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  1. Chesterland Hullabaloo
  2. I saw this yesterday and didn't notice that in addition to being #55, this was 55 years ago to the day.
  3. Not Raspberries but close. Check out #55
  4. I've been here since the early days and check in, just not as often as I used to. I never did post much, I just enjoyed the news and conversations. I was around the when the Mods played in Chardon. someone my father worked with lived across the street from the Teen Beat, he was friends with the owner and let us come in to watch the bands that played there. I saw many of the local bands at Chesterland and Mentor Hullabaloo including The Choir, The Cyrus Erie,Target and Berries at Utopia in Willoughby which is where the Berries rehearsed before the reunion. I saw the Berries at the original Utopia before it burned to the ground and was rebuilt in 1973.
  5. I found it strange there was no mention of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan 60 years ago yesterday ormaybe I missed it. I know it changed my life, I was 11 at the time and it sure changed my musical tastes and so many other's musical tastes. There may not have been any Mods, Choir, Cyrus Erie, Raspberries and many other countless bands without the Beatles.
  6. The article claims "Go All the Way" was the first single.
  7. WC1215

    Santa Bernie?

    There were actually 8 if you count the Youtube link.
  8. I was a fan, this is a nice cover, I never heard it before.
  9. Can it be most posts for the day?
  10. When "The Essential" was released there was a second compilation that was talked about "The Early Years" that was supposed to come out later. Was this scrapped?
  11. He was still playing with Micky last month. Under rated as was Peter Tork.
  12. Sill here. Check in but not as often as I used to.
  13. This guy is in his 40s according to the search I did. He would have been in his 30s or late 20s when he wrote this so I don't place any value on his opinion. I was there before Raspberries (Mods, Choir, Cyrus Erie, Quick). For whatever reason Cleveland critics past and present never got it.
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