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  1. Wow! Lots of loss in 2023, more than you realize even if you're a regular on the "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" thread. Thanks for this, Matthew. Oh, and RIP 2023!
  2. Well, since writing this (largely quiet) thread almost two years ago, I have a new contender for my own favorite song of all time. It's called "Evangeline," and it's by the late, great John Stewart. This is a live version done with a band called Lies Damned Lies, and it's a story-song that maybe you'll find engaging. I can't listen to it enough. Apple tells me it was my most-listened-to song in 2023, and with good reason. Check it out — but block out all distractions and let it soak in. It's so great....
  3. Bump after 14 years.... This color candid from the 'berries in the early 1970s has since been swiped and floated around the Internet, no? I've seen it here and there. But we know where it came from, thanks to the watermark.
  4. In a way, this is kind of a sad interview. Why? Because of all the hopeful things Eric brought up.... renewed inspiration, more new songs to come, a "probable" tour to develop out "Brand New Year." None of it came to pass, unfortunately for all fans who hoped to get a little more EC before he retired. 😞
  5. Good post, Matthew. The three albums among these 50 that hogged my music-listening time over the years: Raspberries Starting Over Elton John's Greatest Hits Elton John's Caribou Big flub by the writer: relegating The Beach Boys' Endless Summer to the "other releases" in June. Come on! It's Endless Summer! It should be the first record from 1974 cited for its 50th anniversary!
  6. This is the earliest known "new to the site" introduction... 2003! Twenty years ago. Whew. What ever happened to KevG?
  7. On this day in EC.com history, 2019: Bernie Brings the Board Back to Life! In tribute, I'm setting out to bag another undecuple. Don't know if I can get 11 posts up without interruption, but... somebody's gotta do it!
  8. LC

    My New Book

    This is great! For an even better experience, cue up Raspberries "I'm a Rocker" to start playing at the 0:05 mark of this video.
  9. LC

    My New Book

    Congrats Bernie! A labor of love, I know. I got a preview of your L & H love when you authored that great "Letters from Stan" feature for my Antiques Roadshow pub.
  10. LC

    Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Agree on this — it's always interesting to hear Eric's imagined take vs. the powers-that-be. Reminds me of the way Clive wanted "Boats Against the Current" to include those overbearing background vocals. (Eric got his way on that one, thankfully!) Also appreciated the "End of the World" variation. It made me dig that song even more. It's an underrated number on Change of Heart — I'll have to find my "In Hindsight" posts to see what my "final" assessment was....
  11. Thank you, Rhonda. Christmas-song perfection by the late, great John Stewart. For those who haven't been following my John Stewart Master Class, this was song #103 in the series — a summer 2022 surprise for Rhonda. (We're up to #182 by now — all different songs, most with multiple versions that are each worthy of standing on their own. Pretty intensive... but reflective of songwriting and performing brilliance.) "Mary's Baby Boy" has an amazingly peaceful aura — a simple arrangement with lots of reverence, tranquility, and hope. Love it.
  12. Ooh, Eartha. Yes, she is so innocently naughty in that song. Love it. And I agree there are no subsequent versions that reach the bar Eartha set. (Sorry, Madonna... and Gwen Stefani... and Arianna... and many others.)
  13. Yes to the barf bag! Send me a case, in fact. There's no escaping "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" during the holiday season.... I'm such. a Christmas curmudgeon sometimes, aren't I? Lol
  14. Interesting that Lennon and McCartney both made the "Most Annoying Christmas Songs" list. I' guess I can see Paul's "Wonderful Christmastime" making the list — I wouldn't put it there, but I can see it. But John's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" holds up well. Maybe overplayed? The holiday song that makes me cringe is "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," by Andy Williams. Ugh. Just typing the title in here is getting me nauseous. I HATE that song with a passion — the lyrics, the tepid melody, the vocal.... It's just a saccharine, gooey piece of Christmas shi..., er, coal.
  15. Holy Cassidy! I didn't realize from Pat's alert that Fallon's band was actually singing "Hey Sweeney won't you come out tonight..." I was thinking in my head it was a subtle instrumental touch. Thanks for that find and share, Bernie! It's weirdly gratifying to hear a 44-year-old EC song used that way. Somebody in Jimmy's band has a remarkably wide awareness of popular music.
  16. If you look up "hi-jacked thread" in the dictionary, this particular example comes up. Matthew, how did Pat's notice of "Hey Deanie/Sweeney" inspire a Sugar Bears note? I'd call that a non-sequitur. 😂 Blackhawk Pat, this was a most cool alert — thank you. Made me wanna listen to "Hey Deanie."
  17. Dave, beautifully said. "OUR band..." That's what they were and are. It's fun to speculate on what might have been, but (as everybody in the world says now) it is what it is. Those four albums — whew!
  18. Yes, thank you for saying that, Susie. It choked me up a little, I admit, thinking about my two "little girls," now both in their 20s. Believe it or not, we don't always hear or "feel" that sentiment, even though we know it's inside them. Peace and love to you!
  19. This 1969 Beach Boys bit is weirdly dated, with the strangely empty set on Mike Douglas's show and the band by then performing without Brian Wilson. Song selection is cool but odd — "Breakaway" and "Celebrate the News." And there are the almost-matching outfits — Al Jardine the only one who's not in all white. And Mike Love looks like he's thinking, "Some day I'll get rid of all these Wilsons and Al Jardine and I'LL be the Beach Boys' clear leader!" But... its a fun clip to watch. Carl Wilson was so great, and it's interesting to see Dennis Wilson singing lead on the second song. The woman who sings after Mike Douglas on the third segment here is Kaye Stevens.
  20. Good song, always on my Christmas playlist.
  21. A new bump for one of my all-time favorite threads here, with a nod to a long Eric reaction (he had several others). Of all the "what if" and "alternate universe" topics on Bernie's board, this might be the most intriguing. What's in a name? We'll never know. But it's never ideal to have a name that the media and fans don't "get." "Raspberries" didn't mean the fruit, but that's how everyone took it. Did it matter? Probably not. But what else is there to talk about? lol
  22. Wow. Just watched the Peter Jackson video, and it is as you advertised — very moving. Hard not to be impressed (and choked up) at how the video weaves in Beatles, solo Beatles, and Paul and Ringo today. I will need to watch it multiple times more because I know there are details I missed in this first viewing. I got such a kick out of the "Hello Goodbye" video snippets, especially of John clowning around. And the early George, Ringo, and Paul video snippets are so perfectly juxtaposed with the 1994 sessions and with Paul and Ringo today. When I listened to the audio-only version of the song, I thought I heard Ringo's voice in the harmonies, and the new footage shows I wasn't hearing things. Bravo... the Beatles were one of a kind, never to be matched in terms of sheer impact and musical genius.
  23. I also loved the way Ringo's drums just jumped up. And it was cool to hear Paul (in the video above) talk about laying down the bass and sending it to Ringo for his drumming. Too cool...
  24. Agree, Bernie. That pairing — Paul and John, now and then — is kind of stunning, really. The key to the technological breakthrough, as explained in the trailer video, was the ability to isolate John's voice. That made the harmonizing a lot easer.
  25. Ooops — that was an editing mistake — it makes no sense showing you at 1%. I originally had mine at .5% but it looked funny, so I rounded it up it to 1% and somehow changed yours from 25% to 1%. Let me start over: Somewhere between Bernie's 75% and Kirk's 25%, there's gotta be 1% from me! A few photos that were mine dribbled into the "internets." On one hand, it's nice that people care enough to steal them. On the other hand, a simple attribution, source line, credit — that would tip off people to actually visit EC.com.
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