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  1. Actually--I think I saw a bit of that Liars show on cable, too, and I agree with you, Jeff. Weird. If it's the same one you saw, then you might remember the odd reading of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Ugh. --LC
  2. I'm not sure why, but I've never been a Todd Rundgren fan. At all. I've just never heard anything he did that made an impact on me. I know he's got a great fan base, but... I don't get it.... I do remember a very Beatlesque Utopia album I rated highly when I was writing record reviews in the early 1980s, but not even that album inspired me to dig into TR's catalog. The Cars? Well, I sort of liked 'em when they were active, but their music hasn't aged well, at least for me. I liked "Drive," and I thought "Touch and Go" was awesome, but everything else just sounds like average pop music to me---fun, maybe, but disposable. (Actually, you know what was pretty good? The solo album by the late Ben Orr, the bass player--The Lace, from the late 1980s.) So... The New Cars doesn't do it for me.... It sure ain't Raspberries! --LC (the curmudgeon!)
  3. Okay, folks, I set up the Raspberries Baseball League at Yahoo. I sent out invites to the nine people whose e-mail addresses I could find. I'll send out Private-Message invites to the four or five others who expressed interest. We can fit up to 20 teams, so we'll take more.... Anyone who wants in should pop me a note and I'll send the invitation to you. I set the draft for Thursday, March 30, at 8:30 p.m. (EST). It'll be fun... a low-pressure league with maybe just a little trash-talking. Badfinger, oops---I accidentally sent you an invite. You can ignore it.... Unless you wanna give it a try. It's just another way to follow baseball, if you're into it. For those who haven't ever played, fantasy baseball is a game where you select your own team of players (you might have a couple of Yankees, a few Indians, a couple of Cubs, etc.). YOUR player's real-life stats are fed into your team's overall stats, which are matched against other team-owners' stats. Example: Say we have a 12-team league. If your players have more Home Runs than another other team, you'll get 12 points in that category. The team with fewest HRs gets 1 point. There are 5 offensive categories, and 5 pitching categories. The stats are updated every night, so you'll see our league's standings change pretty much every day. Anyway, it's really not hard at all. I"m probably making it sound more complex than it really is. You just have to sign up and check out the league page, and it starts to come into focus.... PS: Marlene, good team name---the Desperate Fools. I went with Overnight Sensations. I wanted to do Boats, but... there's a 20-characer limit.
  4. Finally catching up with this thread.... I'm another "Mack the Knife-r" (11/30/59)--I think that's four of us. Wow! Phil (my fellow 11-30 birthday-share): Frankie Laine's "Mule Train" is an awesome song. My dad played it on an 8-track in the car all the time. Yee-hah! A real classic. Re: Eric's birthday.... Perry Como is another for whom I have a soft spot.... My dad was a huge fan of his, so I heard plenty of Como. (Dean Martin, too.) Those guys stay with ya....
  5. Me too. In the meantime, I forgot about Jackson Browne's Running on Empty. And McCartney's Tripping the Live Fantastic.
  6. I'll have a Raspberries/EC.com Fantasy Baseaball league up and running tonight. By my count, looks like we have at least 10 here that would be in. Hope we can rustle up a few more. --LC
  7. Paulie--I think "Got Raspberries?" is very clever. When Raspberries Live at BB King's (or whatever it may be called) comes out, that would make a very apropos advertising campaign... and why not make it scratch-and-sniff, too? --LC
  8. Bernie, just remember: Wherever you go, there you are.
  9. Don K, another great find. What a strange case of sour grapes... almost like mr. Sylvester has been carrying a 30-year grudge. He ought to get over it already. In fact, if he had owned up to what really happened, he'd probably have just picked up a whole bunch of new fans!
  10. By the way, TTunes, I'll catch up soon, man.... Sorry about that. I seem to live in a cloud of chaos.
  11. By the way, Paulie, I'll set it up as a live draft, BUT... if you'd like, Yahoo will draft for you with its "Autopick" function. Once I pick a draft time (it'll be probably a Friday or Saturday night at maybe 8 p.m. EST, give or take), you can either log on to the league at Yahoo and pick your team, or let Yahoo pick your team for you. Either way is okay. I've won leagues picking all by myself and also by "inheriting" the team Yahoo picks for me. But don't let me confuse you. Suffice to say that when our season starts, we'll all have complete teams, and we can do what we want with 'em. Does anyone mind if I grab "Boats Against the Currents" as my team name?
  12. Eric, you are on a roll! I love it! Good points all, and I think you've really got something there. (And after reading that, I don't feel a bit of guilt about "force-feeding" my two daughters, who are 6 and 3, so much Beatles, Beach Boys, 'Berries, and some Elton.)
