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  1. Don, that's awesome research. Gracias. Now, when you have another chunk of time to dig some more, how about EC's first few solo hits on all three charts? :-)
  2. Eric C, this is a good place to be. You are the man! Now, where's Darlene with her "100 welcomes"? --LC
  3. Ah--Cashbox.... I always liked reading it to see how its hit-charting differed from Billboards.... I didn't realize that ABM hit the top at Cashbox until now.... Bernie, not to send you off to do any more research than you have, but... did "She Did It" or the "Boats" single do any better on Cashbox than on Billboard? Not that it matters at this point; I'm just curious.
  4. DonK, I was about to enter freshman year in college when Boats came out, and I remember that grueling wait. My dad owned a small mom-and-pop department store at the time, and I was "in charge" of the record department. Our distributor's rep, Joe G., came by every week that spring and summer knowing I was waiting for Boats, and he had to give me the bad news every week. I think he got a kick out of my 17-year-old fanaticism. Finally, he climbed out of his truck one week and pulled an LP out from his jacket and handed it over with a big grin on his face. I took that thing home and studied it for days.... The news in your post, Don, was the EC store display! Wow! Joe used to give me all kinds of posters and displays (still have a nice ELO Out of the Blue mobile somewhere), but I guess he didn't have access to the Boats stuff. Hmmmm. We were only 4 hours east of Cleveland....
  5. Hey--Paulie! You referenced a feature story on Eric (from "an old magazine article") that was written by.... me! "The Ironies of Eric Carmen" was in a special newsstand-only issue called "Rock'n'Roll CD Spectacular" (1988), when I was editing a magazine called Digital Audio (later changed to CD Review). I loved writing that story, not only for EC's quotable quotes, but because as we neared our deadline, a few advertisements dropped out, and the easiest way for me to fill the space was to keep adding pages to my own EC feature. So it went from its original 4-page plan up to 7 or 8 pages. Bernie had the story posted here in his old archives, but hasn't put 'em back up yet. I got a kick out of your post, Paulie, because I knew what you were talking about. (The Bangles were on the cover.) The whole angle of the EC feature was that Eric's career was always surrounded by so many ironies.... All that talent, but always a battle to get attention. Anyway, cool! It's nice to know that somebody besides my family bought that magazine. (Actually, we likely would have put around 100,000 copies out there on newsstands, maybe more, and maybe sold 40 percent or so.) --LC
  6. Well, I admit I can't be subjective on this one. Personally, I don't hear a clunker on Boats. It's EC's greatest triumph, and I don't care so much anymore that the "masses" didn't embrace it. To me, it's a treasure, and a time-machine, too. What great ballads, both depressing ("Nowhere to Hide") and positive ("Love Is All That Matters"), not to mention desperate ("Run Away"). And "Boats," the title track... well, it's just killer---still my favorite EC song and lyric. (I have two young daughters, so I hear the rhyme "Row Row Row Your Boat" a lot, but I find myself always waiting for that piano intro....) The lone rocker on Boats, "Take It Or Leave It," is still hot stuff. And I loved "She Did It" even before I became Beach Boys-obsessed. What other pop/rock songwriter ever wrote about a Ship called Emptiness and the Island of Loneliness? As for "I Think I Found Myself".... I know what some of you mean. It took me longer to "get" that song than any of the others. But one night shortly after the Boats album came out, I remember suddenly waking up out of a deep sleep at 3 or 4 a.m. to the sound of "I Think I Found Myself" on the radio. (It was weird, because that might have been the only time it ever got any airplay. It was played, as I found out after the song ended, by a talk-show host who tried to inspire his listeners with encouraging words and songs.) Anyway, "I Think I Found Myself" kind of flowed into my head while I was half-asleep in the dark that night. It was haunting, really, maybe because of the background vocals. I guess it sort of seeped into my subconsciousness, if that makes any sense, and I got to love the determination in the lyrics and EC's delivery. Something about hearing it in that setting has stuck with me. So there you have it.... I'm biased because of where and who I was back in 1977, and because of how Boats struck me at the time. Even today, the whole album "can do no wrong" in my book.... But that's just me....
  7. It's quiet in here tonight, isn't it? Well, don't forget... Tonight's the night, as Phil and Darlene have reminded us---new McCartney special on PBS. Dig it!
  8. Speaking of Raspberries in the car (see MP3 post), check this out.... My 3-year-old daughter loves the chorus in "Drivin' Around," but she sings it like this: "Long hot days/We'll be catchin' the raisins." My 6-year-old knows it should be "rays," so she gets a kick out of little sister's translation. So now, when either daughter wants to hear "Drivin' Around," they ask me to "put on the raisin song." Cute, huh? Also, my younger daughter picked up instantly on this line in "Last Night": "I waited for the phone to ring/And when it didn't/I turned on the Carson show." She thinks she got a mention: Her name is Karsyn.
