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  1. The new shaker made the video look right? Very interesting!
  2. The Berries did a "Go!" that showed how Tonight was recorded from start to finish. I think it was on NBC Saturday mornings. I have a really bad copy somewhere.
  3. I cannot wait to see the tracks.
  4. My wife and myself went out for dinner last night to a small Italian restaurant in Chardon Ohio. They had Italian music playing in the background when I heard this familiar song playing. It turned out to be All By Myself sung in Italian. We were also recently in Atlantic City staying at Harrah's when I Wanna Be With You started playing in the casino. My wife hit one of the slot machines for $1500.00 while it was playing.
  5. The Choir reunion concert is sold out.
  6. Received the book this morning 9:30. Finished 11:30 Nice job all!!!
  7. Are these from the Tonight!! link? I received a link last week when I preordered but not this week.
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