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  1. While I personally didn't care for Huey Lewis & The News' records (and still don't), one thing a lot of the "pop elitists" forget about is that an earlier incarnation of the band, Clover, had tons of street cred, with their Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello connections (Nick brought them over to the UK and introduced them to EC, they backed him on his debut LP, "My Aim Is True").
  2. Marv - Thanks!...Will have to check out Wax. The last I heard from Andrew Gold, he was playing in an LA-based Byrds tribute band a couple of years ago, called Byrds Of A Feather, doing the McGuinn 12-string Rick routine. Jeff Foskett, BTW, was singing Dave Crosby's high parts and playing rhythm guitar. Pat Robinson, one of Gene Clark's old friends, was doing GC, Stephen Arti was the drummer, and I can't remember who else was in the band. They sounded exactly like the old Byrds.....
  3. Originally posted by marvin: 7. Beautiful Sunday - Daniel Boone ...Also covered by NRBQ on their "Atsa My Band" CD from 2002......
  4. Deep down, I suspect everyone secretly likes some kind of music that makes no sense when considered in the context of what they usually play and listen to most of the time. A couple of weeks ago, I made a deal with a younger female friend of mine - if she'd accompany me to the 3/20 Ray Davies show at the 930 Club (Wash, DC), I'd go to the 3/26 Rob Zombie show with her. All I really knew about RZ was his horror movie connections (directed "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects"), and I wasn't planning on liking his music at all. Damned if I didn't really like enjoy his show! Zombie puts on a great live show, with tons of sleazy old horror movie footage, robots walking around the stage, and other goodies....and the music was a lot more hard rock than I imagined, and a lot less industrial-sounding metal, which I was expecting. His latest guitarist, John Five, is one of the very best players I've ever seen (he plays with Marilyn Manson, has put out several solo CDs of music, ranging from jazz to country to metal - and he has his own signature Tele put our by Fender...which doesn't produce signature models for just anybody). A shocker of a show, but a pleasant surprise......unlike, let's say, the American Idol finalists doing Queen songs....which was as bad as I imagined it would be...
  5. If Elvis had "Never Mind The Bollocks" in his collection, it had to have been the import version, since it wasn't released in this country until October 1977.....a couple of months after he died. (I believe the import was out in June or July, so it's possible he did have the import...) Then again, at Potomac Mills shopping center in Northern Virginia, they used to have an Elvis Museum as one of its main attractions....featuring an authentic Cadillac that he drove....a '79 model (!!??)
  6. In honor of my friend Kim. who I was talking with last night....and who is Terry Adams' cousin (of NRBQ)....I'd be remiss if I didn't toss out several 'Q pop masterpieces - I Want You Bad I Love Her, She Loves Me You Can't Hide A Girl Like That Rain At The Drive-In etc., etc., etc.
  7. I'm familiar with all of Marvin's, except the Wax and Pursuit of Happiness tunes. Many of his choices were big hits overseas. BTW, Neil Jordan just used "Sugar Baby Love" in his latest film, "Breakfast on Pluto" (NOTE: Stephen Rea's in it, and there's a transvestite......seems to be a recurring theme with Neil, shades of "The Crying Game").....
  8. To Eric's list, I'll add - Mr. Tambourine Man, Eight Miles High, So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star, When You Walk In The Room (Searchers version), Til The End Of The Day, September Gurls, Rebel Rebel, Shake Some Action, Shakin' All Over (practically any version), Mississippi Queen, Baby Blue (Badfinger), etc.
  9. JohnO

    Sixties Pop

    Speaking of Gary Lewis & The Playboys' "She's Just My Style", has anyone else ever heard the late Cub Koda's version on his CD, "Abba Dabba Dabba"? He sings it in his very best Howlin' Wolf voice, with the backup pretty much sounding like GL & The P's version....it's actually pretty good, once you stop laughing! (NOTE: He also does Howlin' Wolf singing "Shuffle Off The Buffalo" on this CD......, as well as a doo-wop version of The Flinstones' Theme. Cub, who also played in Brownsville Station (of "Smokin In The Boys Room" fame) was an incredibly talented musician, as well as an excellent writer and R&R journalist)....
