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  1. Mellie, you are to be commended on keeping your composure. I probably would have told him that playing "show and tell" is not the best way to secure a mortgage. Then I would have told him he came up short anyway.
  2. Julie, so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathies. -- Sue
  3. That must have been one heckuva wicked whiz.
  4. Steve made me get a flu shot this year. First time I've had the flu in more than 20 years. Fever, chills, coughing, wheezing; my nose was redder than Rudolph's. Needed two rounds of antibiotics. The only good thing was that I had no appetite. Soup and orange juice became my best friends.
  5. </font><blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Originally posted by ira: <strong> She is...and has always been....this Jewish boy's "Shikse Dream"...The ultimate unattainable "Christian Goddess"! She always thought she was your Shikse Goddess.
  6. Marvin, it wasn't Eric stocking light bulbs on a shelf, but a store clerk. If Eric had been stocking light bulbs, he would have been singing "I Reach for the Light."
  7. I'm guessing John Coleman is a Republican :rolleyes:
  8. LOL. Yeah, I know. We were walking home from the diner in the middle of it.
  9. Where'd everybody go? I was there a little after 11 & the chat room was empty
  10. Freehold -- which is one of the few things I know about New Jersey (I went 4/15)
  11. TheScentLady


    Darlene, Get well soon.
  12. Flip Fold (had seen it on TV first, but bought it when I saw it at local CVS) Total Gym (when I saw it at Caldor's years ago) - note to anyone considering buying a Total Gym; contrary to the infomercial, it is NOT a piece of equipment that folds easily for storage. It's great though if you can devote a space where it can stay open all the time.
  13. Steve & I thank you for all your kind words & prayers last night. They're really appreciated. Sue
  14. John, a few hours late, but I hope you had a terrific birthday.
  15. If the Giants can win the Super Bowl, maybe this underdog from the other side of the Hudson has a chance. Good luck to all.
  16. While legend has it that Rod Stewart played harmonica on "My Boy Lollipop," there's a consensus that he didn't. It was occasional Dimensions player Pete Hogman who played on the session. Pete apparently looked very much like Rod in appearance so it's likely that Millie Small's manager Chris Blackwell (who also managed Birmingham's Spencer Davis Group) was mistaken in identifying him. Sources: Jimmy Powell and The 5 Dimensions Rod Stewart "My Boy Lollipop" - Wikipedia
  17. On their birthdays Steve & his brother always sing "Happy Birthday Mr. Hood" to each other. Neither has ever received a box with a frog in it.
  18. Dion's autobiography is called (what else?) "The Wanderer." It was written with Davin Seay. If memory serves, the book also included Dion's battle with heroin addiction.
  19. That Joe Pesci was responsible for getting the 4 Seasons together.
  20. I LOVE Baby Grand's version of "Walk Away Renee!"
  21. That Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band had been a disc jockey on Boston's WBCN.
  22. Not only did I know it, but I was fortunate enough to see them perform it with Springsteen at Nassau Coliseum. The performance would later appear on Springsteen's live boxed set 1975-1985.
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