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  1. Bernie - Can you post the web address for the M&G pics? For some reason, I can't get any links to work (links, heck...I'm not even seeing a banner!), but I can go directly anywhere on this site if I type in the address. Thanks! - John
  2. I saw Mike Smith's Rock Engine at BB Kings in NY in June 2003, and it was a great show! Mike still had those great pipes and all of his chops intact. His accident was really a tragic shame. It's about time the HOF considered the DC5......Now, if only someone can talk Mr. Clark into releasing their material properly on CD finally.....John O.
  3. Anyone else here returning to AC in 2 weeks for the Oasis show? I couldn't believe that they're actually playing a club of this size...I believe it was an off-day originally. Big difference in price of tickets vs. Raspberries show - I'm in Row F, Center Balcony, Seat 313 (on aisle), and it set me back $153. (General Admission tickets are $82.) However, this may be my only shot at ever seeing these guys in such an intimate setting. - John O.
  4. I just noticed that Al Chan of The Rubinoos is on this board. I ordered their latest (Japan-only) release, "Twist Pop Sin" from Not Lame a couple of weeks ago, and received it last week. A bonus disk from a live 80's show in San Francisco was included, which contains a killer cover of the Raspberries' "Tonight". Nice job, Al, Tommy, Jon, & Donn(? - he's no longer with the band now) - John
  5. I'm a newbie here, and this may have already been discussed (actually, I'd be shocked if it hasn't been!)...While I've been a huge Raspberries fan since their first LP (my vinyl copy lost its scratch & sniff scent many moons ago), most of Eric's solo material has been hit or miss with me. I usually like about half of the songs on each of his solo outings, but I'm not crazy about the other half. I saw some earlier postings on this board and/or the Raspberries board, where someone suggested that the band add a couple of Eric's hit songs to the live set - a controversial subject, it seems. I'm just wondering if the band has considered doing so, but Raspberry-ing up the arrangements....tossing in their harmonies and the occasional 12-string solo, etc. Some of Eric's tunes (Sunrise, She Did It, maybe Make Me Lose Control) might be naturals for this, while others obviously would not be. Just a thought.....(and Eric himself might not be crazy about the idea) - John O.
  6. Marlene/Annie - Yeah, I'm sure I was talking about someone else....(wink). I didn't think it would be physically possible for the band to top their 2nd night at BB Kings (7/24) performance, but....they may have done so on Saturday....and putting "Don't Want To Say..." back into the set was one of the reasons. Their harmonies made the hairs on my arms stand up! - John P.S. Looking into my leave schedule at work - I still have 5-6 days that I have to take by the end of the year. LA and SD in late October are beckoning........
  7. Just wanted to add my 2 cents about the sound check. It added a lot to the Meet & Greet, especially watching them work out new material ("Mr. Tambourine Man", adding "Don't Want To Say Goodbye" back to the live set). My friend Kim, who isn't really old enough to remember the band in their heyday (and remembers them via "Go All The Way" and Eric's solo hits) came along to humor me, and she remained unimpressed until they did a complete run-though of "Tonight"....at which point, she said - "Ok, NOW I'm impressed!!! These guys sound great!" She was, needless to say, blown away by the show Saturday night. Also - It was good to meet several of the members of this board there (especially the 2 ladies who kept us entertained throughout most of the soundcheck - in the 2nd row balcony, dead center (we were in the 3rd row)...although I'm atrocious with names.....sorry - John
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