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  1. "It's got that Sedaka 60's double-tracked sound" True, but it's also got every element of Meek's productions in spades - direct-miked stomping, lots of compression, tons of overdubs, direct-to-board bass, and drenched-in-reverb. (Dave Clark also did an occasional decent Meek impersonation behind the board in the studio...). His recording methods were the exact opposite of Spector, who used dozens and dozens of musicians to get his wall of sound. A movie version of Meek's life is coming out shortly in the UK....should be very interesting. He killed his landlady and himself with a shotgun on the 7th or 8th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death - whom he claimed he talked with on occasion while dreaming.... BTW, Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley who wrote the song, also penned most of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich's hits. including "Hold Tight", "Bend It", "Save Me", "Zabadak", etc., etc.
  2. "These days songs last as long as 45 weeks." Sad but true, or at least it seems like they're that long....and I prefer 3 to 3-and-a-half minute songs myself.....("Overnight Sensation" being an obvious exception)
  3. I've been dying to see Sparks in action for the past 35 years or so! Can't recall the last time they played back East.....Love their music, and their shows are so damn funny! (I have DVD's from several European shows from the past 4-5 years). "Exotic Creatures" is also, IMO, their best thing in ages!......(Would have loved to have seen them in the UK last year during their 22 day residency in London, playing a different LP every night...) Tommy.....I remember him from his DC days in Razz in the late-70s, with Ted Nicely and Doug Tull, who followed him out to LA as his rhythm section when he moved West. My ex-wife's best friend at work was Bill Craig's long-time girlfriend. Bill was the other guitarist in Razz, along with Tommy, Ted, Doug and singer Mike Reidy. I first met Tommy backstage at the old 930 Club at Razz's debut show there with him (he had just replaced Abaad Behram, AKA Johnny Bombay, Razz's original lead guitarist), about '78 or so. (Reidy, Tull & Behram are still playing around DC now as The Howling Mad.)
  4. "I don't know about now, but, when it began, Fender Custom Shop made great instruments." Very true....10-12 years ago, you could pick up practically any Fender Custom Shop strat or tele, and it just felt right....like an old friend. Nowadays, you need to try out quite a few to find a magical one that both plays and sounds great. Their best axes now are their Masterbuilt ones (by one senior luthier/builder), which cost way, way too damn much!
  5. Have had this new one for about a week now, with repeated listenings....and it's a good 'un! On the initial couple of listenings, I wasn't as crazy about this as his last one ("Crashing The Ether"); didn't seem as readily accessible, seemed to be lacking its share of all-time Keene classics....not to mention his new 5 minute instrumental, "Elevated", which appears to be just Tommy, screwing around with his Tele, a compressor (janglebox, perhaps?), and maybe a tape loop machine, along with what appears to be a bunch of analog hiss/static. Now that I've heard this at least 7-8 times, it's right up there with most of his work. Clearly not his all-time best, but it's still damn good! Only a couple of duff tracks, with highlights - the opener "Late Bright", the jangly "Tomorrow's Gone Tonight", Stones-ish "Goodbye Jane", and the the last 4 tunes are all killer, including a fast (for TK) Who-like hard rocker, "The Right Time To Fly". Overall production sound is more of a return to his old wall of sound than on "Ether", with his voice mixed further down than on the last one. Well worth picking up.
  6. The JangleBox is GOD! Steve Lasko, its inventor, lives in the DC area. I imagine a Nash 12 would probably sound very close to a Ric through one... The Nash neck, at least on the surf green tele thinline I recently tried out, is wider than a 660-12, and the strings are also spaced out more, but each of the sets of strings (the 2 low E's, 2 A's, 2 D's, etc.) are closer together, making it really easy to play leads/solos versus a Ric. Nash, IMO, is the best luthier on the planet for the money! (I have 2 of his regular teles, an esquire & a strat, and they're much better than Custom Shop Fenders/Relics, and cost considerably less.)
  7. Crg2 - The necks on 660-12s (and the more expensive Tom Petty models) are far and away the best playing ones! Unfortunately, they're also the hardest models to find....I think Rickenbacker had about a 2 year wait awhile back on 660-12s.
