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  1. Thanks guys. I finally went to my computer and got the purchase to go through. I couldn’t get it to take in the iPhone for some reason. I’m bummed that my signed limited edition dvd set was stolen in storage. But I’m happy to be able to at least have the whole concert again on dvd. 

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  2. I was wondering if The Raspberries on line store is still open. My limited live full dvd signed set was stolen in storage. I’d love to at least replace it with the unsigned one I saw advertised. I emailed a couple of weeks ago with no reply....although the site looks open. Thanks for any info. 

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  3. Hi

    I have a few Eric Carmen/Raspberries items that I'm selling.

    1. collector box from EC.com garage sale with Tonight book signed by Eric and collector items including backstage pass, strings from Eric's guitars, trading cards, pick, scratch and smell stickers,

    2. Eric Carmen signed 8x10 b&w photo from your EC.com sale with coa.

    3. Marathon Man book (soft bound) signed by Eric Carmen.

    I'd like for  one of Eric's real fans to get these if there is interest, please message me.

    4. Overnight Sensation Raspberries book large sift bound book signed by Eric and author Sharpe.



    Don H

  4. I took Bernie's advice and ordered through Vintage Vinyl. Two days later number 2677. So the run appears to be more than 2000..maybe 3000? Great looking package. Congratulations Eric and everyone involved. Now I've got to bring out the turn table and listen to this gem.

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  5. http://donphurley.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/review-of-the-essential-eric-carmen/


    Congratulations Eric and everyone involved with this masterpiece. It was a joy to continuously sit and listen uninterrupted to 30 beautifully constructed tracks of pure genius and then write this review.

    Great reaction in from the listeners of The Steel Pier Radio Show in Atlantic City to Eric's new song tat we played todays (Saturday).

    I rated the new album 4 1/2 out of 5 stars (only because I want more music and want Eric to record another album and reach for that last half star!) Heartiest congratulations...this set is a great gift to true music lovers everywhere.

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  6. Wanted to let everyone know that we will be playing Eric's new song on tomorrow (Saturday's) Steel Pier Radio Show in Atlantic City.

    You can tune in from 4:00-5:00 PM (EST) at www.wpg1450.com. Just click "Listen Live" and you'll be with us.

    It's a fun show...we'll also have an advanced track from Engekbert's soon to be released duets album and a very special interview with comic impressionist legend Rich Little..."The Man if a Thiusand Voices."

    Eric's "Brand New Year" will play in the second half hour as my "Producer's Pick" of the week. Not just a January 1st song to me...but a great message of hope that it's never too late to start a " brand new year" at any time.

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  7. It's funny about albums (CD's). Eric Carmen has been spoiling his fans for 40 years with so many great songs on every album. Most albums from bands have 2 maybe three really good songs on their albums and that's considered successful. Eric and The Raspberries could have made five albums out of just their initial album, that contained so many quality songs on one album. I really like the Geffen album and think it has great writing and melody, and "I'm through With Love" by Eric would be worth the whole thing for me anyway.

  8. A lifelong Eric and Raspberries fan finally obtained a copy and read Eric Carmen: Marathon Man. I wound up with a bad flu these past few days and couldn't put the book down. Attached is the review that I submitted on iTunes. Congratulations Bernie and Ken for a well written masterpiece worthy of such a great subject:

    This great book is a must read, not just for Eric Carmen or Raspberries fans, but for all people who can appreciate beautifully constructed music.

    Bernie Hogya (of "Got Milk?" fame) and writer/musician Ken Sharp have provided the most definitively told story yet on one of the great and under-rated musical tales ever with the in depth story of Eric Carmen.

    The book is replete with hundreds of interviews with Carmen, Bryson, Smalley & Bonfanti, as well as so many of the many players in this remarkable musical journey.

    Eric Carmen breaks down the heart of a song better than anyone I've ever seen. The intensive attention to detail in crafting one of the most unique sounds in musical history jumps off of the pages.

    My only disappointment with the book...was when it ended...I didn't want the story to end. And perhaps with the longevity and reliance of this uniquely historical musician and group...the story has not ended. Buy this wonderfully written book. It's a keeper!

  9. I think Tommy James is absolutely Hall of Fame worthy. 100 million records sold. More than 20 gold records and nine glod and platinum albums,,, (and hey... Blondie is in there already if any more reasons are needed).

    Check it his new book if you can. A great read that has it all...murder,mob and music.

  10. I recently had the chance to see Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits in concert...and was so pleasantly surprised to see Billy Sullivan in the band.

    Got to say hi and thank him for being such a wonderful part of The Raspberries experience the second time around.

    Still remember those soundchecks and the wonderful harmonies in The Highline Theater in New York City...(what a great memory)...Let's do it again Eric!

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