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  1. Remember Foghat ("Slow Ride," "I Just Wanna Make Love to You")? That venerable Long Island band put up this remembrance of Eric Carmen:
  2. Kyle, would you take a request?
  3. And "Go All the Way" — so awesome. Eric playing bass? Pretty damned powerful! And I love the vocal arrangement, featuring Jenn Lee, Paul Sidoti, and Billy Sullivan. What a show...
  4. Bravo, bravo, bravo. "Boats Against the Current" really got to me. Whew. What an inspired reading; Eric poured everything into that one. I give the performance a 12 on a scale of 10 — it's that good. After the last note, see Eric's smile. He knew he nailed it.
  5. The family of Jack Bruce posted some heartfelt words to honor Eric:
  6. And... the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame finally checks in with an RIP — not even realizing that Eric and Raspberries belong in the Hall as inductees. Whoosh, right over their heads. Their astute board has never even nominated Raspberries or Eric. To them he's just another recording artist on the outer-outer fringes. Well, they should talk to Springsteen and KISS and Cheap Trick and Bon Jovi and Axl Rose, and they should read comments by John Lennon, Keith Moon, Tom Petty, and many other rock luminaries who point to the 'berries as major influences.
  7. Well stated, Pat. I'm 100% with you. Bernie parlayed his passion for Eric into a viable website that built a community over time — a community that includes lots of people who have developed solid friendships. (Bernie, I consider ours to be a solid one!) I still remember finding this site, Bernie. I was traveling a lot from Virginia to New England, and I was in a hotel room nosing around the Internet, looking for anything new on Eric. I found it and... what a thrill! What's more, I found that Bernie had nicked a loooong freelance interview feature I wrote on Eric in 1987. Some writers might have thought, Hey — where's my royalty? I thought the opposite: that long interview had a perfect home at EC.com, because it had lots of career-spanning quotes by the man himself. Best of all, EC.com set into motion all the pieces that had to be there for a Raspberries reunion. And the lone Raspberries show I took in — Highline in New York — was a 30-year-dream-come true. From the time I was 16, I had a vision in my head of what it would be like to see Raspberries live, even though they had broken up. Year after year went by, and decade after decade, went by..., and it appeared those visions were just idle daydreams. But then, in October 2007, I finally got to a 'berries show, and it was everything I imagined, and more. Plus, it was the first time Raspberries did Eric's solo smash "All By Myself." And, it's where I got to meet all kinds of characters from this board. And, of course, I got to meet Wally, Dave, and Jim while renewing the friendship I had with Eric from a few interviews in the 1980s and early 1990s. All because of "the house that Bernie built." So, yes, a salute to Bernie. Thank you!
  8. Uh-oh. Did you have it removed from Vimeo? It's suddenly gone. Oh — and just like that, it's back.
  9. PS: Deepest condolences to you, again, over this heavy loss. "No words," as so many are saying. At the same time, deepest thanks because without your proactive approach in starting this website, there wouldn't have been a Raspberries reunion... there wouldn't have been volumes of information coming from Eric himself to these pages... there wouldn't have been the "outing" of Eric and his bandmates to legions of fans who otherwise would have always wondered. We all know way more about Eric and his great music than we otherwise would have. So... thank you, Bernie! You were a trusted friend to Eric — and remain a valued friend to everyone who frequents this site.
  10. Hang in there, Bernie. I admit guilt to the request for an "Enter Site" button, but believe me, I didn't mean to add burden to what you're already shouldering. I'm having a hard time, too. Can't sleep, can't work, can't do anything but browse the Internet and look for comfort in others' posts (hence the "Eric Tributes Pouring In" thread). I was telling Kirk and Melanie in separate texts that I just cannot get my head around the sight of birth and death years next to Eric's name: 1949-2024. It's so wrong. Eric's passing was the nastiest of curve-balls, leaving us all weak-kneed and unsteady. As a Pollyanna type, I always expected there was more to come from EC, in some way, shape, or form. Now he's gone. All we can do is beat on, right?
  11. And... backing up 31 years, a seminal live performance — long version — of "ABM." Spectacular.
  12. View of "All By Myself" n L.A. from another videographer:
  13. One of those inset videos is from Maggie Clarke, who has posted here in the past. She captured the 'berries on multiple tour stops. Here's her full ABM vid (I know this has been posted on our board before, at least once!).
  14. Not sure if this has been posted here, but even if it is, it's worth another look: "All By Myself," starting with the piano interlude, recorded at a Raspberries reunion show (Highline in NYC). Yes, I wish the first verses and chorus were here. But look anyway. Two camera views are locked in on Eric's face and keyboard. This, my friends, is the look of a musical genius at work, getting totally lost in the melody and really feeling it. I find this especially moving, particularly now. (I was at this show, so it's extra special.) R.I.P, Eric, and thank you, old friend, for what you gave us.
  15. David Spero also posted a photo of he and Eric at a Cleveland Indians game in 1999. The funny thing is, I was in Florida the same day with my then-wife and we were trying to meet up with Eric and David. I was going to write an Eric feature for a music magazine called Discoveries, but David (and maybe Eric) thought I was doing it for the Discovery Channel! I was somewhere around Tampa to do a photo shoot at the Yankees' camp. They were leaving the Winter Haven area. Both of us were confused, driving on the Florida highways to find a middle ground to stop for food, but the signs on the Florida highways were confusing both David (who was driving) and me. We thought we were a lot closer than we were, but we didn't have GPS. It was very late at night... so we gave up and never got together. A missed opportunity, for sure. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=823721003104324&set=a.129552582521173
  16. In case you can't get into that link:
  17. From David Spero, former Cleveland DJ (and, I think, Eric's manager for a while): https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=823716609771430&set=a.129552582521173
  18. Anyone know the Raspberries track John Waite sang for Eric "a couple of years ago"? Man, I'd love to have been in on that chat they had....
  19. I didn't know John Waite lives in the Netherlands! Really nice words here....
  20. Cool. I'll take a look and drop it in here. Thanks, Lew!
  21. Here we go. I posted Shaun Cassidy's twitter RIP on p. 1 here. But he had a lot more to say in honor of Eric. (He opens every one of his shows with "That's Rock'n'Roll"—and has been doing so since it was on the charts.) It's all on his Instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/p/C4ZmSLRLDmw/
  22. Thanks for that Susie. The rest of Paul's text got cut off, and I wanted to see it, so... here you go:
  23. Thank you Kyle! These are so interesting — sort of improvisational rather than straight copies of the records, and I appreciate that! Well-done! Keeping Eric's memory alive....
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