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  1. Well, I think the correct answer has been guessed, but I'm not sure.....a list member emailed another list member, and certainly got the artist who sang it in the movie correct. So...why not post the answer here????
  2. OK, it's time for Thursday's NAME THAT TUNE. But first....a notice to Tommy Tunes, Popdude, or anyone else who reads this thread - I'm leaving town this afternoon (Thursday), and won't be back until Sunday PM at the earliest. My friend just bought a brand new beach house (in Lewes, Delaware), and I'm not sure if she has a PC there yet. She might be bringing one down tonight. If so, this thread/contest will proceed uninterrupted through the weekend. Otherwise, I'll try to get to an internet cafe of some sort and try to keep on keepin' on........ Now, Thursday's tune. I first heard this in a film by Paul Schrader in the late 80's. The song's author is considerably better known (at least as a musician) than the artist(s) who sang it in the movie. Name this tune..... Been driving five hundred miles, got five hundred to go, yeah, I got rock & roll music on the radio, I got a brother on a rig just off the gulf coast, He says the girls down there, well, they're really the most, man
  3. While the Moms Mabley guess is a good one, sorry.... The tune for Wednesday is "Have Love, Will Travel", written and originally recorded by Richard Berry, but later covered by most of the Pacific NW bands of the 60's, including Paul Revere & The Raiders and The Sonics. The Sonics' version was recently featured in a Range Rover television commercial. Richard Berry was best known for writing "Louie Louie", which he also recorded first. As it's one of the most covered songs of all time, one would think that Mr. Berry made a BIG pile o'dough from it, but I believe he died in only so-so financial condition. At some point, I'll find out the story behind this.......
  4. Wednesday's tune - The best known cover version of this song was recently used in a television commercial. The song was written and first recorded by a gentleman who is much better known for another of his tunes - one which should have made him rich, but sadly, did not. Well, I might take a boat, or I'll take a plane I might hitch hike or jump a a railroad train Your kind of love drives a man insane So look for me walking just a any old way (NOTE: Depending on who recorded this song, and there were many, lyrics will vary slightly.) Name this tune.......
  5. Yep, Sterling's got it! Score a point..... Next tune tomorrow morning.....
  6. Bernie - The idea of Eric calling people is a good one. Brian Wilson was doing this last year - personally calling anyone who donated $100 or more to a Katrina Relief fund he had set up. It would raise a lot of money for this site, I'm sure. Question - Are the personalized guitar picks the same ones that were given to the Meet & Greeters in LA in October? Just wondering......
  7. Tony - In reply to your Moby Grape question - no, the song(s) in question aren't on their 1st album. P.S. If you can't find their first LP at all anywhere, or all you can find is the SF Sounds version, please PM me....(I'd rather burn a copy for someone than put money in their ex-manager's pocket....)
  8. Marlene - Thanks for the words of encouragement! I appreciate it!
  9. Ok, today's tune has one of my all-time favorite C&W sets of lyrics......Name it..... Hint: It's a duet. You're the reason I'm a-ridin' around on recapped tires, And you're the reason I'm hangin' our clothes outside on wires, You're the reason I've changed to beer from soda pop, And you're the reason I never get to go to the beauty shop.
  10. The NAME THAT TUNE thread was temporarily closed on 1/30/06, due to lack of interest.....Well, actually, I was having technical trouble with my damn PC at home. I could get on and read the board posts, but was unable to post. The offending keyboard has since been replaced....now, about the interest (or lack of) in this thread........
  11. If "Sure As I'm Sittin' Here" is your guess, then nope. It's been over 12 hours, so I'll end this. Song #1 is "Murder In My Heart For The Judge" by Moby Grape (1968, from "Wow", their 2nd album.) Song # 2 was guessed correctly. The bonus 3rd part - This started as a rock & roll urban legend in the late 60's, but was finally confirmed by both Richie Furay and Neil Young recently in books. Moby Grape and Buffalo Springfield members were friends and used to hang out at each others' rehearsals and live shows when possible. "For What It's Worth" was essentially copied/swiped by Buffalo Springfield, as a combo of 2 Grape songs - "Murder In My Heart" (for verses) and one MG never recorded called something like "Stop, Turn Around" (for the chorus). New lyrics were written, of course, but it was an obvious copy to anyone who knew both bands well. Grape members have claimed this over the years. Finally, BS members fessed up. As Peter Lewis said, "Steve (Stills) came up to us when their single came out and told us - "Hey guys, we borrowed a couple of your songs". And we didn't care - it was the 60's, and that kind of thing happened all the time. If anything, we're flattered, they were such a great band!" Now, when Peter plays "Murder" live, he tells that story, and uses the into for "For What It's Worth" to start the song. (Peter's most recent CD was a live one from Germany on the Taxim label. This song's on it.)
