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  1. Overdub Billy Sullivan:
  2. Hockey writer and historian Dave Stubbs:
  3. Actor and singer Michael Des Barres:
  4. Jim Bonfanti was among the first to react. Here:
  5. Kay Bryson, on behalf of Wally:
  6. Seems like his FB page is different, and won't open to a window that allows you to grab the URL. No matter. Here's what Al wrote: "RIP Eric Carmen of The Raspberries, who had an even more amazing solo career and leaves behind an incredible legacy of music. Check out his beautiful cover of "Caroline, No" And he used a YouTube link to Eric's cover of "Caroline No."
  7. Al Jardine of The Beach Boys! https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlJardine Screenshot attached.
  8. Wow! Never knew Eric's music made the soap opera scene! Great find, James. Thank you!
  9. Great find, James. I didn't know this person's name (Amy's sister), but her tribute is touching and the little video at the end choked me up... just hearing her sing "Boats" with Eric the maestro on the piano, playing with such sensitivity. Please check this out, friends....
  10. Shaun Cassidy took a minimalist approach (though given the push his career got from EC-penned songs, maybe he could have spent a few more words...?):
  11. Blackhawk Pat forwarded this to me. Now I like John Stamos even more.
  12. Great one from Cherie, James. And where did you see the Slash comment? If you can find it, splice it in here. Thanks! We're all sticking together to make sense of this sad occasion... 😞 Update: I found the Slash tweet and added it to your post above, James. Thanks
  13. Rick Springfield wrote a very touching note that choked me up a little, I admit. He said Eric's passing is "almost more than I can stand..." We know how you feel, Rick:
  14. The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/03/12/arts/music/eric-carmen-dead.html
  15. Stevie Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen's band:
  16. Paul Stanley of KISS (repeated from another thread):
  17. In our grief, it can be very comforting to read the words of people who have been touched by the music and life of Eric Carmen. I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we post such comments from around the world of social media. So, here's author Stephen King:
  18. Thanks for coming by, BT! Yep, just a stunning development. We have so much goodness to enjoy from Eric's life, but as always, we wish there was a little more time, a little more music, and a little more to connect with.
  19. Eric's music — and that distinctive, instantly appealing voice — lifted me up more times than I can remember. I can listen to "I Can Remember" or "Nobody Knows" or "Sunrise" or "Love Is All That Matters" or anything he sang or wrote and it sounds just as new and vital to me as it did in the 1970s or '80s. I always felt like there was "more to come." But as long as his music keeps playing, well, the story isn't ending, really. R.I.P. to my musical hero and friend. And it bears repeating: Sincere condolences to Amy, to Eric's kids, to his whole family, to his bandmates and friends, and to his ever-faithful fan base, who never lost our love for that brilliant body of work.
  20. I'm doubly stunned, after the news of Karl Wallinger an hour earlier. I never got to meet Karl, but I met and interviewed Eric on several occasions. Two of my all-time-favorite, most admired, most inspiring musical heroes — gone suddenly. I'm beyond crushed, as all of you are. To me, Eric was extra-special, because when I was a teen, his music lassoed me in and never let go. Deepest condolences to Amy, to Eric's kids, to his whole family, his bandmates and friends — including our web host Bernie — and to his ever-faithful fan base. We never lost our love for that brilliant body of work. I feel like a part of me has died with the passing of Eric. R.I.P., old friend. You left us way too soon. 😢
  21. Oh, noooo. I"m shocked and crushed. I LOVE World Party, which essentially was Karl Wallinger. The man was a musical genius, and his obvious influences combined to make his songs always tasty, full of hooks, bursting with melodies. Karl sounded like John Lennon, played guitar left-handed like Paul McCartney, and clearly absorbed the best musical qualities of the Beatles (especially the later Beatles), Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. Shocked...
  22. And, I'll see your "Cry Baby" and raise you a "cry": "Cry Baby Cry," a Lennon classic on the Beatles' White Album.
  23. Love it. Not a song that's in my Playlists, but I think I'll add it. Wakes you up!
  24. Ha! Even though you already know the answers?
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