  9. Awesome stuff, Bernie. EC.com continues to show the way when it comes to sites devoted to artists.... Loved your "Bang" write-up. Very clever. Gracias! PS: I love "Nowhere to Hide." Yvonne's version sure is different.... I like it, but of course the original is king. In fact, just two weeks ago, the damn thing caused me to get a speeding ticket. Seriously. "Nowhere to Hide"? Yep. Normally it's the head-banging songs that get you going a little too fast. But that night, I was driving across NY state to visit my folks, my two little daughters were in the back seat sleeping away, my wife was back home, it was a beautifully clear night (around 1 a.m., actually), the roads were dry, and I was keeping the car at around 70-72 mph, as I always do, knowing that police give you around 5-7 miles beyond the speed limit. My girls had fallen asleep four hours earlier, so I had turned off the Monsters Inc. DVD and treated myself to a Raspberries-fest, followed by the Boats album. When "NTH" came on, I just got lost in it. ("Half-forgotten fragments of a high-school dance/In the dead white hours of winter...") Next thing I knew, the speedometer was at 80. It was only for a few moments, but that's all it took, because a trooper pulled me over. Damn. Nowhere to hide, indeed. I had a spot-clean license, too. Mea culpa.
  10. Don, don't apologize---that's great stuff on Louisville, and Lee Masters, and VH1. I love the Richmond review up top, too---I lived there from 1994-2000, and I love that city. Gracias!
  11. OK. Take my wife. Please. (That was crass, I know. I just couldn't help myself.) :-) (While I'm at it, take the ma-in-law, too!)
  12. Bernie, Nearly 5,000 unique visitors from the U.S. Wow! I imagine that number has risen at a healthy pace in the past couple years as more people find out about EC.com, and also because of the tour. Let's see, if each U.S. visitor averages two copies of any hypothetical upcoming Raspberries CD / DVD release (I said "averages," because some of us might buy three or four to hand out to friends---what better Christmas gift?), that's a nice start to sales. :-)
  13. By the way, if anyone's keeping score, we've imported five people and deported 41 PLUS the Enron exec committee, PLUS al-Qaeda sleeper cells, PLUS all of NBC, which puts the count into the thousands. Actually, I almost forgot: There was a Pierson note to export everybody and start over. That would mean sending out all 298,122,576 of us (per current U.S. census figure)... And the United States starts over with a population of Bono, Roger Federer, Israeli statesman Shimon Peres, Marvin, and JuliaAllByMyself. Julia, your hands will be full. But maybe you can get Bono to sing "One" for ya. In the meantime, at least Raspberries would be included among the 300 million of us on the way out. Liverpool, anyone?
  14. Wow! "Labels have expressed interest" is good news for a CD. Like everyone else, I hope there's a DVD in the works, too....
  15. Wow! This has turned into an electric thread.... Darlene, I agree with your deportation post. It's a travesty, really. Anne, did you ever notice that outside of New England, people tend to group NH and VT together? I lived in NH for a while, so I could feel the difference. You have to be there to know.... James: I usually agree with you, but I knew you'd get called on this line: "Heck, even Barry Manilow isn't entirely safe on fellow balladeer Eric Carmen's message forum!" Pierson's posts took care of it. I'd add that, simply speaking, calling EC a balladeer short-changes him. And to say "fellow balladeer" plunks him right down there right next to Barry when they're in different leagues. I bet even EC had to "ugh" when he read that one! :-) Tony & The Anti-Goreans: Geez, I guess my defense of Al Gore was effective --- you swept it aside like so many pebbles on a sidewalk. Oh well... I still think your reaction to his speech is an overreaction, knee-jerk-style. The following "classic Cartmill" passage is more of the same: "The difference is that Gore, Carter, Ramsey, Jackson don't care if the enemy terrorists benefit from their words and actions, because they want a revolution in their own country as well... One big socialist world order, where they are in high power places and are not affected by the drastic change of the new theoretical world revolution, where America loses most of its edge in power so that everybody but a few, can live in harmonic poverty and limited but available healthcare..." But I've gotta say... I enjoyed it! :-)
  16. Ah, Stevie. She is just... well, she's irresistible. That's the only word I can think of. Not to get off the thread topic, but... James, please, more details. How'd you get into that Stevie/Christine sandwich? And how did it end up?
  17. Hey, thanks, June and Darlene! Wouldn't it be nice to get that kind of package? (Not that we're asking for too much....) Of course, not having seen any of the reunion shows, I'd be happy with just a single-disc presentation of a dozen songs. But why not think bigger? Re: the CD companion... I really do think "I Wanna Be With You" could score again as a single. Remember how Clapton's unplugged version of "Layla" became such a big hit in the early 1990s? It's the same thing. The Raspberries' slow version of "IWBWY" has such a nice "honesty" to it, and real passion. Nice ballad. I even hear a bit of gospel in it, at the beginning, when the first backup vocals come in.