  12. OK, here's a clue re: song #1 - It was covered (but not very well) by Three Dog Night and Lee Michaels.......
  13. Correct on # 2 - a point for Mr. Tunes. Tommy - Ever get the feeling that these NTT sessions could be just as easily done by us PMing each other?
  14. Today's tune is actually 2 songs, with a bonus 3rd part thrown in. (1) Name this tune, and the original artist (as it's been covered several times)- The judge looked down at me and said For getting smart Boy, I'm gonna give you More than a lifetime (2) Name this tune....for the mainstreamers here, this made the Top 40 - Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep (3) For a bonus point, let's see if anyone can explain the relationship (and there is one) between these 2 tunes.
  15. Ok, I'll assume no one guessed this - it was "Nobody Does It", by Roy Loney & The Longshots, from their 2004 CD, "Drunkard In The Think Tank". Roy was the original singer for the Flamin' Groovies, who put out their power pop classic "Shake Some Action" after Roy flew the coop. (The title track of which has been covered by The Rubinoos, Tommy Keene, and many others.) Sunday's tune will be easier, I promise.
  16. OK , I'll keep this one open until MIdnight or so....and here's yet another clue: I'm getting ready to leave to go to the 9:30 Club in Wash, DC, to see Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices tonight. Playing in Robert's band is Tommy Keene, who I've known since the early 80's, when he was in The Razz. Tommy K. has also covered a song by today's artist's former band....and the same one the Rubinoos covered.
  17. Tommy - Nope. This one may be a bit too esoteric for this list, but I'm hoping there's someone out there who's heard it on Little Steven's Underground Garage. Another hint: The artist used to be in a band that changed their sound radically after he left, and took a power-pop/Merseybeat direction. Another hint: This same former band has been covered by The Rubinoos.
  18. Welcome to Saturday's NAME THAT TUNE. A couple of hints for this one - (1) It obviously wasn't written during the Summer of Love; and (2) while it's been a favorite album cut of mine for awhile, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Little Steven plugging it on one of his shows. Without further ado...one of my favorite songwriter's take on how and why people are still having sex or "doing it". (Chorus left out; 2 verses are below): They do it for strangers, They do it for fun, They do it every which way that's under the sun, They do it in carpools, They do it in teams, They do it to the farthest extremes. But (chorus) 3rd verse - They do it for business, They do it for art, They do it for positions on the Billboard chart, They do it for boredom, They do it for kicks, They do it just to get a new fix But (chorus) Name that tune and artist......
  19. Giving credit where credit's due, I must confess that a certain individual who may or may not have previously run the NAME THAT TUNE topic, PM'd me this morning with the correct answer first....BUT no points unless you post it within the topic. I honestly thought there would be enough Raspberries completists out there, that someone would ID this one fairly quickly this morning. After Tony C's post above, though, I have to wonder.....do many of us still actually listen to records anymore? Real records I mean, the vinyl with the holes (big ones for 45s, little ones for albums), not CDs....Call me old-fashioned, call me over the hill, but vinyl (sans pops and scratches, of course) still sounds better than CDs to me. Try playing some old 50's R&R like, say, Bo Diddley....the CDs sound shrill and tinny, with little mid-range.
  20. "See if you can name the song that has these lyrics... Oh, and the song has never been released..." Tony - Ever hear of record albums? They're black (except for picture disks and limited edition releases on colored vinyl) and made of vinyl/plastic, and they preceded compact disks (CDs) by a lot of years...and there are still quite a few of them that haven't been released yet on CD. For example, see the post on Artful Dodger, whose 3rd and 4th LPs still haven't come out on CD yet. Another example is Tattoo's LP. However, they have been "released"!
  21. Yep, weather permitting....
  22. Yep, "Send A Ship" is another W. Bryson song. Based on interviews, I don't think Wally likes the LP....but someone should release it on CD. It's a part of Raspberries/Choir history....even if the song I picked this morning was a rather nasty one by WB. I believe this LP has the only version of "It's Cold Outside" with the extra verse that Dan K. (also in Tattoo) wrote.
  23. We have a winner! - Jump Man...although the spelling of the title is actually "Yer Stale", written by Mr. Wally Bryson. Next tune coming up tomorrow.......
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