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  1. I grew up with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, etc. I was raised on old musicals. In DD, the dancing is just delicious(and so is Patrick) with some great music AND Eric's voice. Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a dance film junkie...if it has dance in it, I'll watch it.
  2. Peachie

    Passover Wishes

    I echo Darlene's sentiments. As Passover comes to a conclusion and Easter is on the way the one thing that comes to mind for me is where Jesus said " I am the root and you are the branches" to me it means that the Jewish celebration and the Gentile celebration are both very good.
  3. A new meaning to the phrase "Only the good die young"??? ...just ...weird...
  4. My vote for fav valentine song is, These Are The Moments by Sara Evans
  5. James, that dirty sweaty guy providing for his...errr... is doing the best he can BUT if this is supposed to be a philisophical thread about the, um, stakes of love and war, I don't like war. However, I see your point. Giving all of one's self to provide for and give to another is the emitome of true love, is it not? Which brings me to another thought. If one would give all, the other should also, so there would be nothing left to boast about on either side. No begrudging. No boastfulness. No resenting. No harboring. If love is not a 2 way street it is a dead end road......
  6. I went to highschool with a girl much like the bride. LOTS of drama. Exhausting. If that was real...I feel bad for the groom. I picture this... He's standing at the alter looking at her wondering "What happened to her hair?". Forget the hair! Run boy, run!!!
  7. Peachie

    Stupid Boy

    I just wanted to comment on the lyrics of this song by Keith Urban. It speaks volumes. I just wanted to say, having gone through this myself, encourage and support the one you love to explore their dreams and let them stand in the sun. Positive reinforcement sustains relationships, negative reinforcement extinguishes them.
  8. Bessie, you're not 'desensitized'...society is. I have to agree with you on the yuck factor. In my oppinion it's just plain tacky. It is demeaning and degrading...whether it's a man or a woman taking their clothes off. It 'cheapens' the way the beauty of a human body could be appreciated...not to mention the absense of morals. (Just my position on the issue)
  9. I echo Julesberry's post about the "D" word. I lost 40 pounds after my divorce. Mind you, I do not endorse divorce as a means of weight loss. My maintenance tricks... -No multitasking while eating, stop what you're doing and enjoy the meal. -Drink a full glass of water before eating. -Start EVERY day with a bowl of good cereal. -Allow yourself to stop midway through a meal...then continue(works for me cause I always eat so fast that I still feel hungry when I'm done so I eat half and then tell myself I can go back and eat the rest in a few minutes-cuts my intake by approx 1/2) -Eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day -Laugh whenever you can -Go dancing...lot's of fun and great exercise -Snuggle with the one you love...recharges the body's batteries and may lead to more, um, exercise -Don't forget to feed the spirit and soul too
  10. Hello fellow Floridian Bessieboo. Christmas recovery must be focus now in preparation for New Year's.
  11. Peachie

    Happy Chanukah

    A belated Happy Chanuka to all!!
  12. Next year... I'm going to open my heart and not keep it hidden in that locked room anymore. I will (to borrow from a quote I saw recently on one of Muzza's postings) ...I will allow my hopes, not my hurts decide my future.
  13. Kathy Lee, What amazing news! Hope all is going well for the little fighter. Sending prayers up for you and your family.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope all had a safe and blessed day.
  15. Hi everyone! Would you mind sharing some suggestions as to what would be a good beginner acoustic? I had considered getting a certain cutaway package deal as seen on TV but American Legacy didn't seem to be a well known brand so I wanted to check other options first. Washburn? Fender? ...is cutaway better? I know a $250 guitar won't sound like a $10,000 one but any input would be helpful. I also heard of a spin off brand of a well known brand that put's a different label on their guitars that they consider seconds cause the wood has some cosmetic imperfections. I can't remember the name though. Thanks ya'll!!
  16. I saw the movie this weekend as well. I'm definitely not a James Bond fan, but I REALLY enjoyed the movie. Lots of twists and turns, and it was refreshing to see the unusual emotional element towards the end. Two thumbs up!
  17. Kevin Costner really makes my day. Sigh...
  18. One step closer to getting the new CD in our hands...wonderful news!!!
  19. AnneG, thanks for the info(and everyone else too).
  20. Paulie, 98.4...now we know why you frequent the tropics as your home away from home. Like Jimmy Buffet said "I gotta go where it's warm" I have no excuse for mine (99.1) hot blooded crazy Italiana woman from Jersey. :rolleyes:
  21. AnneG, I was sitting when it was taken. Your comment about the ratio makes me think...since my cholesterol went from over 200 to 166 my bottom bp number went from approx 70 to 42. (top number always came in about 90 to 100) So is it good that there is now a BIGGER ratio between the top/bottom bp? Mellie & Kathy Lee, I too thought a thyroid prob might be at work, but my test came out fine. I wish you both (and everyone else) good & improving health.
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