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  1. Well, let's see...."Brokeback" covers well over 20 years, and it starts in the 60's, so that would make it the 80's or so, if my arithmetic's any good....not that it really matters, because intolerance, like good or bad taste, is timeless. P.S. To avoid a possible misinterpretation, no, I'm not Gay, but one of my best friends (who's also my boss) is....and anybody who lives that lifestyle openly, even in this supposedly enlightenend day and age, is either very brave or just plain nuts.....
  2. JohnO

    It's over.

    A lot of us have been through this....just take it one day at a time. Oh, and match.com works fine, provided your expectations are realistic - the older we all get, the more baggage we have....and the more tolerant we need to become.
  3. Hell, I'm more disturbed about Hollywood doing bad remakes of horror/fantasy films - King Kong, The Fog, When A Stranger Calls (which I've seen proviews for), The Hills Have Eyes (ditto), the Poseidon Adventure (with the new one called just "Poseidon"), and atrocious remakes of several Japanese classics ("The Ring", "The Grudge", and the upcoming "Pulse"). The "Syriana" issue regarding Arabs....go see "Paradise Now" for a more balanced view. I'm kind of surprised that none of the more right-leaning board members haven't linked "Syriana" with G. Clooney's other recent flick, "Good Night & Good Luck". Regarding all Hollywood Gays seemingly having good relationships, I suggest you see "Brokeback Mountain"....it portrays as f*cked up a relationship as anything I've seen in years.
  4. To use the title of Don Dixon's 1986 album, "Most Of The Girls Like To Dance, But Only Some Of The Boys Like To".....true words then, and true words now....
  5. Regarding just the teenage lust factor, BTW, I'd rank Chuck Berry as top of the class, with the Beatles and Brian W. both runner-ups...and this is just amongst the well-known ones we're talking about. There were others like Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran who probably surpassed Berry in terms of capturing the essence of teenage horniness..... (NOTE: However, it's just plain silly nowadays, watching and listening to a usually liquored-up Chuck Berry sing "School Days" or "Sweet Little Rock & Roller"........)
  6. Hmmmm....while Eric's clearly one of my favorites, and he's got that kind of talent, it's kinda hard to lump him in with those in your list, for two reasons: (1)simply on the basis of longevity at the top (with Brian's crazy sandbox years obviously excluded); and (2) originality. Dylan, Lennon, McCartney and Wilson are all viewed as bona-fide stone killer originals in terms of defining new genres of music, I think. Eric's a genius in his own right, as far as combining all of his roots and influences to create great songs.....but dammit, 3 of those 4 mentioned above ARE his influences! And yeah, we could get into a p*ssing contest about whether that's all the Beatles did with Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, the Everlys, etc....and ditto, Brian W. with the Four Freshmen, Chuck Berry, etc. (NOTE: Dylan is an original...end of discussion.) However, I don't really recall any early reviews of Beatles or Beach Boys LPs, accusing them of swiping bits and pieces of others' work.....and I do recall reading such goodies, deserved or not, about the early Raspberries recordings. Likewise, I would also like to see him record more......and put more loud guitars and Raspberries-like vocal harmonies into his new songs as well!
  7. The weirdest dance? Anything done at concerts by the late West Virginia one-man band, Hasil Adkins. About half of the Haze's repertoire consisted of songs about various dances he had invented - the Hunch, the Chicken Walk, the Slop, the Chicken Flop, Chicken Shake, etc. - each one of which was more bizarre than the last. Hell, he had at least 7-8 chicken dances - check out his "concept album" on Norton from several years ago, "Poultry In Motion" - 12-13 songs with "chicken" in the title....truly a great rock & roller....
  8. ....or "Live at the House of Blues, Atlantic City, 2005", with some bonus Beatles covers tossed in from earlier shows...
  9. Pierson - Agree with most of your choices about bands who you could identify via one song, due primarily to their having a distinctive sound (versus distinctive-sounding songs), except for.....Stooges (they sound completely different to me with Ron Asheton on guitar versus James Williamson), the Searchers (Merseybeat versus their Sire sound), and especially the Grass Roots (an entirely different sound in the early years - Where Were You When I Needed You, Let's Live For Today, Things I Should Have Said, etc., versus their top 40 processed cheese white soul later sound (Sooner or Later, Midnight Confessions, etc.). However, each of the two sounds for each of these bands are readily identifiable. Others who, to me, can be identified by their sound (versus songs) - Jethro Tull, Deep Purple (even with their multiple singers), post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac (of Buckingham-Nicks vintage).
  10. While I want the Bears to win badly (and believe me, they've looked very bad in several of their wins this year, as far as their offense), nothing will surprise me regarding the NFC playoffs. The Panthers looked great yesterday, but I think the Giants, who peaked way too soon, helped them significantly. It'll be a close game with Da Bears, probably decided by 7 or less. I'm afraid that the Redskins have put it all together at just the right time, and they're peaking....and extremely lucky to boot....plus they have Gibbs. I hope I'm wrong, as I get very tired of 3/4 of the Washington Post sports section (which is usally about 16 or so pages) devoted solely to the 'Skins. I'm afraid they're going to upset the Seahawks and whoever wins between the Bears & Panthers....and then lose in the Super Bowl to whoever emerges from the AFC playoffs (and I'm leaning toward the Pats at this point.)