  18. Geez, I feel like I'm surrounded by Republicans here! I like Al Gore. I have a feeling a lot of you who just bashed him voted against him in 2000, so you've never been "fans." But your posts seem a bit exaggerated. I guess when your man (GWB) is under constant criticism (some of it unfair, some of it valid), it helps to lash out at someone like Gore. Takes the pressure off. I saw the reports on Gore's Saudi speech, and some editorials rip him to shreds (and get even me thinking, "Why in the hell did you have to make that speech, Al?"). But some defend him. The gist of his speech, after all, was that the Middle East can play a role in tolerance in the future: "The 21st century has to be a century of renewal, and our ability to overcome cycles of disrespect and violence is the key to making it a century of renewal." If you base your opinion on editorials like one that Investors.com posted, I can see how you'd wanna deport Gore. But as always, consider the "spin" in the "news source" you're reading. I suppose Big Al's comments about Arabs being mistreated after 9/11 might have been better voiced less publicly, and in the U.S. rather than in oil land. At the same time, I don't doubt what he said is true. It just overshadowed his real point (about tolerance). PS: A couple of reports said Gore is still POed over the 2000 election, when he lost by 537 votes while tens of thousands of Gore votes in Florida were discounted. But heck, I can't imagine anyone saying, "Damn, I wish I were president on 9/11!" Well, that's enough politics for me this week. I get tired of it after a while. I need to go listen to Starting Over. :-)
  19. LC

    Manilow #1

    PS: In that EC reference, I meant "Boats" and "Change of Heart" (not Changes). Sorry.
  20. LC

    Manilow #1

    I keep seeing this thread pop to the top, so I had to check it out. Now I can't help but chiming in with some less positive comments.... Sorry. I thought "Could It Be Magic," "Mandy," and "Weekend in New England" were nice enough pop songs, but... I was only 11 or 12 at the time, and nothing else Manilow has done since then appeals to me. In fact, I've never spent a red cent on his music. I don't hate him or anything, and I don't necessarily surf by if I catch him on TV. He seems like a likable enough fellow and a good jingles-writer. But his voice is so... weird. And the songs are so tame. Of course, the style was good enough to sell millions of records, so good for him. He's just not a "guilty pleasure" I would listen to. In fact, I saw him do "Unchained Melody" on Leno recently, and I thought it was, well, terrible. I suppose if I went back in time, I was probably perplexed in the late 1970s when EVERYTHING Barry Manilow put out zoomed up the charts while EC (a different type of artist, of course, but overall a far superior writer, vocalist, and instrumentalist, as we'd agree) didn't get much recognition for Boats and Changes. I just couldn't figure out how one singer could make zillions off "Copa Cabana" and "Can't Smile Without You" while my favorite album of all time (Boats) got ignored.
  21. John O, good thoughts. Can I be so bold as to post my own wishes? I like what Capitol did with perhaps my favorite DVD ever, the George Harrison tribute bash, because it had a 2-DVD set plus a companion CD release. For Raspberries, I'd personally love to see the same: a 2-DVD set with a companion CD. Disc 1 on the DVD might include one entire concert, start to finish. Disc 2 of the DVD might include: * selective performances that represent the best of the other concerts; * a few behind-the-scenes things; * the VH1 performances (all of the songs) * and, of course, Bernie's concert-opening video, which I've heard about but (as one of the unfortunate souls who never got to a Raspberries concert) never saw. As for the CD, I'd love to see a 20- to 24-track compilation of the best live performances from the whole tour, PLUS the slow version of "I Wanna Be With You" from VH1. In a perfect world, "IWBWY" would catch on as a hit record---and become #1 smash 34 years after it first charted. Wouldn't that be just desserts? --LC
  22. Ira, Ah, the Rolling Stone cover. I guess, honestly, it was a little too stark for me. As a magazine editor for a lot of years, I can understand why RS did it (impact, attention, sales). But I wasn't that excited about seeing John's butt as he clung to Yoko like a scared child. But that's just me.... I agree with you on your last line --- I think he was on the path to creating some memorable music of a different type when he was killed.
  23. Bingo, Jeff. To write that Paul left early because he's a sore loser is really kind of irresponsible on the writer's part. I mean, the guy has been knighted, and you think he's bummed about a Grammy Award? :-)
  24. PS: What an awesome story. Just when you think the momentum is slowing, something like this perks things up. Oh, yeah! I hadn't thought about the song in these terms: -------------------- "Let’s pause at this point in our deconstruction of the tune ... to remind ourselves Carmen crafted his magnum opus in the mid-1970s, a simpler time before answering machines, voice mail, cell phones and pagers became commonplace. "Back then, if you called someone who wasn’t available, the phone just rang. And rang. And rang. "It was quite possibly the loneliest sound in the universe, like a little funeral bell tolling in the ice-cold void of your miserable existence. Don’t ask me how I know. I just do, OK?" -------------------- Great stuff, and very astute. I had forgotten how hard it could be to reach someone back then.
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