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  1. Time sure does fly by! It seems like yesterday this site was 10 years old. Bernie, any things planned for the 20th anniversary?
  2. ​Has anyone seen "Love and Mercy"?
  3. Ann Margret or Sophia Loren.
  4. I heard he had a concert the previous night. I doubt that was the reason. Might be time to hang it up.
  5. Bernie, Saw this old thread and I remembered there were supposed to be 2 upcoming releases. Any updates on "The Early Years" release? Would these tapes be used?
  6. Record Den had "Live on Sunset Strip" the standard and deluxe editions the day they came out. Always a great supporter of local talent. I don't get over that way very often anymore, so I ordered on Amazon this time. Record Den is a great store and always has been.
  7. Try re-ordering. I did and so far so good.
  8. I just re-ordered, looks like the order went through. I'll see if this order gets cancelled.
  9. I just received an email from Amazon that my pre-order was cancelled. Did anyone else have this happen?
  10. Just saw A CNN Money story that the "Got Milk?" ad campaign is ending. Nice 20 year run Bernie!!
  11. Eric, Will this be available as a pre-order on Amazon?
  12. Just received my copy about 10 minutes ago. It is #002815. Don't know how may copies were pressed but Amazon is now back ordered. A bonus that I didn't know about, it's pressed on red vinyl.
  13. Is there a release date for "The Early Years" ?
  14. I was just on Amazon and saw MFSL is releasing Raspberries Best on LP in limited edition July 30. It can be pre-ordered now. Don't know if anyone else saw this.
  15. I won the Raspberries rarities CD package. It arrived yesterday. Great stuff, thanks Bernie!
  16. Breakfast with the Berries. Great stuff in this thread. The reason I came to this site.
  17. Brian, Same problem here. I forwarded the email with attachment to another Yahoo mail account I use and it worked. I haven't tried uploads though.
  18. How did Jim's new band sound?
  19. How about today's picks? Vikings in a tight high scoring game. Colts in a rout.
  20. Does the five include berry_mash?
  21. Excitement was building as the first Berries show in over 30 years was approaching. What started as a one off show built into more than anybody could have predicted. It doesn't seem possible five years have passed.
  22. A nice article about John's '58 325 http://www.rickresource.com/rrp/lennon325.html
  23. Brian...Keep watching Fly on the Wall thread. Eric hasn't posted yet but that is where a lot of comments are and probably where Eric will post.
  24. WC1215


    WEWS Channel 5 in Cleveland did a remote on Live on Five from the Rock Hall and showed the sound check with Jim's road case and the Guitar2 road case in the spot.
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