  11. All fans of power pop, Raspberries, etc. - San Francisco "super group" Magic Christian will be playing their initial LA shows the week after next - in the Viper Room on Monday, Jan. 16, and in the Cat Club on Thurs., Jan. 19. I've seen this band twice in SF over the past 2 years, and they're well worth checking out. Led by ex-Flamin' Groovie Cyril Jordan (guitar, vocals, songwriting), other members are: Paul Kopf (founder and coordinator of the Bay Pop festivals) on lead vocals, Alec Palao on bass (Sneetches and about a dozen other Bay area bands, as well as being one of the all-time best R&R historians - his liner notes are all over the Nuggets box sets, the Zombies box set (Zombie Heaven), and tons of other releases), and Prairie Prince on drums (Tubes, Jefferson Starship, Journey, Todd Rundgren). Live, they do the assorted Beatles and Who covers (much like Eric & co.), along with a passel of new Cyril-penned tunes. Sadly, Cyril's so far chosen not to cover any Groovies classics (Shake Some Action, Slow Death, etc.) live, but he eventually may do so if the fans keep yelling for them. Their only CD release so far, "Magic Christian", is a double CD set (studio songs plus their debut live show from the Great American Music Hall in SF in April '04) that's excellent. MOJO gave it a 4 star review, but hasn't published the review yet, still awaiting the "official release" of the CD. (It's available via their website, www.magicchristian.net. The website also has cool posters from their live shows, created by Dennis Loren, available.). To date, they've been reluctant to sign with any label, due primarily to the Groovies' past experiences with record companies, crooked management, etc. They're relying on word of mouth, Little Steven's Underground Garage, etc;, to get the word out on the band. Lastly, don't take my word for how good these guys are; ask Al Chan or any other list members who are familiar with the band.
  12. James - Needless to say, I was speaking in generalities regarding the current Billboard charting artists. I suspect if I look at any Billboard top 50 CD listing regarding sales, I'll find that I have 4-5 of the CDs from the list....but this is versus 20-30 charting LPs that I used to have from any mid-60's thru late 70's listing, I'd guess. I agree with your comments about Brad P. and Allison K. (although Ms. Krausse herself admits that she and all bluegrass/trad music types owe a huge debt to T-Bone Burnett and the Coen Bros, for the "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack, which kicked a lot of their careers into high gear, commercially speaking....hence, my earlier reference to soundtracks in the Billboard charts). Personally, I don't care for either Ms. Merchant's or Green Day's music (although I agree with the latter's political sentiments)....the sooner they stop calling Green Day's music "punk", the happier I'll be (it sounds like 70's arena rock to me at this point...). Still, I see so much of what I believe to be easy listening pap on the mainstream charts, that I feel that I'm just getting way too old......
  13. Marvin - What's even more interesting is that the recording of "Maybe Tomorrow" came out under both bands' names.....first as the Iveys' single, then re-mixed slightly, and used as a B-Side and album cut (on Magic Christian Music, Badfinger's 1st LP). Tony Visconti's original production and mix were toned down just a bit for the LP and B-side versions. The original Iveys' mix was a lot brassier sounding, with more keyboards and heavier drums in the mix. I used to think they were two separate recordings, but found out it was just 2 different mixes from the same sessions. I believe 3-4 other Iveys tunes were also used on Magic Christian Music.
  14. This is a spinoff from the most recent NAME THAT TUNE thread....with no more Top 40 radio really in existence, and the Billboard charts being somewhat irrelevant to most of us on this board (EXCEPT those of us who might be fans of hip-hop, processed cheese C&W (singers who look good in cowboy hats & tight jeans), movie soundtracks, and American Idol contestants (and not just the winners anymore)), WHAT is "mainstream" nowadays? It certainly won't be any new product that Raspberries put out, for example....most likely, not enough exposure or sales. IMO, it likely won't be anything that anyone on this board over the age of 40 cares about, with a rare exception or two (e.g., latest Stones and McCartney CDs). Thoughts?
  15. "Maybe Tomorrow" was actually an A-side first, by the Iveys, Badfinger's predecessor (no Joey Molland).
  16. Tim - Excellent idea, but they'll never go for it. On the Barracudas Yahoo list, dozens and dozens of great names were suggested for their comeback CD (and first in about 15 years), but they eventually settled on the mundane "The Barracudas". The best name I've actually seen so far on a comeback LP after decades of inactivity was The Pretty Things' "Rage Before Beauty" (with most band members in their 60's now)....
  17. One thing that never ceases to amaze me about the career of the Raspberries is how Capitol appeared to have no clue whatsoever regarding how to promote 4 good looking guys/heart-throbs for teenage girls, who also just happened to make great music. ("Do we put articles on them in Tiger Beat or Crawdaddy?" "Do we cater to the teenyboppers of the old bearded rock critics?") It's not as if Capitol hadn't already faced this situation a decade earlier with the Beatles! And they seemed to do alright promoting them....although Beatlemania was a force onto itself, and Capitol just happened to be their American label. I can't help but wonder what might have happened had Eric & co. signed with Columbia or Elektra, for 2 examples......
  18. I'm not sure what's meant by "band defining"....are we talking about a band's best recording, biggest hit, or simply the song they're most closely identified with? (and usually, the 2nd and 3rd are one and the same). I think that "Overnight Sensation" may be the Raspberries' best song and best recording, but frankly, most people identify them a lot more closely with "Go All The Way", which, IMO, covers about as many bases regarding their influences and overall sound as "Overnight". Agree with most choices above, although "Start Me Up", to me, only defines the 70's Stones. I'd say that "Satisfaction" more closely defines them to me, a child of the 60's. Ditto regarding the Beach Boys -I'd pick "California Girls" or "Good Vibrations" over their cover of the Regents' "Barbara Ann"....and the Beatles - I think there are literally dozens of choices I'd make instead of "Revolution" (Yesterday, Strawberry Fields, Walrus, Help!, I Want To Hold Your Hand, etc., etc., etc.) to define them, depending which period we're talking about. Just my 2 cents....
  19. I've also always wondered about why "Play On" wasn't released as a 45, or included on the Capitol Greatest Hits LP. I thought back in the 70's that maybe it was because Scott, one of the new guys, sang lead on it and co-wrote it. This made sense back then, and was consistent with the rumors that the rest of the band wss pissed off about all of the singles being Eric's songs. A friend of mine thought thst it was perhaps a little too Beatles-ish/derivative to be a single....which I never particularly agreed with.
  20. I haven't checked the list that was posted earlier, but....my personal choices as best-ever in pop music (all forms of popular music) - Female - Arlene Smith (Chantels...she sang the original; "Maybe") & Ronnie Spector Male - James Carr (the most underrated soul singer ever), and the man referred to by Frank Sinatra as the 2nd best singer ever produced by this country (aside from himself), George Jones.
  21. JohnO


