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  1. My normal temp is 99.1 It's interesting to see how people differ.
  2. Just out of curiosity...and cause my last check w-the doctor said my blood pressure was 90 over 42(which he said was ok as long as I didn't feel dizzy or faint at times...which I don't). Any other board members with very low blood pressure? Anyone every have any issues/problems associated with low blood pressure?
  3. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you... have a great day, EricH.
  4. Or perhaps the guy's from Leonard Skynard, which I think the band is renamed something else now...just another guess.
  5. I'm taking a guess here...Waylon Jenning's son may have sang that song? I'm stumped.
  6. Bernie, thank's so much for the new MP3's. I also wish for an official CD of Eric's demos and unreleased. Wow, wouldn't that be something!
  7. Lee, sending prayers for your baby, you and Shaun, and your family (Kathy Lee, etc...)
  8. Sud's In The Bucket by Sara Evans, not sure who wrote it though.
  9. http://www.tampagov.net/dept_convention_Center/ http://www.conventionhotelguide.com/tampa_convention_center_hotels.html Julia, this is all I could find in just a quick search. Hope it helps.
  10. Got mine today! YAY! Thanks for all the hard work! It's so great!
  11. Congratulations to the winners!
  12. lol, Muzza! Tell Kiwi hello for me!! You guys have a good night(or morning?) whatever New Zealand time is. Hmmmm, I'm wondering if the WAB bash that all of us did partake of rattled the earth? No way that good music would cause a real earthquake, BUT definitely a musical one!! lol.
  13. Hi, Muzza and Kiwi! I've been playing around with my new home computer and buzy at work. Hope all is well with you! Seems that this new home computer is pretty addicting. Best wishes to both of you!
  14. Yea! EC.COM 'IS' ETV( well to me anyway) Very cool logo indeed!!
  15. lol, lol oops sorry! Hi Muzza & Kiwi!!!!
  16. Hey, it's all ok! No damage to the area here. Otherwise, like Paulie said, we would have all been swimming this moring. All is A-OK!!
  17. I haven't seen that pic before either. That is really nice to see!
  18. Absolutely, Paulie! What was interesting is I went to John's Pass today (at the beach) and normally NO parking available and today it was sort of like a ghost town. lol. Guess some people were expecting a tsunami or something. Just odd.
  19. Earthquake center reported a 6.0 quake approx middle of the Gulf. Last reported quake was 1954. I didn't feel it, but it was pretty much straight out in the Gulf from where I live. Reports said it was felt as far north as Gainesville. WOW!
  20. An unfortunate freak accident indeed. RIP Steve.
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