  13. "If You Change Your Mind" seems to be the leader in this thread.... Speaking of which, I've been reading the Bernie/Ken book and one thing that strikes me is how little input an artist seems to have when it comes to singles. I mean, geez, the record company wants to make money, of course, so they'll obviously put out what they want as singles. And sometimes it's obvious ("Go All the Way," "I Wanna Be With You"). But otherwise, it often seems like there are all kinds of in-the-boardroom decisions that shock/surprise/dismay the artist. Maybe with the McCartneys and Springsteens of the world, the artist can complete an album and announce, "These will be my four singles. Period." But if you judge by the Raspberries' and Eric's experience (even going back to pre-Raspberries bands), the artist often gets a curveball thrown at him. Or a screwball. Or a knuckleball....
  14. I'm away from my home base right now, in Florida (spring training, on assignment, yeah!), but it sounds like we have enough interest to go ahead and start a league. I'll get one going over the weekend and post something next Monday night about how to join. It'll be easy. And fun. Eric and all you other Cleveland-ites might be interested to know I've spent two days at the Indians' camp in Winter Haven. I'm with a photographer who's been shooting baseball since 1947. Fun couple of days.... Ran into Bob Feller, who comes out and signs around 700-800 autographs a day (free, although he sells photos for a reasonable $5 apiece, with part of the proceeds going to charity). Go all the way, Indians! (That is, if the Yankees don't!) (Sorry... I was born and bred that way....) --LC
  15. Pauliemississippi-- I was planning on standard roto ... accumulating stats all season, rather than head-to-head.... --LC
  16. For our purposes, I would say it's better to do an AL/NL league. That way, we won't have to become fantasy geeks so much. I've been in an AL-only league for many years, and you've really gotta study up on utility infielders and back-up catchers.... Your husband's right---if your worst pitcher is Randy Johnson, it makes it a little easier for new players.... --LC
  17. If any of you baseball heads would like to get into a fantasy baseball league, I'll gladly start an EC.com "members-only" league. We'd probably need at least 10 to participate. Pop a note on here if you're interested and I'll set up a league at Yahoo. They have a free league, so it would be no money out of anyone's pocket.... Bragging rights only. I'd probably stick with the stat categories that are standard. For those of you who haven't played, those categores are: Hitting: HRs, Runs, RBI, Batting Average, and Stolen Bases Pitching: Wins, Strikeouts, Saves, ERA, and WHIP (walks + hits divided by innings) Don't worry -- Yahoo tracks it all. You just pick your team at a draft (or you can use an "auto-pick" function), and then fix your roster as needed during the season, adding and dropping players as needed. Anyway, let me know who might be "into" it.... The only rule I would impose would be: Each team owner would have to name his or her team after a Raspberries or EC song or album. (Examples: the Go All the Ways, the Nobody Knows, the Boats Against the Currents, the Play Ons, the Winter Dreams....) --LC
  18. I thought you'd get a kick out of that, Darlene. I'm not an expert by any stretch, but I do put on something classical almost every day. And I've always got the classical station playing in my daughters' room at night (I hope it's "seeping in"). In fact, I wish I had been more exposed to the genre more as a kid.... Honestly, it wasn't until I read (as a 16- or 17-year-old) about Eric's Rachmaninoff "influence" on "ABM" and "NGFILA" that I started to appreciate classical.... Then, in the 1980s, while editing an all-styles music magazine, I had a classical editor who would "coach" me toward the composers he figured I'd like. He knew I leaned toward very melodic stuff (Beatles), and sometimes "depressing" ballads (hence the Boats album), and he'd point me in the direction of certain pieces by JS Bach or Mozart or Schubert.... Everyone should have a coach like that. Re: the news story above... It makes perfect sense. I can just see a miscreant, as you said (I love that word), changing his mind about a mugging because Vivaldi's Four Seasons took him out of the mood.... And you know what? I think Antonio and all the other classical masters would be happy to know their music was being used like this, don't you?
  19. I forgot about one of my favorite live albums in recent years, probably because I've watched it on DVD a million times: Concert for George (Harrison). Clapton, Petty, Lynne, Billy Preston, Paul and Ringo.... What a great lineup. They really wailed on "Isn't It a Pity," and the Clapton/McCartney reading of "Something" was magnificent.... The problem is, the CD track listing doesn't include several gems that are on the DVD (including "My Sweet Lord," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and, yes, "Wah-Wah"). The net effect (as a friend of mine noted) was, the show made you appreciate George's body of work. He tended to get overshadowed by John and Paul, but George wasn't exactly chopped liver.
  20. Darlene, I thought you'd get a kick out of this news story. Ditto for all other classical music listeners (hey--that would include Eric, wouldn't it?). I'm not buying the "bug spray" quote by Robert Fink near the end of the story. I think classical music in any park is a nice touch. And geez, what if it actually gets people listening to classical music? Go, Ludwig! ----------------------------------------------- CONNECTICUT CITY HOPES MUSIC WILL CLEAN UP PARK By Associated Press Sat Mar 4, 12:55 AM HARTFORD, Conn. - Residents of one Hartford neighborhood hope Beethoven and Mozart will help drive drug dealers and prostitutes out of a local park. Activists propose playing recordings of classical music in Barnard Park in hopes of annoying petty criminals so much that they'll leave. They also hope the music will make the park more pleasant for other people once it is cleaned up. Resident Carol Coburn said she came up with the idea after reading about similar efforts in West Palm Beach, Fla., where she said crime decreased as much as 40 percent in parks where classical music was played. Cities in Canada and Australia have reported success with similar efforts. But to University of California-Los Angeles musicologist Robert Fink, the plan makes Hartford's crime-fighting efforts look desperate. "Beethoven is not going to save you," he said. It's ironic that "some of the greatest composers in history are now being viewed as some kind of bug spray or disinfectant." The plan still needs city approval and funding.
