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  1. I don't remember seeing this. Good stuff... I'm here too. Hello everybody.
  2. Thank you all for the love and support. I am so blessed to have had my best friend for over half of my life. We really took life for a ride!!! Some of our best times were spent with some of you, enjoying the music. This is such a wonderful group of friends that we have here. I promised her that I would be strong, and make her proud of me. I know that every tear and every feeling of loss reflects on the incredible love we share. She has always been so caring, and strong. I feel like a blind man in the woods without her. From all of my heart I thank you. Jay
  3. Thanks guys. A true pleasure to get to know you.
  4. I want to thank Bernie for giving us the opportunity to unite, and in this case, to reunite. This has been a true haven for so many friends. Thank you to Eric for creating something so special to all of us. I never would have imagined that his music would lead to many lifelong friendships. I felt kind of unique because of my love for this "forgotten" music. I was so happy to be proven incorrect. Now to the band reunion. To me Raspberries were a true mythical monster. Something that I wasn't really able to fully comprehend. My first show was in Chicago and I still was in disbelief that it was going to happen, even though I was standing in front of the stage surrounded by so many people that felt the same as I did about the band. I would have been happy to just see the show, but what a show! I went to eight of the reunion shows, and would have been there for many more if possible. The incredible excitement, and anticipation for each show was the most intense high as I could imagine. Without a doubt the most fun I have ever had! Thank you to all of the friends I have made here. This is a true community with a very special bond. I won't name names because I would not want to omit anybody who I had the pleasure to share this with. I will always remember this experience with full appreciation and gratitude. Jay
  5. A BIG thank you to Jim Bonfanti and Al Kaston for being so gracious to our little group of friends and fans.
  6. Two great shows! Had a blast with some great friends! Another badass rock and roll adventure!
  7. Hi Kirk, it has certainly been a while. As far as business goes, same old $#!+...Ha! Hope all is well in your world. Keep on rockin!
  8. Dang it anyway! Thought we would see you there Bernie. Tim- my wife Lisa and I will be there. You and I met at the Sunset Strip show in '07.
  9. Happy birthday Paulie. Been good getting to know ya. Ya'll be cool now.
  10. Well I figured a few people here remembered me still. Thanks for the thoughts everybody. Some of my best memories are of times I spent with some of you at the reunion shows. Wow! what a blast that was, huh? Had a party with most of my friends at my house. It only lasted to 4:30 this year! Didn't jump and get up on the table, but my dogs did in my honor. Well it was actually the snacks that got left unattended that motivated them I think. Be cool, Jay
  11. Sure wish I had been able to attend. Great set list and the chance to see Scott...one hell of a night. I would think at this point anything Wally had to say would be like water off a sitting duck's back to Eric. ...but to leave after a few songs, and miss this once in a lifetime chance is not something that I being the 'berries fan that I am, can even frikkin' fathom!
  12. Very sad to hear this news. We all know what a fantastic guy he is. He'll kick this crap to the curb quick. Hang tough Pat.
  13. My favorite poster is the one that came in the Starting Over album.
  14. Happy birthday Eric. I hope that all is well in your world and you are happy. Thanks for the music, the reunion, and all the memories that go along with.
  15. Happy birthday to a very warm hearted, beautiful person. Marlene, you made the Raspberries reunion extra special. Had ALOT of fun didn't we? The HOB in Hollywood backstage experience is something I'll always look back on and smile. Miss you and the rest of the gang. Take care. Love ya Baby. Jay (and Lisa too)
  16. 'F You' by Cee Lo is cool. 'Rock Your Baby' is extremely cool. Never really understood all the love for Stevie Nicks- to me her voice just drones on and on. Especially in comparison with the truly beautiful Christine McVie. What I can't stand is .38 Special 'So Caught Up In You'- what a cheese-doodle that one is.
  17. Hi guys! Thanks for the greetings, I really appreciate that. It's nice to know that I am remembered fondly by you all. I've been pretty busy of late, but won't be a stranger. Sorry to report that I was unable to 'jump and get up on the table' on my birthday. I dislocated my knee cap last week (yeah, it really hurt!) So no jumping for a while.
  18. I can honestly say some of the best times I ever had- Bernie was there... how coincidental! Happy birthday Bernie. Hope you get everything you want, and hope to see you again. Jay
  19. They should have ripped the roof off the Metrodome and played there, couldn't have been any worse conditions. A huge salute to #4 for taking the field that night.
  20. Too bad about that last play where he got leveled. Would have been nice to see him finish strong- and for the Vikes to have not taken that ass whoopin'.
  21. Thanks for the birthday greetings. Glad to know I have not been forgotten here! I did my best to celebrate in an appropriate manner, meaning I had to do alot of 'recovering' on Sunday. Hit downtown Portland, and partied, and danced the night away on Saturday. Ate my favorite things, hung with some of my best peeps, had lots of Corona, and Ketel One vodka. Life is good- and having people that care makes it all the more wonderful. Hope to see all of you at another show, and we'll take that partying to another level. Jay
  22. I saw him last night, and immediately thought of our Kiwi, and Muzza. He recited the Top Ten list. The topic was 'top ten reasons to visit New Zealand'. He had good presence. They failed to mention the top notch hospitality you would expect if you visit- guess he doesn't know Kiwi, and Muzza personally. He said that %70 of New Zealand's power comes from hydro- very impressive.
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