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  1. Absolutely beautiful. An amazing realization of a song John Lennon started... and the others finished up in 1994 and 2023. It's got so many Beatle-y touches in it, and the enhancements are so clean and bright. I really dug and still dig "Real Love" and especially "Free as a Bird" — to me, this one ranks right up there, on the same level, as a song... but of course is even better in terms of sound quality.
  2. And make no mistake... this is really a monumental thing. For the legions of people who glommed onto the Beatles when they were still a working band, and for the generations that picked up on them later, "Now and Then" puts a fitting cap on their legacy — fitting because it's a moving, haunting, poignant song featuring all four of these legends. Think about the span of time involved: the John-Paul-George-Ringo lineup solidified in 1962, Beatlemania changed the world in 1964, and they broke up in 1970. Twenty-four years later, in 1994, the "Three-tles" reunion produced "Real Love" and "Free as a Bird," both with John Lennon vocals. At the time, Paul, George, and Ringo talked about a third track they worked on but didn't complete. I remember hearing McCartney say in subsequent years that at some point, he wanted to go back and nick "Now and Then," finishing off the third of the three tracks they set out to produce. Now here we are in 2023 — 61 years after their first album — and a new Beatles song is about to drop. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da!
  3. Love that "song trailer" video. Bernie, I believe Thursday (Nov. 2) is the release date, right? So in about six hours, it'll be official.
  4. Somewhere between Bernie's 75% and Kirk's 1%, there's gotta be 1% from me! A few photos that were mine dribbled into the "internets." On one hand, it's nice that people care enough to steal them. On the other hand, a simple attribution, source line, credit — that would tip off people to actually visit EC.com.
  5. R.I.P. Bobby Knight. Tough, tough competitor!
  6. Well, I hope KathyC comes around again. I love that she found this older thread and bumped it. The crazy 1974 Raspberries tour referenced in the opening post is so interesting to me. I can't imagine the chutzpah of the tour manager to show the zig-zag itinerary: "Guys, I know it looks a little chaotic on paper, but don't worry. It'll be fun!"
  7. Hey, thank you, Susie! I owe you an apology — I shouldn't have given so much credit to Kirk when Moderator Susie knows what to do! Thanks for the quick dig!
  8. Rhonda B is a valued and frequent poster here who always adds lively and astute commentary. If you've noticed she hasn't been around lately, it's because, sadly, her beloved mother passed away on Oct. 1. Thankfully, Rhonda got to see her the night before, having spent quality time with her at her assisted-care living home — as she has been doing regularly for a few years. In fact, having gotten to know Rhonda, I've always been extremely impressed at the care and love she'd give to her mom. Amazingly, Rhonda — who's quite an accomplished musician — organized and played the music at her mom's memorial service. That took a ton of strength, I know. But It reflects her love and commitment to her whole family. To add to the heartbreak, Rhonda's aunt (her mom's sister) passed away roughly a week later. So it's been a whirlwind of bad news for our friend up in Canada. If you happen to pop in, Rhonda, my deepest condolences to you, and R.I.P. to your mom and your aunt.
  9. I just saw this now.... There's a thread somewhere here that mentions that. I'll see if I can find it.... And if I can't, I know Kirk can. Welcome to the board, KathyC!
  10. Given the rehearsal you put in the Supporters section, Bernie, it seems safe to assume that the setlist above was not from Carnegie Hall, considering that "GATW" wouldn't have been the song into which "Ticket to Ride" segued.
  11. That's as perfect as it gets. She does have a way. Merry Christmas!
  12. Yes! That's a good way to put it, that she stayed within the melody. I bet it helped that Olivia Harrison was in the audience — Celine knew there was no need to show off the pipes with such a perfect composition (and with Joe Walsh solos). PS: I don't know if I've heard her "O Holy Night" but I will seek it out.
  13. Great thread, Craig. Well, let's see. Trip Shakespeare gets a D. Good spirit, but they're in too much of a rush, and the opening "ha!' and "oh-yeahs" fall flat. David Bryce gets a C+ from me — like it but it's just above average. I give The Killers a solid B — superb energy... you can tell this is a song they idolize. But... for me, the winner is the Sweet/Hoffs reading. Something about having a woman sing this song is a so appealing —and when it's Susanna Hoffs, one of my five or so favorite female pop singers, even better. Matthew Sweet knows what he's doing, too. So they get an A.
