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    Just saw the video, and Eric was actually in pretty good voice. (I've heard much, much worse from him). I think they just needed to get in synch regarding the key. . . . .
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    Yeah, when I mentioned that David Jo is one of the few with the pipes to do Eric B. justice......I left out the sad fact that Eric himself isn't among that group.....He's been very hit or miss every time I've seen him live within the past 10-12 years.
  3. JohnO


    The "Misunderstood" riff shortened for "Badlands" was always an obvious cop to anyone familiar with Eric B & company.....along the lines of Bram Tchaikovsky morphing "Born To Run" into the "Girl Of My Dreams" intro.... Speaking of Animals.....to get away from the all-Bruce-all-the-time theme here for just a minute....David Johansen made the Animals medley his own in concert in the late 70s to the same extent that Bruce did with the Detroit medley. Just found a video from last year of David Jo still doing it 35 years later.....one of the few with the pipes to do Mr. Burdon justice. How Todd Rundgren wound up on backing vocals, one would wonder........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwQqneHu0fc
  4. The shocking thing about "Together Through Life" was that it was pretty much released with little publicity at all. I think Dylan/Columbia announced it at a press conference about a month before its official release. He recorded and produced it with little fanfare, and for a relatively miniscule budget. Kudos to Bob for crediting Willie Dixon for a co-write for "My Wife's Home Town" (music from Willie's "I Just Want To Make Love To You"), but shame on him for not crediting Otis Rush for "Beyond Here Lies Nothing" (music borrowed from Otis' "All Your Love") Also....."that many units" to hit the top of the charts isn't THAT many units at all anymore! With Dylan, Cohen and Bruce all hitting high in the recent charts, though, the baby boomers still have some clout!
  5. "How far back do we have to go to find the last time an older artist hit the #1 spot on the Album Charts?" Try less than 3 years ago, April 2009, when Dylan's "Together Through Life" debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts. Bob is 8 years older than Bruce, and was a month shy of 68 at the time, a record. P.S. Prior to that, it was Dylan's "Modern Times", which was #1 in August 2006....when he was 65. P.P.S. And while it didn't hit #1, Leonard Cohen's "Old Ideas" did hit #3 last month....and he's 77!
  6. Marv - I'll undoubtedly wind up with a copy of Wrecking Ball at some point, although I may have to order it on-line (so far, none of the DC area stores which still sell CDs - mostly bookstores like Barnes & Noble - have the deluxe edition with the 2 extra songs). Some of the reviews I've read have been odd, to say the least, aside from the Mellencamp comment. In Rolling Stone, for example, they talk about Bruce's outrage over what the US has turned into, and who's responsible....but then, turn around and say in the last paragraph of their review that the album is apolitical, considering it's an election year. - ??? I think what the guy may mean is that it's mostly non-partisan, not taking sides, versus apolitical, which would be consistent with Bruce's statement that he's not going to be as whole hog all-out for supporting Obama in '12 as he was in '08. There also seems to be an undercurrent in various on-line reviews that Bruce isn't as good a storyteller as he used to be....and that he's more of a cheerleader now, as far as the political causes, as opposed to describing why this country's turned into such a mess.
  7. Marv - That one review you posted awhile back from Ultimate Classic Rock, that said - "Instead of a classic Springsteen album, we have a great John Mellencamp one.".......THAT alone is enough to scare me away from it so far!
  8. I would like to know which Ad Hoc Band video is Jim's favorite. . . .
  9. "I was about to contact the site's moderators about that objectionable photo...but stopped when I realized it was oddly arousing." Then you couldn't have been there in person.....Some people were put on medication for months after seeing this!....
  10. I'm probably going. After all, somebody has to report back here if Wally says anything that could be construed as objectionable, intentional or otherwise!
  11. Or should that be Adolf?.......Check out the 3rd picture down on this site, as well as its caption....Don't know what site this is exactly, but......Heh http://underlankers.livejournal.com/183530.html
  12. Marv - Are you going to make this one?
  13. Tommy - I'm guessing Newtie and Cain raised the stats all by themselves.....oh, and Larry Craig.
  14. Tommy - Don't know why people think that Steve is my least favorite poster here.....Hell, I enjoy his music-related posts, even if we are polar opposites, as far as politics. But least favorite? Not even close. For further details, PM me.
  15. Lew - I believe you also need a vote on everybody's favorite video. And since Tommy hasn't posted MY personal favorite on this thread yet, please permit me......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvK6IcvcWqc
  16. We should be allowed to write in votes.....As far as the best tag line, I would lean toward either (1) Cartman's oh-so-clever misspelling of "government" as "gub-ment" (except I think that's how he actually learned it in school...), or (2) the classic "I'm in the mood for Lew." For that matter, anything that starts out with - "I saw Bobby Vee the other night, and....." (Sorry, Ira!)
  17. And I believe it was one of Tony C's great personal friends Johnny Mathis (and Donny Osmond as well) who sang - "Until the twelfth of never, Cartmill will be whining about other peoples' health care and pensions."
  18. Lew - One thing that will surely outlast EC.com, Madonna's career, Hollies' quality posts, and your burning desire to see Springsteen is. . . . Tommy's f***ing with Marvin with that AdHoc band video. . . . .
  19. Thanks, everybody, for the birthday wishes, except for Cartmill.
  20. OK, the Giants won the Super Bowl....Kudos to 'em. Now.... somebody, anybody, PLEASE explain how they got their asses kicked, not once, but twice this past season, by the abysmal, crappy Washington Redskins!!!......Game 1, in Washington, the Skins won 28-14, with Eli throwing for 0 TDs and 1 interception, a sterling passing rating of about 71. Then....Game 14, in NY, it was 23-10, Washington (combined 2 game score of 51-24), with All-World Hall of Famer Eli tossing 3 picks and again 0 TDs, on his way to a passing rating of about 45 - 2 of his 3 worst passing games this year against Washington. In both games, he was running his butt off trying to keep from getting sacked repeatedly. And most importantly, I lost money on this 2nd damn game!!! (But I'm not bitter....) (IMO, there should be a law prohibiting Super Bowl trophies going to teams who can't beat the worst team in their Division at least once.....)
  21. Huh? Last I checked, Steve isn't posting either. . . .go back to your crackpipe, Lew. Truthfully - I used to post here because the place was interesting. . .and you used to be funny.
  22. Oh my, I've offended Steve. I apologize.
  23. I might not even have any disdain for Tebow or his fans, if one of them would please explain what he stands for. . . .more running in the offense?. . .more QB sneaks? . . . more 250-260 pound QBs? . . . more Heishman trophy winners who, unlike OJ, probably don't kill people?. . . .QBs with more alliterative names? Inquiring minds want to know. (if it's the religion. . . .Reggie White was a minister, but I don't recall him kneeling in prayer after sacks. . . )
  24. Paulie - My disdain is more for the media and fans giving him most of the credit for his team's accomplishments. . . . . . .and for people yammering about what he "stands for". . . . which is????? I'm sure there are other NFL players who are equally religious, but who choose not to make a show of it.
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