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  1. A great review! And just maybe a few curious readers of that review will discover the Raspberries' music this year!
  2. Cathy, They do around here. Don't they, though?!! LA HOB was just magical....Thank you to everyone who made it possible!!
  3. Happy Halloween, Cathy! Love your meet and greet picture! Jimmy the Nick, those are pretty funny. I love "I Reach For The Knife." Hi Darlene! We loved the M&G photo session -- we were first so we got to stand there, just hanging on, standing next to the guys, not really caring if Gene took the photo or not, just enjoying being in their presence. Dear Gene took two photos -- so we got to stand there a while. I think he just knew how much we were enjoying our moment and didn't rush it. I love it, I love it. Ahhhhh.... "I Reach for the Knife" is hilarious. Jimmy the Nick is too funny!
  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a video and new CD, however I won't hold my breath. But it would be really nice. I can always dream and hope and wish.... Who would ever have thunk I'd actually meet Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim in the flesh???? Sometimes dreams DO come true!
  5. Hey, All By Myself is playing right now on AOL Radio -- Super 70s. Yeah!
  6. Happy Halloween to everyone especially Eric's children. Have a safe night all. Trick or Treat! I too remember Cathy form the AOL board although she had to give me a kick in the pants to remember her. It's that age thing! I did remember her e-mail address though. Cathy it has been fun catching up. You do look so happy in your picture. What a wonderful treasure theses pictures are for us. I know I truely treasure mine. In my picture I look like I just floated down from the moon. I wonder if they can really understand what these pictures mean to us. I hope so. June Welcome back Cathy! Thank you for the welcome, June. It has indeed been a while; and it's great to be back, to find old friends -- and new friends . The M&G photo is a treasure. Gene did a fabulous job -- and he's such a nice guy, too.
  7. Official Raspberries Halloween Song "All Through The Night" [spin] Un-Official Raspberries Halloween Song(s) "I Wanna Bleed with you" "I Reach for The Knife" [Crazy] Let's Do The Time Warp Again!!! Ohhhh, Jimmy, You are tooo funny! Great, great songs!
  8. Happy Halloween from me, too. It's my favorite holiday (until someone kicks in my pumpkin)! Hi Jen, Happy Halloween to you!! Halloween is such a fun holiday. We have lots of little children in our neighborhood, so Halloween is always a hoot. It's fun seeing all the little kids in their costumes, and they are always so anxious to tell you why they picked that costume. Soooo cute!
  9. Happy Halloween to you too Cathy!!! So great to have you on the board (where you belong!!). Cathy has been a LONG time fan and was part of the original board that Bernie first started! Her and I have been email buddies throughout the years, she is SUPER nice! Loved your pic with your sister and the guys, you were 'glowing'!!! HEY, HEY, PAULA! Hope you and your family have a great Halloween! As evidenced in the photo, my sister and I were definitely in heaven on Oct 21 (as everyone else was, too!)! I'll catch you 'round the Board!
  10. June, I went to the concert with my sister, too. It was my first Raspberries concert -- and what an incredible show!
  11. Icon 1 posted 10-24-2005 11:04 PM Profile for sthom3521 Email sthom3521 Send New Private Message Edit/Delete Post Reply With Quote Watch this be old news. if it is, sorry... anyone see that VW Passat commercial (advertising Dynaudio) with "All By Myself" blaring from a boombox on the roof? Pretty cool. Hey, Steve, Yes, I saw the Passat commercial last night. Very, very cool!
  12. Hello Everyone in Raspberry-Land! Hope everyone has a very happy and safe Halloween today!
  13. It was so nice to meet everyone and see so many smiling faces. Did you have a blast?? Did we have a blast? IT WAS DYN-O-MITE, BABY! It was incredible!
  14. Pictures look great! Everyone looks so happy, so thrilled. My sister and I were the lucky ones who got our photos taken first! My sister (in the Raspberries shirt) and I (black dress with tiny polka dots) are in the photo that is second from-the-bottom. Gives me great memories of last weekend when we got to meet the Raspberries for the first time ever! Sigh....I wish we could do it again!
  15. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but has anyone ever put serious thought into organizing a 2 or 3 day Eric/Raspberries event? I would think that with the solid group of active board members that we have, we could have a successful event. I've never been there before, but maybe have it at a Hotel in Cleveland sometime next Spring. A 2- or 3-day Raspberries convention? What a great idea! Dare I dream? Okay, I'm drooling now. Yes, yes! It would be so much fun! (P.S. At the meet and greet at LA HOB, I asked Jim Bonfanti, "So are you guys going to do an album together?" And I believe his words were, "We hope so," and he smiled -- a sweet smile. )
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