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  1. "Something in the Air"-Tom Petty... original-Thunderclap Newman "Blowin' in the Wind"-The Hollies... original-Bob Dylan
  2. Bringing Up Baby Strange Brew 40 Year Old Virgin The In-Laws (Peter Falk-Alan Arkin version) ANY 3-Stooges short
  3. Last night on Dexter, Debra is dancing to "Make Me Lose Control" in a fetching outfit when her new boyfriend calls and asks "Is that Eric Carmen?" She quickly denies it and turns off the radio. Ahhhhhhh, another closet fan.
  4. Buddy Miles also died yesterday. I met him in 1971 at a small club in Texas and he spent an hour with me helping me develope a drumming "style". This was a guy who toured with Jimi Hendrix, Mike Bloomfield, and Otis Redding and he spent an hour with me... a 20 year old kid who walked into the empty club one afternoon because I was an Electric Flag fan.
  5. Whittaker Chambers was an editor at Time magazine when he he brought Richard Nixon the Alger Hiss case.
  6. DC5 de-virginized me to the world of concert going. I can still recall the blue blazers, white turtlenecks, and white pants. My 14 year old girlfriend screamed the entire set
  7. He was great on Letterman last night.
  8. Add her to the lasting careers of former "Artist of the Year" winners like: Milli Vanilli (1990) Debby Boone (1978) Starland Vocal Band (1977) Bobby Gentry (1966) Bob Newhart??? (1961)
  9. IFC just aired a great documentory on the music industries called Before the Music Dies. Top radio stations all owned by the same companies and record companies looking for the fast buck and not willing to groom talent. It reminded me of a year or so ago when Professor Carmen was schooling us on the music industry of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Not much has changed except fewer people making the decisions on what gets aired. However, technology is bringing us more bands and a more diverse way to spread the word. Is it the beginning of the end for conventional FM radio?
  10. Celine in Vegas, where I felt every single word was scripted. Even the fetching Ms. Travis thought Celine was a Disney animatronics character.
  11. Triggersby... If that "major lender" happens to be Countrywide, can see what you can do about making my mortgage file disappear. Thanks.
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