    I would say it might be maliciousness if Damon agreed to move to NY for less money than the Red Sox offered him (like Pettite did in '04 signing with Houston for considerably less than the Yankees offered him). I believe Boston was offering him somewhere around $45M for 4 years. Nobody in MLB was willing to talk 7 years with his agent. If there are any hard feelings, though, I think it's safe to assume that Boston management caused them....even if they might have resulted from from the chaotic situation there. Per JD, the Red Sox were openly discussing (via the Boston press) various options for CF for next year....almost as if they really didn't care about Damon's feelings. Boston wasn't his first ML club, and he's a veteran, so he clearly knows that MLB is first and foremost a business, NOT a fraternity or club or close-knit family...in spite of what some Red Sox fans desperately want to believe or cling to. The cold hard fact that buying Schilling is what put them over the top in '04, NOT some sort of inherent goodness from being in Boston (or being the "cursed" Red Sox) should have sunk in by now..... What it's starting to look like to me is that Boston seems content having finally captured that one flag in '04. They let Pedro and Lowe walk last year, Mueller and Damon are gone, and several others as well. It almost seems like an attitude of "well. we won in '04, time to tighten our belts again..." My guess is - they'll still be very competitive with NY in '06, with ot without Damon.
  22. JohnO


    I heard an interview with Bronson Arroyo, Damon's best friend on the Sox, on the radio Friday morning. He basically pointed a finger at the team's management for "blowing their chance" as re-signing Damon. He says it definitely was NOT just about the money....what it WAS about was Boston's seeming lack of interest in JD. He said Johnny warned him several days before signing with NY that he was heavily leaning that way because the Yankees were much more interested in dealing with him. How exactly does this make Damon "shallow"???? Would he be considered any less shallow had he signed with, let's say, the Royals? (where he played previously)
  23. JohnO

    Jimmy Webb

    I meant "Hartford", nut "Hartofrd" above..... To get back off track, one more comment about Elvis' movie music. IMO, just as in the case of the rest of his career, I believe the soundtracks for his earliest movies were by and large excellent ("Love Me Tender", "Jaihouse Rock", "Loving You"), and the later ones ("Speedway", etc.) mostly trash. The middle ones were hit & miss.....
  24. JohnO

    Jimmy Webb

    "Gentle On My Mind" was by John Hartofrd, though, not Jimmy Webb, no?
  25. Bernie & Ken - That's great! Record Collector can usually be found at Tower Records....will look for this issue this weekend. Congrats! P.S. I just got a copy of Ken's Power Pop! (long out of print) via Ebay....it's also a great read!
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