  14. Ha! And I think in the original post, some, er, editor-type guy pointed out the mistake with one of the song titles ("If I Could Change Your Mind"). Lol
  15. Great share, Kirk. Where'd you find? One question about "Ticket to Ride" — I'm a little unclear on this. (I think I used to know, but have forgotten!) When the show started, Wally famously launched into "Ticket to Ride"... but they didn't play the whole song, did they? Part of my memory is that they played the opening chords only... but I could be wrong.
  16. Kirk, I've never been to a P.F. Chang's, but I know there's one in Boston and another in Natick, MA, which is even closer for me.... I'll have to try it sometime.
  17. With apologies to her "All By Myself," I think it's this really tasteful, artful cover of "Something," featuring some killer Joe Walsh playing. It's from 2008, but it escaped me until tonight. She's really smooth here — maybe that's why it's so appealing. No vocal gymnastics!
  18. Good share, Lew. Love Denny Laine. I hope he gets past his physical woes, which seem to have been started by or exacerbated by Covid. He was a perfect McCartney sidekick for the first half-dozen years of Paul's Wings era. I always thought it was such a great idea to have Laine do his old Moody Blues classic "Go Now" during Wings' mid-1970s tour. Such a spirited rendition on the Wings Over America triple album.
  19. Wow! That looks great. Can't wait to see it. All four of the subjects are heavyweights — I especially dig Waddy Wachtel. His guitar tone and style... so unique. Thanks for the heads-up, Susie!
  20. Best Stones song in decades, IMHO. The lyrics aren't quite poetry, but hey, it's only rock'n'roll. Mick is in great voice, Paul is a powerhouse on bass, and the guitar duo of Richards and Wood are on fire. (Just missing Ringo on drums!)
  21. This had to have been posted here when first published (2014), but I can't find a trace of it. Apologies if it's a dupe. If not, it might be interesting especially for Cleveland-area folks. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2014/08/power-pop_legend_eric_carmen_o.html
  22. I'd stop short of throwing this girl to the lions and give her something a little closer to Ooch's "not bad," taking into consideration that the singer obviously immersed herself in Celine Dion's version. Honestly, Celine "over-the-top" vocal melodrama leaves me cold, too. but I am happy to see the exposure it gave to a song that otherwise might have been more of an afterthought (as opposed to the pop standard it's become). Most of all, I do get a kick out of hearing ABM on vocal competition shows. PS: I remember when this was aired during last season's episodes of The Voice — and I half-remember the judge named Chance the Rapper saying he wasn't familiar with ABM. Do I have that right? The judge's comments aren't included on his clip, but I faintly remember that comment.
  23. I will — and that "Chooch" reference... what does that mean? Because my dad has always called my brother Jeff "Chooch" (and I don't even know why). I'm gonna ask....
  24. James, yet another bit of "parallel universe" for us: When my little brother Jeff was a kid, I told him the Paul McCartney & Wings song "Jet" was "Jeff." He bought it for a while, until he got a little older. (Of course, most of the lyrics in that song are quite nebulous anyway...)
  25. Yes, Rhonda — Hulu (some call it Zulu). I didn't know Disney Plus had it until I recommended it to you... and you found it. And yes, we anxiously await the final two episodes of Season 3. They drop on the next two Tuesdays. Your review above is perfectly stated. The Steve Martin/Martin Short team is so perfect — these guys are totally in sync when it comes to comedic timing. And their antics will be familiar to longtime fans. Yet the storyline is so unique. Steve Martin is sort of a beleaguered fella, trying to pick up the pieces after a divorce from several years ago. He is just stuck in neutral, going through the motions of life just to get through another day. That can happen. But then... there's a murder in the building. Steve meets Martin Short, an unpretentious but totally over-the-top director wannabe (if that makes sense) in an elevator. They become fast friends, determined to solve the murder. And they meet Selena Gomez, a sort of direction-less young woman who joins forces with the older fellas ("What are you, like, 75?"). She's a great foil. That Gut Milk product — I thought the same thing about its proximity to Bernie's campaign. It also goofs on the dizzying array of different types of milk out there now. Anyway, don't miss Only Murders in the Building. Binge on it starting in S1, E1, and you won't be able to stop.
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