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  1. That's a cool photograph! And to get a concert review by EC himself -- even cooler. Wouldn't you love to hear Tyler do a cover version of, say, "Overnight Sensation"?
  2. LC

    Joe Lieberman....

    Tony C is right on! To take it a step further, Joe should have been VP in 2000, as part of that great ticket with my favorite American politician, wild Al Gore! (Seriously.) I've often wonder if Joe L. helped make that election "too close to call" -- or if he cost the Dems the election.... Maybe another VP choice would have made the difference. (I know, I know --if Al had won his own state, he'd have been President Gore!) Well, enough backward-glancing politics. Onward and upward....
  3. One more thing about the Pack: They may be 2-10, but they've lost SEVEN games by a touchdown or less (and six of those games by five points or less). Clearly, they could easily be 9-3, or 8-4, or 7-5, and still be in the playoff hunt....
  4. Billy, I'm with you on that. Packer fans are among the most loyal you'll find. (I'm always amazed at how Red Sox fans, for being so passionate, turn so quickly on their own team.) On the other hand, I get sick of the talking head within the national media speculating that the Packers might want to sit Brett Favre in favor of Aaron Rodgers. What a ridiculous thought. (Mike Sherman addressed it yesterday when yet another reporter brought it up: "Asked whether it was time to give rookie Aaron Rodgers, the No. 1 pick from California, a chance, Sherman said: 'We have been in every single ball game and playing every game to win. Brett Favre is our quarterback and gives us our best chance to win.'" Anyway, I'm a bit obsessive about the Pack. I even bought (last Friday) Brett Favre jerseys in sizes small enough to fit my 6- and 3-year-old daughters. So now, while I pace around on Sundays in my own Packer jersey (yeah, I feel like a big kid wearing it), my girls can be in matching uniforms.... The Pack will return. Quickly, too.
  5. Boston Globe, Worcester Telegram, and (occasionally) USA Today, NY Times, and NY Daily News.... Oh, and the Raspberries Daily Examiner. :-) (Doing a study of newspaper reading habits? I do notice that I tend to "browse" the paper a lot more than I used to.... There's so much on the Internet that what we see in print is usually "old news.")
  6. Okay, contrary to an earlier post (the Week 10 thread), I'm starting to buy into the Bears. After the way they manhandled and unnerved Brett Favre, well, I can't take 'em lightly anymore, or consider 'em just lucky for being in the NFC North. Worse for us Packer fanatics, the Bears get another crack at Brett in two weeks. Ugh...
  7. 100 mill? Hmmm. Well, I wouldn't quit work, I'd BUY it. Then I'd never have to worry about our numbers.... That's #1. Second, I'd put away a big hunk so my daughters will get all the college they can handle. Third, new house for my folks and sisters and brother. Fourth, a couple new houses for us. Maybe one in Cleveland. Why not? Fifth, I'd relaunch the music magazine I edited in the 1980s and early 1990s. I loved it. Cover story in re-launch: Raspberries. Sixth, a Jaguar. Seventh, a serious home theater upgrade---like maybe a real theater. Eighth, I've always wanted to buy a baseball team. Doesn't have to be the Yankees or anything; a minor-league team is fine. The Savannah Sand Gnats even. And I'd take batting practice whenever I wanted. Ninth, speaking of the Yankees, season passes at Yankee Stadium, with a private jet to get me there. Tenth, dole out checks to my favorite charities. In fact, I'd move that up the list a lot, because you don't want to be known as one of those stingy millionaires. Do I have any $$ left over?
  8. Darlene and Marlene, Very good! In other words, if they're saying, "Our FIRST new music," that means there's more to come. Otherwise, logically speaking, he would have said, simply, "Our new music." The power of positive thinking! Now... patience. (It's gotta be a bit pressure-ful, though. The existing body of Raspberries work is held in such high regard, how do you top it? But that goes back to my point... You can't force it. And like you, I don't care what they write. It'll be a great story.)
  9. I do remember those "clues" that Paul supposedly had died, but... they were just coincidental clues, weren't they? The Beatles wouldn't have done anything to play into the hoax. Or did they?
