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  1. I thought it would be appropriate to give an update on my situation.

    A few months of seperation and now the divorce is final. At first I thought I jumped the gun and shouldn't have gone thru with it, but it can't be changed now and I am getting used to it. I have begun assertiveness training, applying it a little bit here and there. Baby steps. I had to learn to open my mouth and speak up for myself in every area of my life. I think not being able to have a healthy equal disagreement or discussion or conversation with my ex led me to the mindset of-why bother wasting my breath.

    My now ex and I are still seeing each other exclusively. However, I am still much in the dark when it comes to him. He is a hard nut to crack. However, being alone has given me time to step back and see some of the real him. Most of what I have discovered about him I don't feel good about. It is hard not to need a man. Things break, truck needs fixing, etc... he's a very good handman and pretty much a jack of all trades. It is not easy to sum it all up in a few short lines. Anyway, I have begun to write a fiction story(even though I'm not nor have ever been a writer) it is my escape from reality sometimes and a 'perfect life'dream that I now fantasize about. I am also relearning piano and just trying to work on myself, and stay sane and look at the bright side. I also think I have had some sort of mid life realization(or mid life crisis as they call it). Piano is harder than I remember it to be but fun none the less.

    Best wishes to all of you!

  2. I just wanted to say that I did not mean to say that I thought Pat Benetar was bad. They were very good! Me thinks me had a couple too many draft beers and was a little testy cause of the lines at the port-a-potty. I'm getting older and lack some of the stamina I used to have for staying up past my bed time. zzz

  3. Boy am I bummed out now. grumpy My computer won't let me download the program to watch these videos. (it's cause it my computer at work)

    I'm missing all the cool EC videos. That does it... I'm getting a computer at home! <img border="0" alt="[Rant]" title="" src="graemlins/rant.gif" />

  4. Matt, everyone has got their unique 'kinks' which make you and everyone so very special and important in our own individual ways. Variety is the spice of life! You are wonderful just as you are. happy

  5. I found this thread to be VERY educational. Much thanks Eric and all whose posts echoed your's. I must say that it was very easy to be completely confused as someone that knows squat about the music business and the birthing of songs(which now I have perfect clarity thanks to this thread). It all makes scense now.

  6. Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Eddie Money and Scandal are doing a show in Clearwater in Sept. at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Now I just have to decide between that show and Ringo's All Star Band in July. Oh, what the heck...I may just have to go to both. spin

    Both sound like they would be good shows. smile

  7. Was a free concert at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg on Sat to benefit All Children's Hospital during the Taste of Pinellas. Was an open air band shell. Jefferson Starship was GREAT! Mickey Thomas's vocals were AWESOME! That guy shure can belt out a tune. They did a bunch of their hits and a song from The Elvin Bishop Band(Fooled Around and Fell In Love). I haven't seen a concert since I was 16 except for Jimmy Buffet some 7 yrs ago(which I didn't think was very good) so my opinion is only amature and of personal taste. Not sure who all was in the band. I didn't get a program paper or anything. I think they were better than Pat Benetar that came on after them. Was a good show, good weather, good food. cool

  8. Thanks everyone! I am paying close attention to all the advise you have been so kind to share with me. The different insights you've given I plan to share with my counselor this week. Thanks again, it really means a lot to me! smile

    Have a great day!

  9. Hello everyone and thanks a bunch! I have been mulling over your posts and thinking back. To kind of answer Ectacy's post... We've been married 11yrs and dated a few months prior to getting married. I distinctively remember him going to tear up our marriage license on our wedding night cause I did no want to go do "it" on the bike overpass on the bare concrete in plain view. (we had once and I did not want to repeat that, some things you just do once). Anyway, the rip in the license is there to this day. He has a tendency to have temper tantrums, cuts people off in mid sentence regularly in conversation, speaks over people, and does the same in the background on most of my phone conversations with other people. He has a way of going on and on about the same subject, repeating himself often and has an insatiable desire for praise. These traits go back as far as I can remember. No particular trigger as far as I know. I have tried addressing the 'your boyfriend' issue calm and collectively but it seems to fall on deal ears. He thinks going to a counselor is a waste of money. Perhaps I have been blind and long suffering hoping he would mellow out with age. I have set aside special time for us, tried being very aattentive, cooperative with his whims even on week nights when I'm tired from work, etc..., got him a book reccomended to him by a friend that had marital issues -at his request- then he didn't read it. A couple months ago I packed up and left after he went to work. Came back the same night. I don't know...

    He says I'm not happy. That as soon as the house is done I'll leave him. He says "I know, I'm just a fat guy" to which I tell him he is not fat. He jokingly accuses me of 'wanting' our neighbor, my boss, various friends of his. :rolleyes:arrgh

    It is a very empty feeling that I have been trying desperately to drown in many different ways, but to no avail. So now I'm just going to have to "face the music" I guess.

    Thanks for listening and letting me vent. Everyone have a good weekend.

  10. AnnieKNY, best wishes for you working on getting your degree! I agree with you this this board is a great place to laugh, vent, get good advise, etc... It is really cool community and has been invaluable to me. smile

    As a stubborn optimist, the hard part of this for me it having to bite off and chew on the truth which is definitely not what I had hoped it to be. frown

  11. I asked this question to my counselor and to my husband and still don't have any clarity, so here goes. What does it mean when my husband says something like...so did you see your boyfriend today? He says he's trying to get a reaction out of me. I wonder what type of reaction he is looking for. All it does is aggrivate me and make me wonder why he thinks I would do such a thing. I don't have nor do I want a b-friend and I do not even have a window of opportunity. I am either at home or work or the grocery store. I don't work late and I have never cheated on him in any way. I have expressed to him that I do not appreciate it and that it eminates distrust yet he continues with such types of remarks. (In addition to some vulgar language that I will not elaborate on here) Is it blatent disregard for my feelings or what?

    I understand if this post gets removed due to the nature of the subject. I appoligize in advance if it is inappropriate.

  12. Hi Eric! Having been born in 1969 I obviously didn't know about this music at all, except for GATW later on. I LOVE your solo music. Anyway, having lost interest in the radio since the early 90's I have been listening to CD's ever since. Except for the country music channel's, I just didn't like most of what was on the top 40. Around the middle of last year I found a Raspberries Greatest CD in a used bin, remembered GATW and saw you on the cover and thought I would give it a try. I was hooked and got ahold of some live stuff too. The music is refreshing, different, descriptive, emotional, addictive, impecable, vivacious, and awesome live! Says so much about the work that went into it and the talent that had to exist to create such great songs.

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