  10. "....adoration of uneducated Yankee fans..." I just saw on TV where Giants fans gave Bonds a standing ovation his first AB tonight in SF's home opener.....I guess the Giant fans are "uneducated" as well?.......
  11. And who could forget - "Who Stole My Provolone?" by Lou Monte "Oy, It's So Humid" by Two Live Jews, or "Cabbage Rolls & Coffee" by the Schmenge Brothers?
  12. One thing available nowadays that I love, that's made it very easy to burn CD-Rs from LPs, is turntables with built-in preamps (I got a Sony turntable like this about 4 years ago). You can go directly from the turntable to the CD burner without messing around with a power amp or receiver, etc. - and monitor your recording via headphones.
  13. And the best part about this story is the happy ending....especially when compared to many of the 60's/70's bands and musicians who got raked over the coals by their managers, and never ended up finding or hiring good lawyers to fight their cases. It seemed to be very prevalent in the Bay Area, where Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape (who recently won the right to use their band's name from their old manager, after a 35+ year fight), CCR (John F's fight with Fantsay Records), the Flamin' Groovies, Grateful Dead (before they changed management enough times until they found someone they could trust), etc., ended up getting paid a tiny fraction of their sales and earnings over the years. While in Austin a couple of weeks ago, I talked with ex-Beau Brummels singer Sal Valentino, who told me that his band (who, all things considered, were only moderately successful for a couple of years, in the mid 60's) was about the only one he knew from the SF area from that time that didn't get royally hosed by their management...and he attributed that to just plain luck. For the most part, it was cases of naive teenagers with stars in their eyes, going against sharks who saw only dollar signs, but promised these kids everything.....and many of the West Coast management types had fled from the East to avoid the payola scandals of the late 50s, so they were well-acquainted with the business.
  14. (1) I'm not into IPODs or MP3s, although I do have a diskman and portable DVD player that will play MP3s. (2) I still have tons of cassettes, but don't play them anymore. If I have a rare one that I don't have on vinyl or CD, I burn it on CD-R. (3) I still have most of my old LPs, but don't listen much to them. As in the case of my cassettes, I've burned a lot of them onto CD-R to preserve the music. Also, I'll occasionally sell an old LP or two if the price is right.
  15. "Betcha don't see any "Dump Gary" signs in NY... unless he bats .180 with 2 homers in the first half... then it'll be "KILL Gary!" Actually, I doubt he'll be playing in that case....so no one in NY will care. If I recall, Giambi faced more than his share of hecklers and signs the first half of last season...but was cheered the 2nd half when it looked like he had regained his old batting eye...
  16. "....adoration of uneducated Yankee fans..." Actually, I think most (if not all) Yankees fans are well aware that Sheffield's an a**hole. On the other hand, he didn't go into the tank (or threaten to) as a Yankee...He threatened to if traded. As a Yankee fan, AND one who doesn't like GS....sure, I'll accept his contributions if he helps my team win...just as I have also tolerated Reggie Jackson, Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, A-Rod, and others whom I couldn't care less about. It's a team sport, and each team has 25 players (more in September)...and each has a mixture of good guys and prima donnas/jackasses. Agree that it's a shame about Joe Jackson and Rose, but I seriously doubt that Sheffield's HOF chances are any better, especially after being implicated in the Balco fiasco.
  17. I left out Japan....unfortunately, I don't have Japanese characters on my keyboard, or I'd toss out gems by Teengenerate, The Tweezers, Firestarter, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The Neat Beats, Joe Alcohol & The Hong Kong Knife, The Jet Boys, and Shonen Knife.....