  10. In that 'long and winding post' of mine from last month, I mentioned that I'm as optimistic as any fan about the prospect of new Raspberries music. The camaraderie, the discovery of a still-devoted fan base 30 years later, the great reviews.... I figured there's been all kinds of inspiration. But did y'all pick up on that clue toward the end of the "Raspberries Jam" that Bernie sent out on Sunday (as a new-book-preorder-goodie)? After Raspberries played their impromptu, improvised blues bit on the Jonesy's Jukebox radio show on Oct. 20, one of the boys said, "Our first new music!" Not to sound like a Beatles fan spinning a "White Album" LP backwards and straining to hear "I buried Paul," but... the comment COULD be interpreted to mean that maybe there hasn't been so much writing going on during the past year. Which is fine---you can't force it, or it wouldn't be honest. Or you could also interpret it as, "hey, this is the first new music we've played" (as opposed to written). Anyway, I figured I'd point that out. Apologies if someone else already did. As always, I try to be patient. Good things come to those who wait. A CD of 12 or 13 or 14 news songs would be awesome. If not, just getting a DVD from the tour would be awesome. If not, well, I never get tired of those four great records made between 1972 and 1974. PS: Speaking of clues, why didn't Paul have shoes on for the cover of Abbey Road? I thought I knew so much about the Beatles, but when I happened to show my 6-year-old daughter the album cover yesterday, she asked me that very question... and I could only say, "Um, I dunno. I guess he didn't feel like wearing shoes that day...."
  11. I was dying to take a look at it, Phil, but... it didn't show here at 10 p.m. I think it premiered on the Boston PBS channel on Monday, but I forgot to check local listings. Fortunately, I can pick up PBS channels from three other New England cities -- Manchester, Providence, and one other. None of them showed Cream tonight, but I see that it's slated to come on at 1 a.m., so I can tape it.... Thanks for the reminder.... --LC PS: As I was surfing through the schedule, that nice Passat commercial featuring "All By Myself" came on.... Good to see it's still in circulation.
  12. I think you got it right (Seattle Steve too): the Seahawks are comin' on. The defense has especially been workin'.... It would be nice to see the 'Hawks get to the Super Bowl -- even though I'm still a little bit grudgeful about Coach Holmgren's melodramatic departure from Green Bay a few years ago. He built a great team (did you know that in the mid-1990s, Favre's backups included Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselback, and Aaron Brooks, and that Holmgren also had Kurt Warner in camp?). He also had an outstanding coaching staff, including Jon Gruden and Andy Reid, among several others who later became head coaches. Then, in a power play, he abruptly left the Pack high and dry. And we've never gotten back to that level again....
  13. Count me as one who thinks the Bears are imposters.... I'm just not buying into the team. Their D is tough, but the main reason they're looking so good is because that division is so weak. The Packers (with all those injuries) and the Vikings (chaos) are in disarray, and the Lions have sucked for a long time. As for Favre being overrated? I don't see that at all. He's lost so much talent at skill positions, and then he tries to do too much. But how can you question that guy? I've heard a few talking heads asking the question, When will the Packers give their rookie QB a chance? That's ridiculous. Let him sit until Brett decides he's done, even if it's two or three more years (I hope it is). Putting the blame for that 2-8 record on Favre is crazy.... Even if I weren't a Packer fan, I'd say this: There's nobody more fun to watch in football than Brett Favre, and it's been that way since he came into the league.
  14. Anne, that is awesome. What a great gift, to keep family history alive that way.... Your dad was a great writer, too, judging by that snippet. Geez, now I wanna get going on something like that. I wrote a family history as a college senior back in the early 1980s, and I interviewed a lot of relatives for family anecdotes, so I do have a start. But I also have 20 years to catch up on!
  15. June, I've been buried under a pile o' work, so it's taken me a while to respond to your 11-17 note. I didn't want you to think I was a snobby Yankee fan ignoring your thoughts about a Red Sox book. It does have merit, because you're right: Boston is a fascinating club -- there's plenty of history and even some untapped angles about The Olde Towne Team. Of course, last winter and spring, the Red-Sox-book-market got pretty flooded. I wish I had the time to capitalize, but last fall, I was still frantically trying to finish my Ozzie Sweet project. Right now, I suppose the window of opportunity is a lot less open, but who knows? There are still some angles that could work. People (esp. Yankee fans) never get tired of reading about the sheer frustration that built up over 86 fruitless seasons! Just teasing.... Seriously, lots of history there. As for Eric's legendary Rock Hall of Fame show, I would say it's about time for an encore---but this time with Raspberries. I was thinking about this, too: Jacobs Field would be a great Raspberries venue.... Opening Day 2006, a special season-launching mini-concert leading up to the National Anthem, with Raspberries lined up to throw out the first pitch.... How's that sound? The Indians have such a promising team that "Go All the Way" would be an appropriate theme song for the new season....
  16. One addendum to my "Letters-to-Quinlyn" thing... When Daughter #2 came along in 2002, I, um, never started one for her. I keep meaning to do one big, long entry for her, but I just haven't gotten to it. And she turns 3 next week. Poor girl is gonna feel like a 2nd fiddle, but she's just as adored (and adorable). Tony, is this Baby #1?