  8. Tommy - Thanks!!!!! This is far & away the bestest birthday present I got!!!!!!
  9. JohnO


    Curb Your Enthusiasm & Sopranos re-runs, along with my latest fave - Little Britain, which is the most tasteless show since Da Ali G Show. I'm also netflix-ing the first 4 seasons of Boston Legal, most of which I missed the first time around.
  10. Angloberry/Gary - I've had the exact same problems in the past with a 620-12 and 360-12. If you live somewhere with dramatic climate changes, you almost need your own personal guitar tech to keep a Ric 12 playing properly....They're, without a doubt, the best sounding 12-strings, but they're also a pain in the ass to maintain, IMO. P.S. I recently played a Bill Nash 12-string (Tele thinline body), and it's the only one I've ever seen or played that's as easy to play as a 6-string! The neck is much wider than a Ric's, and the strings are much better spaced.
  11. Lee - You just summed up why some of us never watch the Grammys show in the first place! It doesn't sound like it's changed much at all over the past 20 years (last time I watched it).... (The Bo Diddley trib must have been godawful if BB King was the best one there....great, great musician, but as far as playing Bo Diddley or any kind of dirtyass rock & roll?.....don't wanna hear it!)
  12. Tommy - If the Yankees really want to do something to distract the media and fans from trying to crucify A-Rod, they could do much worse than signing Manny for a couple of years....he's a one-man media circus who would hog most of the attention himself....in addition to giving them yet another big bat!
  13. Everybody - thanks for the kind words!
  14. London - Shakin' Apostles Down On London - The Wildhearts Greetings From Shitsville - The Wildhearts Towers of London - XTC London Dungeon - Misfits London Boys - Johnny Thunders London's Burning - The Clash Dark Streets of London - Pogues Lullaby of London - Pogues A Bomb In Wardour Street - The Jam Down In The Tube Station At Midnight -The Jam Carnaby Street - The Jam London Girls - The Vibrators
  15. Bernie - At the risk of nit-picking, I believe that's a Ric 360-12. The 370-12 model has always had a third pickup....Roger McGuinn's always played a 370-12 (and the Ric Roger McGuinn Signature model was a 370-12 with an on-board compressor to allow you to approximately get Roger's sound).
  16. Erick Purkhiser, AKA Lux Interior, The Cramps' singer, passed away yesterday in a Glendale, CA hospital, of a pre-existing heart condition. Condolences go out to his wife Kristy (AKA Poison Ivy). Damn!!! Also - Tom Brumley, Buck Owens & The Buckaroos' long-time pedal steel player ('63-'69), who also played with Rick Nelson (on "Garden Party" among other recordings) and The Desert Rose Band (with Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen) for an album, also passed away yesterday; had a massive stroke about a week ago. (Tom was responsible for perhaps the best known pedal steel solo ever, on Buck's "Together Again"). RIP
  17. Keith - It's already out in a limited edition....but on Cyril's Wizard's Den Records. It's available via Kool Kat Musik, and at their live shows. (NOTE: You can't find it at Kool Kat's web site, but Ray sent out an email listing new releases earlier this week, and "Evolver" was on it - he can be reached at 856-468-2442 or ray@koolkatmusik.com.) Also,Corinne had a bunch of them with her at the DC show the other night. If you know someone who's going to the Cleveland show, ask them to pick you up a copy.
  18. GMan - I just missed talking with Paul last night. He left a message on my answering machine. The band did some recording Tuesday night somewhere in Pennsylvania - laid down a cover of The Who's "It's Not True", plus a new Cyril song that's supposed to be the best thing they've ever recorded....for the next CD, which will be on the Get Hip label, which I think is officially releasing their latest, "Evolver," shortly. Also, in the latest issue of Shindig magazine (a great UK mag devoted to 60s music), I apparently got quoted in the cover story on The Flamin' Groovies (undoubtedly from an '02 interview for Brutarian Quarterly that I did with Cyril). Definitely need to track this down.... If the weather in Cleveland were a little better, I'd fly there tomorrow for their last show (of this tour) at Beachland.....
  19. See my earlier comments on the Tommy Tunes? and Tommy Tunes Poll #2 threads...just want to move this thread up...
  20. See the comment I just made on the Tommy Tunes? thread...
  21. Will do....already have my flight & hotel in New Orleans booked. Stomp tickets go on sale 2/7.
  22. Because he's an Italian pretending to be a Jew here....thereby seemingly lowering the average IQ of each group!
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