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  1. Brian...Keep watching Fly on the Wall thread. Eric hasn't posted yet but that is where a lot of comments are and probably where Eric will post.
  2. WC1215


    WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland did a remote on Live on Five from the Rock Hall and showed the sound check with Jim's road case and the Guitar2 road case in the spot.
  3. CC is another Milwaukee and Cleveland loss that's New York's gain.
  4. Jim played no head on the front. The logo was printed on the back head so you can't see all of it at the angle the photo was taken.
  5. My previous post should have read listened, not listed.
  6. This is the original Utopia referred to in the Armed Forces broadcast that burned to the ground. Normally a dance club, people sat on the dance floor and listed when the Berries played. Behind the stage were pool tables and pinball machines. When the boys returned after recording the first album they had a new toy, "strobe tuner" for the guitars. High tech stuff for the day.
  7. I was lucky enough to get a copy from BMG record club. "Please let me come back home" and "Oh Tonight" are included on the deluxe edition of "Live on Sunset Strip".
  8. If you go to laurelandhardyforum.com there is an interview with Bernie in the podcast updates section. You have to register to access the podcast.
  9. I can understand why "Greatest Hits" albums were not included, but I don't understand what difference a live or studio album makes. If a studio album was recorded in one take with all the musicians playing at the same time isn't that a live album? Maybe the only recording of an artist playing a particular set of songs is live, why shouldn't that album be included?
  10. The "Wrecking Crew" is in the "Musicians Hall of Fame".
  11. Brian, Just go to "That's Rock And Roll" category, they all have a topic.
  12. Since the ec.com site was down yesterday, I went to the Snerd website. I noticed that the CDs are still coming soon. Are there still plans to release the recordings?
  13. Oakland scored in the top of the 2nd. Scoreless streak over.
  14. I'm thinking of buying a satellite radio and wonder which service is better-or is it personal preference (like the MAC or PC argument)?
  15. Hunt and Tony played on Todd's first Runt LP and Hunt played the drum intro on Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life". I lived in Detroit in the Fifties and early Sixties and met him as a kid when we moved to Pittsburgh in the Sixties when he was a co-host on a local TV show.
  16. "Journey to the center of the mind"- Amboy Dukes (Nugent).
  17. At the very end of the spot Wally's image looks reversed. It looks like he is playing a left handed Parker. Was this intentional?
  18. The radio ad ran again this morning on WTAM @ 7:34am.
  19. Now that the Yankees are out of the playoffs maybe the Yankee fans can sell the place out.
  20. The show date is Nov. 26. Go to www.ledzeppelin.com. It's for real.
  21. I should have added I used to listen to "The British Countdown" On a GE transistor radio under my pillow at night wishing I could do that and have a record played on the radio. Sound familiar?
  22. The first time I heard the Beatles was on KDKA in Pittsburgh on the Clark Race show. My sister found this station from Windsor, Canada CKLW that we could pick up on my dad's Philco radio in our basement. We were hooked. My dad was transferred to Cleveland in fall 1964 and we found this station called KYW that had a DJ named Jerry G. He had a program at 8:00 called "The British Countdown". I'm sure Eric remembers it well. With the competition between the British Invasion and music in the states "The American Countdown" was added soon afterward. KYW had quite a lineup of DJs. Martin and Howard in the morning, Jim Runyon midday, Jim Stagg afternoon, Jerry G Night and Jay Lawrence (The Jaybird) graveyard. Jack Armstrong (Big J, Your Leeeedaaah) replaced Jerry G after he left for WCFL in Chicago.
  23. Danny, I think you are referring to "An open letter to my teenage son". It was about opposition to the Vietnam war and draft card burning. I think the last line if the son burned his draft card was, "From that point on I have no son". I didn't remember it being Byron McGregor but that was over 35 years ago.
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