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  1. I believe you Darren. However, my take on it is this. Cyberstuff is great, don't get me wrong, but I feel more involved playing an instrument than I do just clicking and waiting for the outcome. I'm coming in on the back side on technology. I've been on a computer at work for years. To actually play an instrument is pure. I'm sure you already know that since you've played 36 years. That must feel great. Me, when I say I can compose on a piano, it ususally means I'm just rebooting myself. A 'get away from a structured world'. In the process I find creativity.

  2. Thanks for the info Julie. Strangely enough, I didn't do a thing and now its working. Go figure.

    Kathy, I was thinking that I should get a MAC on the way to the store cause of what people on this board have already said about it. Coulda, shoulda, didn't. I'll remember your advise and use it next time.

  3. Paulie, ec.com is one of the reasons I got a home computer. Admin at work won't allow me to have Quicktime. So with high hopes I installed Quicktime at home. ActiveX will let me listen to the video Bernie put up but I can't see it. frown

    Back to the drawing board.

  4. My brand new home computer is not what I expected it to be. I've spent the weekend and each night so far this week customizing and tweaking(sp?). Got a lot more pleasue and peace out of playing piano. With piano I can play, explore, compose. I have auto 'don't do that' buttons, like hitting the wrong sharp, flat, or key Built in security, at my fingertips, on demand. Without windows, defragmentation, viruses and the like. How pure is that fellow ec.com people? You already know.

  5. Hate automated/voice interactive phone systems that will not allow you to as for the operator or press 0...Grrrrrrr. And you're there talking to a machine that sounds like a real person with personality and you don't want to be. You want to talk to a real person, darn it.

  6. Laura, I have heard sooooo many horror stories about motorcycle accidents. So good to hear that your brother is going to pull through. Sending prayers out for him. Was just watching a show on Discovery Health yesterday all about some of the people that make prosthetics and their patients. About the patients mental recovery as well as their physical. Sending good thoughts as well. Best wishes.

  7. I remember watching the Mike Douglas show as a kid but I was so young then I don't remember any specifics.

    Muzza, the administrator over the system for the company I work for won't allow certain downloads. Wonder why your system won't allow it?

  8. "Pick yourself up,

    Dust yourself off,

    Start all over again" Lyrics by: Dorothy Fields.

    I just looked up the lyrics to that song "Pick Yourself Up" ..pretty relevant to me, sort of.

    Thanks for all the kind words of encouragement and all! It is very reassuring to have nice folks like y'all around!

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