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  1. I'd also like to point out a potentially good thing for the band that happened as a result of that 7/23 BB Kings boot. The show was posted last year on dimeadozen, the bit torrent site that has literally thousands of live shows on-line. (I think you need a Mac to access and use the site, and I don't understand how the technology works, but two fo my west coast friends swear by it...). There were very, very positive comments posted about the show by some of the site's users, to the effect that it was "shockingly great" (posted by a guy who only knew of the band thru their 70's hit singles), and one or two others mentioned if anyone has the chance to see this band live, do so. That site primarily focuses on and caters to the jam band contingent (Dead, Phish, Black Crowes, etc.) and artists who are frequently bootlegged (Dylan, McCartney, Oasis, etc.) If nothing else, it might have raised the band's visibility just a smidgen with an audience who ordinarily wouldn't think twice about attending a Raspberries reunion show.....
  2. Referring to Tony C.'s last post above....I'm personally a lot more offended by the legal ripping off of recording artists by unscrupulous management and record companies (mainly through contracts signed in haste by people who were very young and didn't consult with lawyers) than I am by lost revenues due to occasional bootlegs!
  3. I own tons and tons of bootlegs, almost 100% obtained via trades where no money exchanged hands....and I'm not aware of any case where my having an illegally taped show stopped me from buying that artist's legit releases. If Eric & co. choose to release their LA show in 6 different versions and formats, I'll be at the head of the line to buy them all....and probably multiple copies, to share with my friends. Gene - I'm almost positive that you can call Ebay and shut that guy down if he's using your property (photos) as part of his product. On the other hand, I don't think anyone who isn't associated with the band can get Ebay to halt the guy for selling bootlegs, per se. I think there has to be some sort of an artistic infringement or copyright violation, and the directly affected party needs to report it. Personally, I don't think there's anyone on this board who wouldn't love to see the band get paid for any recordings that come out, officially or otherwise. Likewise, I don't think that too many of us have any use for tapers who profit off of illegal tapings. The ideal solution for a band, if they can afford it, is to put out and sell "instant" soundboard recordings immediately after live shows. The Pixies made a ton of cash this way during their comeback tour last year, as did the Black Crowes during their most recent tour. I realize this probably isn't financially feasible for bands who only play sporadically, but it pretty much stops bootlegging, and it puts cash in the artists' pockets.
  4. JohnO

    Live CD

    "JohnO, did you introduce yourself to Cartmill after you heard him utter that line?" Shockingly, while I don't believe it actually was Tony....I think Eric would have tried to strangle this guy as well, if he had the chance. Funny how quite a few of us found out exactly what TC looked like through the photo session, when Eric exclaimed "You're Tony Cartmill???"....and proceeded to strangle him!
  5. Speaking off the record....rumor has it at least 3 of the shows have been available as boots for awhile, and two of them pretty good quality. Ironically, the worst sounding show of the 3 is the one that's been sold - both via ebay and record shows, I've been told. My guess is most of the shows have gotten to fans via trades, with no money exchanging hands. Regarding the guy selling the boot...you can always report him to ebay. P.S. to Tony C. - Rumor has it "It's Cold Outside" is on all three shows that have been circulating.
  6. JohnO

    Live CD

    One of the more memorable comments I heard at the LA HOB show was uttered by a rather fey and wan looking gentleman, who was admiring and commenting about Eric's vest that he was wearing on stage. His companion said something to him that I couldn't hear, to which he replied loudly - "Hey, I can still look, can't I? After all, this IS West Hollywood!"
  7. JohnO

