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  1. "China Sky" (or "China Skies," as it's sometimes printed). Such a beautiful, beautiful piece of music and otherworldly performance by a true guitar master. It's No. 1A on my John Stewart Ranked list, along with "Lost Her in the Sun" and "Evangeline." "Bolinas" is awesome, too. It's practically a painting in song β€” a painting of small-town live and how the days just amble by. James, you bought some John Stewart CDs a while back, and they're good ones, but they were a little earlier in his career. I need to get the A+-grade, middle- and later-career JS CDs in front of you. (Where the heck is my John Stewart Ranked thread...? Coming soon!)
  2. And no one ever talks about the lyrics β€” not even that lyrics-hound Lew Bundles. But this is such a sweet way to tell someone to screw off, isn't it? You and I travel to the beat of a different drum Oh, can't you tell by the way I run Every time you make eyes at me? You cry and moan and say it will work out But honey child I've got my doubts You can't see the forest for the trees So, don't get me wrong, it's not that I knock it It's just that I am not in the market For a boy who wants to love only me Yes, and I ain't sayin' you ain't pretty All I'm saying's I'm not ready for any person, place, or thing to try and pull the reins in on me, so... Goodbye, I'll be leavin' I see no sense in this cryin' and grievin' We'll both live a lot longer if you live without me. So, don't get me wrong, it's not that I knock it It's just that I am not in the market For a boy who wants to love only me Yes, and I ain't sayin' you ain't pretty All I'm saying's I'm not ready for any person Place or thing to try and pull the reins in on me, so... Goodbye, I'll be leavin' I see no sense in this cryin' and grievin' We'll both live a lot longer if you live without me.
  3. Well, Susanna's is definitely a thinner voice than Linda's, but she gets extra points just for being Susanna Hoffs! πŸ™‚ And I can't listen to Linda's version enough, so good share. I love how she goes all-out starting at around 1:12 and again a minute later, at 2:12. Yes, two minutes and 39 seconds of pop-music perfection!
  4. Good find, Matthew. I don't think I ever saw that turbo-version of Mike's "Different Drum." Or, if I did, I was a little kid who didn't know what a great song it was (Linda's version wouldn't have come out yet). Also, Ooch, love "Joanne." One of my favorites (and featured on at least a couple of my playlists). It deserves a thread of its own....
  5. Oh, my β€” I did! Thank you for picking that up, Susie! You're a great teammate.
  6. LC


    Elvis's version: bigger and more drama (but still great). I'd give the advantage to Righteous Brothers for the more sensitive, passionate reading. But it's tough to vote against that one-of-a-kind Elvis voice and phrasing and power.
  7. ... Or, Janis Joplin, if she hadn't died so young! Imagine her doing "Tonight".... Where's Art-Intel when you need it?
  8. And... so newer posters don't miss it... Eric gave us a synopsis of the series of shows they did. The L.A. one had its trials and tribulations (Kirk and Bernie, you were both there), so it's interesting to hear the ultimate insider recall that show's challenges. Then there's Eric's rave about the very last show. Hey, thanks for reminding me that I had tickets for that show β€” $75 each β€” but got snowed in over here in New England and didn't make the trip. Ugh. I swore I'd have another chance. I was wrong.
  9. Bump, just for the chance to see this fan-shot vid (thank you, Raspathens) from the first Highline NY show in 2007. I was at this show and had roughly the same vantage point, but I was down on the floor level. And... I get a kick out of seeing our old friend BeatleJay β€” belly-up to the stage β€” going all nuts near the end. Good times. Wish we had more.
  10. LC


