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  1. I'm with Paulie, except I didn't get to hear it by phone, just in my head...maybe too many party beers??? Love the photos! Next year, I'm there! And to think that my brother in NJ said that Sayerville isn't "all that" anymore What does he know! Can't wait for more pics!
  2. My stomach is growling too! Master chef Eric's recipies are always delectable. Yum!
  3. I know you all are having a blast. We got some serious rain here, hope you guys don't wind up with weather problems. Anyway, since I can't be there, I'm having a EC/Raspberries day. In honor of WAB.
  4. Winter chocolate fish dreams.
  5. I meant just being silly. So looking forward to the future. I'm looking forward to anything in the works. Go Eric!
  6. Ira, your welcome. Hope everyone indulged themselvs.
  7. Quote:My copy of "Winter Dreams" does not have "Caroline No" on it as it is called IWBTLY instead. Therefore, another request for the jukebox sometime please Bernie? Gary Gary, Eric's rendition of this song is spellbiding/captivating. You're missing out. Hope you get to hear it soon.
  8. al dente,,, when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore' Just being stupid.
  9. My ex has one on his 58 Biscayne Chevy that says "The Whiz" ..not The Wiz. I told him everone who read sit would say, gee sounds like you had a good pee.
  10. And Wally's superb guitar in the aformentioned song. IWBTLY The orchestration. Beautiful. And again everyting else on that CD. A very heartfelt thank you to Eric.
  11. Love this version of angst. The music is superb. Just very fliud (again)
  12. We are difinitely privy(sp) IMO.
  13. I know this has been covered before....but I have been listening to this CD today, again, and I LOVE Caroline No, Just Walk Away Renee, the whole cataloge. Beautiful. Very fluid.
  14. Trindy, took me 4 tries to re-download Quicktime and had to get approval from ActiveX to play it each time....finally it did work. I did the same exact thing each time (I 'm pretty sure). For me it seemed to be an ActiveX problem. Hope you can get it working.
  15. Peachie

    RIP Mike Douglas

    Very sad indeed. One of my earliest TV memories.
  16. Crap, I didn't (stupidly) realize the time limit and didn't bother to read through the end of this thread. Next time I won't dilly dally.
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