    Live CD

    Tony - You sure it wasn't Santa Monica Blvd, with you standing there next to Eddie Murphy, looking for, let's say, a different kind of love.....?
  8. "Does anyone think Matthew Sweet did this project just to be around "Susanna Hoffs". Before seeing them on Leno the other night, I would have said "no", but......after seeing the two of them, now I'm not so sure..... (Matthew has not aged as well as Susanna.....)
  9. Yep, it's on his "Cool and Gone" CD.....and, unless I'm mistaken, there may be 2 versions of "Reflections" on the Japanese version of "Cool & Gone"....one as a bonus alternate version, I think (but I could be thinking of the wrong song)
  10. Marv - While the Kaisers' web site is closed, it appears there are descriptions of all 5 of their CDs (their 2nd LP, "In Step With The Kaisers" was never released on CD....the band didn't like it) on www.amazon.com.....even if only 2-3 of these are available there. (Their last CD, "Shake Me", is available thru Get Hip, I'm pretty sure).
  11. Per the liner notes, the duo wanted to cover one of the two Neil Y songs, but couldn't make up their minds, so they just did both. Kinda disappointing that they chose one for Leno last night, though...I was hoping they'd do "I See The Rain", as it's the least known of the covers...and a great song, to boot. (The original was allegedly Jimi Hendrix's favorite 45 at the time....as M&S point out in the liner notes.....at least they did ISTR and not Marmalade's best known US hit, "Reflections Of My LIfe", also a great song....)
  12. I believe their last show in this country was in Nov. 2001 at Cave Stomp, NYC, the 2nd night - the night that the reunited Creation played the US for the first time ever (and the night I watched the Yankees drop the World Series to the Diamondbacks in the bar there, sitting next to Steve Van Zandt, the MC for the show, drinking with him and talking music and baseball)....... All of their records were recorded at Toe Rag studios, to get that authentic 60's lo-fi sound...and the band always dressed the part and played cheap Italian guitars and whatever amps they could find. Their earliest LPs were about 60/40 covers to originals, with the kind of covers that showed up on the Beatles Anthology....(Arthur Alexander's Sally Sue Brown & Soldier of Love, Bobby Parker's Watch Your Step, What'd I Say, Some Other Guy, etc.). Their later LPs had more originals, and usually a cool Joe Meek-type instrumental or two. Unfortunately, the band's old web site's gone. I think some of their CDs are available at Get Hip, and thru Amazon.....
  13. Aside from maybe me, I don't think I've ever seen any posts regarding (or including anything about) the Scottish beat group The Kaisers, who, from around '93-'02, were the closest thing on Earth to seeing or hearing The Beatles or Searchers, circa 1961/62 in the Star Club or Cavern. They recorded 5 studio and 1 live LP (all but one of which came out on CD on various labels). I bring them up now because George Miller, their lead vocalist, chief songwriter, lead guitarist and brains of the group (AND a reasonable facsimile of a young John Lennon, both in looks and voice!) just resurfaced over the last year or so, playing with Los Straitjackets, Eddie Angel, ane the Hi-Risers from Rochester, NY. AND.....Spinout Records just released a brand new CD, called Transatlantic Dynamite!, and credited to Kaiser George and The Hi-Risers. 14 new originals, and the closest we'll ever get to a new Kaisers CD, unless they re-form. They sound pretty much like the Scots, only with a definite Buddy Holly influence tossed into the equation. Great, great power-pop/roots R&R, circa '62-'63. Highly recommended for fans of early Beatles, Billy J. Kramer, Searchers, Gerry & Pacemakers, Fourmost,Big Three, etc. You know who you are.....
  14. Jeff - I believe on "Goin' Back", Les actually does a song with the original Left Banke, including Michael Brown's father on strings (as on the original LB recordings), that he recorded in the late 70's. I first heard of Les' recent recordings via the Byrdmaniax Yahoo group, BTW. Les posts there from time to time.
  15. I like the LB, Montage, and the Beckies...and I also liked the Stories' first LP. I've posted on 2 other threads about the Hoffs/Sweet cover of SMCYUT....it's my all-time favorite LB song, and Susanna/Matthew do a killer version of it. Also...Les Fradkin's past 5-6 CDs have been excellent - his 3 George Harrison tributes (2 vocals, 1 instrumental versions), Goin' Back, Jangleholic, and Perfect World, where he covers some of his old Edison Lighthouse/Flying Machine hits.
  16. Eric - You just summed up a lot of the old hit singles of the 60's.....with the recording technology back then, most of them sounded (and still do sound) better in mono, compressed, etc. That's one of the reasons the Phil Spector boxed set ("Back To Mono") is one of my all-time favorites....nobody tried to mess with the original sound of those classics. I've got 3-4 CD versions of the original "Walk Away Renee"....and none of them sound quite right, compared to the old mono 45.
  17. Tony - As much as I love Eric's cover of "Walk Away Renee", sorry, but it's still not as good as the original, IMO....which, believe me, is NOT an insult at all, as I consider the original one of the very best singles ever. I'm guessing you might not be fond of Steve Martin's vocal? His voice is somewhat of an acquired taste, but I love it. I do dig Eric's more faithful cover over those of the Four Tops (which made the Top 40), Terry Reid, and Southside Johnny...all of whom went in a more R&B direction....and all of whom are incredibly good singers. I also just heard what is probably the best cover of the Left Banke's "She May Call You Up Tonight" earlier tonight - the version that Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet do on their just-released :Under The Covers, Vol. 1".
  18. I've just listened to "Under The Covers Vol. 1". IMO, it's a must have for anyone on this list. Great covers and an incredibly excellent selection of songs. And they're all fairly well known songs, aside from The Marmalade's "I See The Rain", which was a hit in the UK, but not here. Susanna & Matthew pretty much stick to the original versions (except for Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue", which they pop up a but), but their vocal arrangements here are just so damn good! I especially dug "The Kids Are Alright", "Care of Cell #44" (Zombies), and my favorite Left Banke song, "She May Call You Up Tonight". They even make two old Neil Young chestnuts from Everybody Knows This Is Nowehere ("Cinnamon Girl" and title track) sound fresh! If they choose to delve into the early 70's for Volume 2, I'd recommend "Let's Pretend"....
  19. I'm pretty sure drugs and foul play were ruled out in the case of Jeff's drowning. On the other hand, as he went swimming wearing heavy work boots, rumors have persisted that he may have committed suicide. Jeff told several of his friends that he was bipolar just before his death, although it was never confirmed. He has just gotten into Memphis with his band to record his 2nd album the day he drowned. A big mystery, and an even bigger tragedy.....
  20. He was one of my favorite singer/songwriters in the late 60's. IMO, his best work was on his first 3 LPs, Tim Buckley, Goodbye & Hello, and Happy Sad, all released on Elektra between '66 and '69. He put out a slew of later albums, many posthumous (died of a heroin OD in '75), on a variety of labels. There's an excellent website, www.timbuckley.net, that has a ton of info. His son Jeff, BTW, clearly inherited his voice and songwriting skills, although I still prefer the father's work.
  21. Another very underrated and great pop/rock band that hasn't been listed yet - from the UK, Diesel Park West. Their singer John Butler has a killer voice. From DPW, I will toss out, IMO, their 3 best pop masterpieces - All The Myths on Sunday, Fall To Love, and Here I Stand.
  22. I always liked the Great Shakes commercials. The Yardbirds did one, as did The Who, Spencer Davis Group and Dusty Springfield. (Great Shakes, for the younger list members, were pre-mixed milkshakes in cartons you bought and kept in your freezer until you were ready to drink them, at which point you thawed them out for a half hour or so).
  23. JohnO