  18. Ok, specific songs that are pop gems and NOT already listed above (and weren't hits, so therefore weren't too widely heard)...now, odds are, you've heard many of these, but I flunked Mindreading 101, so I don't know that for sure - I'll Never Get Over You - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates Biggest Gossip In Town - Rockin' Horse All Rowed Out - The Eyes St. Louis - The Easybeats Fall On You - Moby Grape If You Knew - Thor's Hammer I Don't Care - Thor's Hammer One Track Mind - The Knickerbockers Open Up Your Door - Richard & The Young Lions I Can't Pretend - Barracudas I Hardly Know Her Name - The Wackers When The Lights Go Out - Bob Segarini Abracadabra - Blue Ash Break The Ice - The Scruffs All Kindsa Girls - Real Kids Dirty Pictures - Radio Stars From A Rabbit - Radio Stars Starry Eyes - Roky Erickson Too Late - The Shoes Tomorrow Night - The Shoes Teenage Confidential - Flamin Groovies You Tore Me Down - Flamin Groovies She's Gonna Two-Time - The Kaisers Promise Me - The Kaisers Wishing Street - The Kaisers Things She Said - Magic Christian No Time To Cry - Magic Christian TV Tan - The Wildhearts Just In Lust - The Wildhearts So Into You - The Wildhearts And this is just for starters..........
  19. JohnO


    The Fab Faux can be heard on the recent bootleg (and upcoming legit-released DVD) of the early August '05 Mike Smith Tribute shows at BB Kings, NYC....and yes, they are incredible!
  20. OK, but I'm restricting my choices to artists, not individual songs........ Any releases by The Sprague Brothers or Frank Lee Sprague (recommended - FLS's "Merseybeat" and "Cavern" CDs) Jeffrey Foskett (start with "Thru My Window") The Wildhearts (start with "Earth Versus The Wildhearts")
  21. While I was in LA last October for the HOB show, I visited Carl's grave at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park (hard to find, but well-worth checking out - Marilyn Monroe, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Lemmon, Buddy Rich, Truman Capote, Dean Martin, and tons of other celebrities are buried there in that very small park, just off the Santa Monica Boulevard). On Carl's tombstone, it reads "The Heart and Voice of an Angel", and "The World Is a far Lesser Place Without You". His mother is also buried in that park - "The Original Surfer Girl". Carl passed away on my 47th birthday.
  22. Next week, on Wed/Thurs, 4/4-4/5, Ginger of the criminally underrated Wildhearts of the UK (once described as a cross between Jan & Dean and Motorhead, although the occasional references to Heavy Metal Beatles/Cheap Trick are just as valid), will be playing with his new band the Sonic Circus at Don Hill's in Manhattan...their first and so far only scheduled US appearances. This man should be considered a first-rate power pop God.....although the crunchy guitars sometimes gets him & his bands classified incorrectly as metal. He will be playing primarily cuts from his recent solo double CD, Valor Del Corazon, along with the odd Wildhearts "hit" or two. Any New Yorkers are advised to go catch him while you have the chance. (NOTE: For a quick & dirty primer on The Wildhearts, go to amazon.com, and check out the remarks/reviews on any of their releases over the past 15 years.)
  23. I saw Mark Lindsay as recently as Nov. 2001 at Cave Stomp in NYC. While he appeared to be pretty frail, walking with a cane when he entered the club (Warsaw Polish Hall in Brooklyn), he turned into a wild man on stage, doing most of his old PR & Raiders hits with a vengeance! He even played the sax on a couple of tunes, backed by a pickup band of NYC rockers. In addition to the Raiders' hits, they also did several of the old Pacific NW staples - Louie Louie (which the Raiders recorded before the Kingsmen), Have Love Will Travel, etc.) A great live act! Three years previously at Cave Stomp, when they were still putting on the shows at Coney Island High (on St. Marks Place in the East Village), Mark played a full set of Raiders tunes, backed by the Chesterfield Kings, which sounded like ML fronting the Rolling Stones. Sadly, I believe he's hung up his old 3-cornered hat for the most part....he's pretty much retired from doing live shows.
  24. While I, too, am grateful that Mr. White produced that album with Loretta L., it would have been a whole lot better without that awful (IMO) duet between LL and JW..... Supporting lesser known artists in the R&R world used to be done a lot more....from the Beatles mentoring Badfinger (and Psul M. giving them their first hit song) and the other artists they signed to Apple (Jackie Lomax, Mary Hopkin, etc.), to Led Zeppelin creating their own SwanSong label and signing Bad Company and The Pretty Things, to the Beach Boys pushing the South African group Flame (from whom they borrowed Blondie C. and Ricky F.)......to the Stones always insisting on Black opening acts to get them more exposure to White America (BB King, Stevie Wonder, Living Color, etc.).
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