    So classic... Great share, as always, Susie. Love the interview, and especially Bill Medley's admission. I've noticed that this song is a real favorite of all those YouTube "reaction" jockeys (r-jays, as I like to say!). Here's a particularly good one by a longtime opera singer who gets into some worthy and astute analysis. (But there are a number of others, many of them with lots of swooning by the "r-jays.")
  11. Duane, wherever you are, old friend: All I can say is "Different Drum," to me, is one of the Top 20 pop songs of all time. It's just a brilliantly constructed piece β€” a credit to Mike Nesmith's songwriting ability. And Linda Ronstadt's original is an unbeatable blast of vocal perfection. Susanna puts her own sensual take on it, so I love this cover. But Linda's original... cream of the crop. (It took me 15 years to come up with that response? Lol)
  12. Bump... an interesting topic that didn't get enough play back in the day β€” even though Eric himself chimed in. Note that as potential duet partners, he tossed up candidates form rtes country-pop arena. That would have been a good place to go. As for my own long-overdue response, I would like to have heard Eric do: β€’ "Ecstacy" with Chrissie Hynde β€’ "Desperate Fools" with Stevie Nicks β€’ "Heaven Can Wait" with Streisand β€’ "Boats Against the Current" with Bonnie Raitt Good fantasy pairings, no?
  13. I hadn't listened to this song in such a long time..... Sounds pretty darned good! Does anyone remember ever seeing a video for the song? I don't but I'd love to take a crack at it. It would be a riot to put together, if vintage footage of the heavyweights mentioned in here, dance halls and sock hops, and Eric (in illustrations) performing. Alas, it would take time, assets, and artists.... But you can probably picture it in your head anyway.
  14. Classic thread, bumped. Not a lot of posts, but what's here is magic! Pure magic. Love Wally's vocal on this. (That's him on the extended "waaay," right?)
  15. Pretty cool. Never heard that. Nice video, too.
  16. Even though Eric's version is stronger, I don't think he'd have had as big a hit with "Hey Deanie." The TV platform Shaun Cassidy had... huge. But... imagine if Eric had kept it for himself and made it the lead single upon Change of Heart's release. One more "what if" in a career full of them!
  17. Hey, never saw that. Funny... "a song Joe wrote." TV! πŸ™‚
  18. Right. That sort of situation is hard to defend as being something other than a money-making machine. On the other hand, we're open-minded about cases where a lead singer and key instrumentalist are on board. Mick Jagger and Keith Richard touring as the Rolling Stones? Fair enough, especially with Ron Wood (even though he wasn't an original) still in the band. Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey touring as The Who? Also fair enough β€” though I think they've finally called it quits (I see some Daltrey solo dates billed as "Roger Daltrey/The Voice of the The Who"). And, as James and Batman noted, Don Henley touring as the Eagles? I'm fine with that, too, considering that Henley was the co-voice of the group... and that the touring band includes Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt, who, though not originals, became key contributors... and that Glenn Frey's son Deacon took his dad's place... and that they drafted Vince Gill... and that they enlist guitar ace Steuart Smith (even if they don't give him the honor of being an "Eagle").
  19. Badfinger is another example, although the fact that the remaining member is Joey Molland makes it at least a little more legit, because Pete Hamm and Tom Evans aren't around, and Molland had a big role in their original output. But still... you'd never have seen Paul McCartney touring with his excellent band as The Beatles.
  20. The ELO reference is interesting. Don't forget that there was an "ELO II" band touring and releasing albums without Jeff Lynne in the 1990s/2000s. Sorry, but that is not ELO β€” even though it had the original drummer (Bev Bevan) and keyboardist (Richard Tandy) along with a late-arrival-but-still-important voice, bassist Kelly Groucutt. And on tour, they played all the classic ELO songs and deep cuts. But... Jeff Lynne wrote pretty much all their songs and was almost always the lead singer. (Groucutt took lead vocals on a couple of songs). So without Lynne, it was a stretch. We all remember a similar situation when Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley, and Scott McCarl released an album as Raspberries. It was really an interesting development β€” especially because Scott replaced Dave in the original Raspberries run. But without Eric, could it be the 'berries?
  21. The age-old question: Can a "classic" band still tour under its original name if the only original member is the drummer? See this Guess Who new tour announcement: https://www.pennlive.com/entertainment/2024/02/the-guess-who-2024-where-to-find-tickets-for-2-central-pa-concerts.html The advance notices explains that the lineup includes original drummer Garry Peterson. Period. Otherwise, it's a wholly different cast. So really, it's a Guess Who Tribute Band, featuring the co-founding drummer (at right in photo). Maybe it's a great show β€” I haven't seen 'em so I can't pass judgment. But wouldn't this be like, you know, a Raspberries tour featuring only Jim Bonfanti from the original lineup? Jim just wouldn't do it.... While I'm not a huge Guess Who fan, I do like some of their '70s blasts of rock'n'roll, and I know there are some Guess Who/Burton Cummings fans here. So... a vintage classic:
  22. Maybe there are plans afoot to release an Eric Carmen Rarities album? Somewhere around here, there's a thread suggesting songs to include.... "Cindy" is at the top of the list, for me.
  23. LC

    1960s sound..

    Great old song β€” forgot about it. Very Beatlesque, especially when that harmony vocalist kicks in (so McCartney-ish). I had never seen the video and had no idea what the band looked like. Naturally, I had to look 'em up... It's a Netherlands band, and the lead singer is Peter Tetteroo. They changed their lineup frequently, but Tetteroo was a constant. Sadly, he died at only 55 (liver disease) in 2002.
  24. Not to be naive, but, er, isn't it a good thing that people can listen to "Cindy in the Wind" on YouTube? Think of all the EC fans who have passed on without ever having heard it. Or is there some copyright infringement, or a request by Eric to keep it private? I just don't know. I guess I'm from the Dylan/Neil Young/Grateful Dead school of sharing rarities. πŸ˜‡
  25. Uh-oh. Did I get somebody in trouble?
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