    Sixties Pop

    Speaking of "Love Grows" by Edison Lighthouse, I was always somewhat of a sucker for any of Tony Burrows' 70's recordings. He was the singer for Edison Lighthouse, White Plains ("My Baby Loves Lovin"), First Class ("Beach Baby"), Brotherhood of Man, the Flowerpot Men, the Flying Machine, Magic (who covered "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" in '76 or '77), and others. Les Fradkin, who played guitar on a number of these hits (and was the original George in Beatlemania), is still playing with the latest version of Edison Lighthouse, and put out a CD a couple of years ago with covers of a lot of his (and Burrows') old hits. I think it's still available at Les' web site.
  24. "I never understood why if someone strived for years for the masses to hear their songs, that once a certain song hits, you immediately lose credibility. Isn't that the idea?" This has always been a strange mystery to me...but I'm as guilty of it as anybody. I think it may have something to do with we fans thinking that we need to try our damndest to get our unheard favorites heard....then, when it happens, mission is accomplished, so move on to support the next underdog. Another possibility is the fact that if an artist hits really big, you can't escape hearing his/her/their song everywhere, and it gets tiresome after awhile. For example, while the Beatles will always be one of my all-time favorites for obvious reasons, I could go a really long time without hearing their music....because, frankly, I've heard every song of theirs literally thousands of times. I'd rather hear someone do an interesting Beatles cover sometimes than the original again, which is firmly embedded in my mind forever. Another theory I've had is that it's a weird "ownership" connection of sorts. You kinda feel like you've somehow bonded with obscure artists that you've discovered...and you don't want to share their music with just anybody....(one of the reasons that some cult artists really do NOT like their fans....nobody wants to be a cult artist - it just happens....and some fans seem to want to keep it that way with their faves.) It's weird, because, deep down, I think everyone obviously wants their faves to be as successful as possible.
  25. Speaking of Huey Lewis....he lost all credibility with my girlfriend at the time ('92 or '93, I'm guessing) when word got out that he used a prosthetic phallus for the peeing-in-the-creek scene in Robert Altman's "Short Cuts". She was impressed, prior to finding that out.....Now whether she cared for the man's music, who knows?
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