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  1. You guys sure know how to party! I could hear you all the way down in Florida... courtesy of a wonderful call from Kathy, which was not the least bit ruined by a conversation with TOMMY TUNES, who I could barely hear over the roar of the throng!!

    Wish I could have been there. Maybe for "V" I hope.

    Love the pics, but for those of us not there... we need names (screen names) for those faces! smile

    I'm with Paulie, except I didn't get to hear it by phone, just in my head...maybe too many party beers??? laugh Love the photos! Next year, I'm there! And to think that my brother in NJ said that Sayerville isn't "all that" anymore :rolleyes: What does he know! Can't wait for more pics!
  2. Quote:
    My copy of "Winter Dreams" does not have "Caroline No" on it as it is called IWBTLY instead. Therefore, another request for the jukebox sometime please Bernie?

    Gary pray

    Gary, Eric's rendition of this song is spellbiding/captivating. You're missing out. Hope you get to hear it soon.
  3. "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight",Someone That You Loved Before","I Was Born To Love You",-not too shabby.

    It took me a while to appreciate this more adult-oriented music-I LOVE TEEN ANGST-but this is a very good-very endearing album IMHO-Ira.

    And Wally's superb guitar in the aformentioned song. IWBTLY The orchestration. Beautiful. And again everyting else on that CD. A very heartfelt thank you to Eric.
  4. Trindy, took me 4 tries to re-download Quicktime and had to get approval from ActiveX to play it each time....finally it did work. I did the same exact thing each time (I 'm pretty sure). For me it seemed to be an ActiveX problem. Hope you can get it working.

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