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  1. Seriously, people don't realize that "normal" isn't normal for everybody. For example, my "normal" body tempature is 98.4. When ever I get a physical, that's what I have. When I am sick and have a 98.6, it's actually a low-grade fever for me.

    My normal temp is 99.1

    It's interesting to see how people differ.

  2. Just out of curiosity...and cause my last check w-the doctor said my blood pressure was 90 over 42(which he said was ok as long as I didn't feel dizzy or faint at times...which I don't). Any other board members with very low blood pressure? Anyone every have any issues/problems associated with low blood pressure?

  3. lol, Muzza! Tell Kiwi hello for me!! You guys have a good night(or morning?) whatever New Zealand time is. Hmmmm, I'm wondering if the WAB bash that all of us did partake of rattled the earth? No way that good music would cause a real earthquake, BUT definitely a musical one!!


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