  21. Good topic... It's tough to select one, so I'll cheat (but at least I'll rank 'em). Singles that should have been.... EC Solo 1. "Love Is All That Matters" -- for that memorable melody 2. "Desperate Fools" 3. "Lost in the Shuffle" -- I had my college radio station playing it all the time, and it sounded great Raspberries 1. "Cruisin' Music" -- good summertime song. 2. "If You Change Your Mind" 3. "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine" PS: And if the Eagles had all those '70s hits, Dave's "Should I Wait" certainly had merit. I thought he out-Eagled Frey and Henley on that one.
  22. I should add... Eric, Wally, Scott, and Mike filled the bill, too, for that one shining moment of Starting Over.
  23. Eric--great stuff. It was a huge kick to read your thoughts on those early days in your career. "The power of positive thinking"... it goes a long way, in any situation. And yep, you sure did make a difference. Like Bill C points out, for those of us just a couple years too late to witness John, Paul, George, and Ringo during the heart of Beatlemania, it was Eric, Wally, Dave, and Jim that filled the bill. Quite admirably, too.
  24. Tunes, I disclaimered the heck out of my list... Those are live CDs I like.... You make your own list. You're off to a good start. (I loved Cheap Tricks "Want You to Want Me" ... a rare live single....)
  25. As we await Raspberries Live in '05 (or whatever it may be called), I was thinking about live rock'n'roll and pop albums in general. They can be a real hit-or-miss venture, can't they? Poor sound quality, an "uneven" night by the artist, crowd noise --- all of those things must make the production of a live album a real challenge. Also, some fans will want (or expect) note-for-note "replays" of greatest hits; others will want twists and turns with each song. I started digging through my own collection in search of live rock/pop CDs I love (excluding other genres, like classical and jazz and blues). I picked out a few but also came to the realization that a lot of the ones I've picked up over the years were exciting at first but have been relegated to "filler" space on my shelves. I remember digging Queen's Live Killers when it came out in the late 1970s, but I never bothered getting it on CD. Same with the Eagles' live album from 1980. I loved Simon & Garfunkel's Central Park gig and do have it on CD, but haven't listened to it in years. I love Dylan, but his live CDs (for me) aren't that listenable --- I'd rather just put on Blood on the Tracks or Blonde on Blonde. I love the Beach Boys even more, but I'd rather hear Surfer Girl, Tomorrow and Today, Pet Sounds, Endless Summer, etc., than their live discs. John Lennon is the best, but his Live Peace in Toronto is one of those CDs you own just to have the complete Lennon library (minus Two Virgins, of course). So... I would say that Raspberries Live on CD has a chance to be the best ever. I didn't get to a show, sadly, so I'm basing that on: a) the reviews I've read here; comments about "Overnight Sensation" in particular; c) the footage of "Nobody Knows" that Bernie posted; d) the material in general, which would be strong from start to finish; and e) state-of-the-art sound quality (well, I hope it's state-of-the-art, anyway). And now, my list of live CDs I can recommend. 10. Dirty Dancing: Well, I couldn't leave this off, could I? You already know the highlights. 9. Eagles: Hell Freezes Over. Loved the title, and also the different takes on certain songs. 8. Elton John: Live in Australia. A different kind of live album, with the orchestral backing on a lot of classic hits. I love "Tiny Dancer." 7. Wings Over America. Wore out the LPs in the mid-1970s. This earns a spot on my list just for making "Maybe I'm Amazed" a hit single. 6. U2: Rattle and Hum. Got kicked around a little by music pubs when it came out (including the one I edited, CD Review), but... I like it! 5. John Stewart: Deep in the Neon. My "obscurity" special. He wrote "Daydream Believer," and his version here is folksy and funny. Also here: "Runaway Train" (which he wrote for Rosanne Cash) and "July You're a Woman," an underappreciated classic. 4. Bruce Springsteen: Live 1975-85. I like his Unplugged, too. 3. Fleetwood Mac: The Dance. Ah, Stevie! "Silver Springs," "Landslide"... and I love Lindsey Buckingham's guitar playing. 2. Rolling Stones: Live Licks, from 2004. Gotta have "Gimme Shelter" live.... 1. Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S. The concert itself (I saw the Boston show) was the best I've seen. The CD captures it fully... very moving, all the way through. For me, the perfect live album.... I'd love to hear others' recommendations.... (EC will be disappointed, but... I don't even have Live at Leeds on CD!)
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