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  1. This is really great news. Can we have the track list for the new release? Not sure there has never been an EC compilation containing all 8 of his hits.
  2. The main EC site used to have a photo of Eric with David Cassidy and Gerry Beckley (of America). Photo was taken in the mid-70's. I have since read that the three singers used to hang out a lot. Could someone post the picture again? About a year ago, while searching Google Images for the above photo, I happened to come across a shot of Eric with Daryl Hall & John Oates. I'm guessing that they were on the same bill, somewhere, back in the 70's also. I should have saved the photo but I didn't. Has anyone else seen such a photo?
  3. Olivia Newton-John has started her latest tour. Saw her show tonight in San Diego. She is slender and beautiful, of course, and she sounded great. It was a pleasant surprise to hear her sing Eric's "Boats Against The Current," which she first covered in her "Totally Hot" LP (1978). I've been to six of her concerts and this is the first time the song has been on her setlist. Eric, do you know Olivia? Did you know she's reviving your song?
  4. I thought it might be a kind of "F.U." to Arista Records.
  5. Somewhere in my storage unit I have the 12" single. I really liked the extended version and the instrumental version. Sure wish they were included as CD bonus tracks on Eric's second self-titled album. BTW, why did Eric use "Eric Carmen" as the title of his mid-1980's release? That's no way to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  6. I last saw The Beach Boys in San Diego in 1990. I remember it as a triple bill--America opened the show, followed by Three Dog Night and then the Beach Boys. Carl and Al were still performing with them. Brian wasn't there, but I thought it was a good lineup anyway. I have no plans to see "The Beach Boys" again. This touring band and their golden oldies don't interest me at all. I am sad to say that the band ended for me after Carl passed away in 1998.
  7. Link--America at Burgundy Records Here's something that I didn't see coming. The band America (contemporaries of the Raspberries) have hooked up with a couple of "happening" producers and are releasing a new album on a major label. This proves that old bands are not confined to endless touring and repackaged greatest hits releases. Implications for the Raspberries should be obvious!
  8. Tonight was the first time I've watched the show (a photo of Katherine McPhee gave me the motivation). Anyhow, Clive Davis was the special mogul guest. He was introduced as the man who signed Chicago, Santana, Earth, Wind & Fire and other artists. His introduction also mentioned his period as founder of Arista Records. We heard that he signed Barry Manilow and other artists. But there was NO MENTION OF ERIC CARMEN. Pretty annoying, in my opinion.
  9. This was a major disappointment. I live in San Diego and have been able to see many of my favorite artists here--Bread, Blondie, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, the Go-Go's, to name just a few. Never thought I would get THIS close to a Raspberries concert after they reunited. I thought about driving to L.A. but it's too late to make arrangements and too much of a hassle to drive up anyway. Like I said, this has been a major disappointment. If the band goes on a real tour in the next year I hope San Diego will be one of their stops.
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