a piano for sale and it is a CONN upright which is 23" deep x 4' 8" long(approx). Owned by a musician who plays it and 2 other Yamaha electric piano's. He said that he also tunes it himself when needed. Looks nice, yellow ivory color. Sounds really good. He was asking $300. Does anyone have any opinions on this particular piano? I also heard that it may be a good idea to put a couple pillows inside to hold the strings in place during moving? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to be proactive during moving to avoid damage to the sound board?

  6. Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing a piano for practicing. I only took 1 year of lessons in high school and my mom had sold the upright piano she had for me a long time ago. I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions offered. Ultimately I'm looking for something that is a space saver and a money saver.(possibly something used) Any preferences on brand/model? ...etc confusedsmile

  7. Last night on Comedy Central on The Colbert Report, Ric Ocasek from The Cars was being interviewed and asked some questions in regards to The Cars reunion. Colbert asked Ocasek "Is there anyone you want to put on report?" Ocasek answered "Yes, Todd Rundgren."

    I don't know why but the way he said it sounded serious. It made me laugh and wonder whatup?

  8. In regards to the 'no so popular guys' getting into bands to attract the girls... When I was in high school 5 guys had crated a band and actually played for the students in the auditorium one day. Well...they weren't what you would call 'studly', BUT after that performance many, many girls were gaga over them (including me). The drummer was very chubby but even as a shallow teen girl I was :) head over heels, I still remember his name- John Baptist(spelling may be off) and I had to 'try' to get his attention away from my competition. All us girls were the sterotypical teen girls..size 3, really cute, etc...

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