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  1. The first time I heard the Beatles was on KDKA in Pittsburgh on the Clark Race show. My sister found this station from Windsor, Canada CKLW that we could pick up on my dad's Philco radio in our basement. We were hooked. My dad was transferred to Cleveland in fall 1964 and we found this station called KYW that had a DJ named Jerry G. He had a program at 8:00 called "The British Countdown". I'm sure Eric remembers it well. With the competition between the British Invasion and music in the states "The American Countdown" was added soon afterward. KYW had quite a lineup of DJs. Martin and Howard in the morning, Jim Runyon midday, Jim Stagg afternoon, Jerry G Night and Jay Lawrence (The Jaybird) graveyard. Jack Armstrong (Big J, Your Leeeedaaah) replaced Jerry G after he left for WCFL in Chicago.
  2. Danny, I think you are referring to "An open letter to my teenage son". It was about opposition to the Vietnam war and draft card burning. I think the last line if the son burned his draft card was, "From that point on I have no son". I didn't remember it being Byron McGregor but that was over 35 years ago.
  3. If this guy is such an authority why isn't he working for a national publication and not some free rag in Cleveland?
  4. No, it has to do with VH1 Classic.
  5. I actually found the Easter Egg before I saw Bernie post the clue. I accidentally found it (if there is only one) and don't remember what I did.
  6. Just some info. I loaded the DVD into my computer and right clicked on the file properties. The files were created 7-24, (by the way my wife's and my 25th wedding anniversary), manufactured, shipped to Raspberries HQ, unpackaged, repackaged, shipped and in my posession on 8-9. An amazing feat. Thanks to all involved.
  7. Jeff: I ordered a Special Edition so I could play it to death instead of my Limited Edition. I received mine today. You should have yours tomorrow or Monday.
  8. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye was always my favorite Berries song. I don't think Eric and Wally ever topped this joint effort. Lennon and McCartney stuff. Watch the interaction between Wally and Eric on this one. Eric made reference to this cut when he and Mark were mixing the cut that this was how he wanted it to sound. The first Berries single, I always thought it WAS the right first release. MAGIC.
  9. Mine was in a bubble mailer, I have a Limited, Limited Edition. #7 of 300
  10. I had it sent to my work address. You guys are gonna love it, it was well worth the wait. Watch the bonus "I Wanna be with You" first, great stuff. Terrific job all!!!!!!!
  11. The mail just arrived. It's here!!!!!!!
  12. Check raspberriesonline.com. You will see the packages and also one lucky fan has hers.
  13. Brian, Amazon.com has all the Frost recordings on CD.
  14. 34 years after side 3. Be patient, it will be well worth the wait.
  15. Career Builder has had a lot of good ones, I like the monkees and jackasses one the most.
  16. danmichel, Not only did the stations hack the songs,in Cleveland competition was fierce between WIXY and WHK plus CKLW in Windsor. The stations all claimed "The Most Music" or "Much More Music". They would turn the pitch up on the turntables so a 3 minute song would end up around 2:45 or 2:50. A lot of songs had chipmunks singing and playing. It would drive me crazy. Now some stations just digtally speed up the tempo, the pitch stays the same. "Much More Music" and a lot more commercials.
  17. Eric (and any other writers/performers), How do you keep performances fresh when it takes so much effort to write, have the other performers in the band learn the song, record and mix the song, then play a song over a thousand times in concert? Do you have songs you never tire of and songs that you really don't care to play? (no titles, please). I am not a wtiter or performer so I don't know if you ever feel this way.
  18. Like em or not, Grand Funk Railroad, (original lineup over 25 million records sold), not in, don't know if they have even been nominated. Not saying they should be, but many others with smaller sales are in. Kiss definitely belongs.
  19. BarbB: It made me go "huh"????? that Bob Seger and Bowie took so long. Although DC5 were not the Beatles or Stones why aren't they in? I know the hall is in Cleveland but it is controlled by people in NYC and LA who want hype, (we can sell more product if they're in), not people who recognize the influence of the artists.
  20. Ira must be close to my age. I was going to use Like a Rolling Stone, Light My Fire and In a Gadda Da Vida as examples. Too bad In a Gadda Da Vida was shortened, I never liked the song and It didn't belong on AM in my opinion, for what it's worth. Two others that worked were Make Me Smile-Chicago (the edits were a little choppy but you really couldn't hear it on AM radio) and Frankenstein-Edgar Winter (I think his highest charting song and a rare true rock instrumental that charted). Like A Rolling Stone was if I remember just a fade out, probably only radio promo copies since the 45 was the full six minute version. Most people didn't have good enough equipment (1965) to play this long 45 and it usually skipped or got stuck because the grooves were so small. I had just heard about Lola earlier Saturday. BBC would not allow references to specific product names so the lyric needed to be changed. The Kinks were on tour in the US at the time and Ray Davies flew back to the UK to record the alternate lyrics, then back to the US in one day!
  21. still can't spell length
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