  17. Tony... I'm not Marvin! (There's only one Marvin!) --LC
  18. Hey---why does that date strike a chord, Phil? Oh yeah... another b-day (for both of us). I'll check out Cream---although I'd much rather see Raspberries. I had the same thought---PBS would be a great outlet for a reunion show....
  19. Tony C., here's a thought for ya, since you have that new addition to the family on the way.... I never really kept journal entries (but wish I had) until my first daughter was born (1999). Then I started one, and I wrote it directly to her. It was essentially a series of letters telling her what was going on with her, her mom, me, my job, how we were dealing with this new "thing" around the house, etc. I didn't do daily entries, but I did write a few a week and kept it up for almost two years. I originally started it as a gift for my daughter, but I got a lot out of it myself. And now that she's 6, I occasionally pull it out and let her hear what she was like as a baby. Sometimes it's hilarious, especially when she started talking (and singing). Let's see, how to tie this post into Marvin's Raspberries recollections (which made me jealous all over again)? I know.... "Let's Pretend" is mentioned several times in my journal-to-my-daughter. It was one of the songs I'd play to calm her down....
  20. Darlene, that's where I was coming out on this one earlier in the thread. You just said it better! Let it be what it is, and be thankful that it is what it is. I didn't read any of the other posts on this thread as "bitching and complaining," and I would guess (hope) the Raspberries don't see it as bitching and complaining either. Heck, they've persevered a lot worse than this! This is just the passion of fans coming through, and I think the set list is a valid topic for conversation (and isn't documented that the group has taken comments into account on later dates of the tour?) Also, it's natural for these fans to wonder about EC solo hits as possible numbers for reunion shows. Isn't it cool that we can even have that discussion? Ulimately, the Raspberries have gotta know that their reunion has been an indescribable blast for legions of fans. I love that comment by Beachberry: I thought you could be 17 only once!
  21. Tony, I appreciate the honest observations---thanks for that. Very valid analysis. (And delicately worded, too... but I hear what you're saying.) Interesting. With such great talents and diverse musical preferences, there are bound to be differing opinions and maybe some "friendly" jabbing now and then. But it's probably all a lot easier to resolve now than it was in the heat of battle 30 years ago.
  22. It's fun to argue about the set list and billing, but... let's face it: Whatever the heck they wanna play would be cool. As long as they play. They seem to have a pretty good feel for their set lists, don't you think? And kudos to Eric for (obviously) not pushing his solo hits thus far. The real magic has come, probably, from really, really focusing on that creative little stretch of time, the early 1970s through '75, and re-capturing the group dynamic that made it happen. Maybe we'll see more dates on a similar scale, which would be awesome, especially for those of us who have missed out. If it's all Raspberries' songs with a few influential covers (oh -- and some new songs too), that's a great show! If adding three or four EC solo hits helps sell 2,000 or 3,000 additional tickets (and if all involved are "into it"), then heck, that's a great show, too! Selling tickets is kind of important, no? (Don't forget that Raspberries fandom includes many who have been on board since the beginning -- but many others who backtracked after hearing EC's solo stuff and became obsessed with the group sound.) Only the four 'berries know for sure where they're going. Well, maybe they don't know just yet, but they'll get there. PS: Tony, apologies if I missed it on another post, but... what did you mean by the "vibe" in LA that led you to believe there are still control issues in the air?
  23. One thing about music lessons for kids (mine being 6 and almost 3): I don't wanna push them into anything, but... I do wanna encourage before too much more time. Violin is kind of intriguing -- I'll have to dust off the old violin in the attic and let my girls check it out.... I kind of wish I'd been encouraged as a kid to take lessons.... All four of my sisters took piano (it turned out not be a passion for any of them, really) while I played Little League, which was cool, since I loved (love) baseball. But an hour a week learning guitar or piano or drums (or even cowbell!) would have been good, too! (That was a reference to the classic Saturday Night Live/Will Ferrell spoof of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper.")
  24. Tony--one other thing.... I've gotta say that the thing that kept me coming back to EC.com the past couple of years is the bulletin board, and the way that all the personalities come through. I can always count on getting a few laughs over that great Cartmillian sense of humor -- or TommyTunes' Trifecta bids (and his growing army), CubFanMike's baseball banter, or Razz-wine's "McCartney-fan-baiting." Great stuff. You tend to look for names after awhile -- from Darlene (and those nice welcomes), Roadie #3 (and those insider notes), and Trindy to Aggies, Kazumi, and mannoman... and so many others. Great music banter. If you step back and look at it, there's tons of music knowledge on these pages. Heck, Marvin's posts alone can fill a good book on rock and pop music. I might be spending too much work time time in here, but... on the other hand, everybody needs a break now and then, right?
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