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  1. That's just horrible, that news item---very, very disturbing. It hits home, too, because I lived in Richmond (and loved it) for 6 years (1994-2000). I hope justice is served, and hard. --LC
  2. Keith--prophetic words from you: The Bengals will rise or fall with Palmer. Ouch---what a way to start the game.
  3. I agree. Great-looking piece -- as classy as its subject. It's a good value, too. (Plus you get the benefit of knowing that you're supporting a great cause!) You know, if you're ever able to make them available, Bernie, I'd buy signed lithos of Fresh, Side 3, and Starting Over too. That's asking a lot, I know, but what a great matching set they'd make, don't you think? Maybe someday.... A quick word about autographs: It's a great hobby, something I've loved even before it was a "business." As a kid, I was one of those ballpark rats who'd hang over the railings at old Cleveland Stadium or Three Rivers in Pittsburgh and beg for sigs. As an adult (I use that term loosely in my case!), I've worked as an editor of sports and entertainment magazines, newsletters, and books for many years. Between all that, I'm pretty familiar with the risks of buying an autographed item that you didn't personally see signed. But I make exceptions when A) it's from a trusted source, and it's an otherwise hard-to-get autograph. Bernie's Raspberries litho (actually, anything EC.com would offer) is a case where A and B made it a no-risk deal. It's just a nice-looking piece....
  4. Okay. Like Bob Dylan said in "Idiot Wind," "I can't help it if I'm lucky...." The fact that it's rather difficult to get band-signed stuff isn't lost on me, which is why the autographed litho I bought here is such a treasure.
  5. Bernie, will you be putting up any autographed 8x10s? I got one with my TONIGHT package, and it's kind of cool because Eric "misfired"---started writing with a ballpoint that went bad, so he switched to a Sharpie. It's cool to have, but I might wanna bid on another.... --LC
  6. This weekend's winners: NE Patriots, Steelers, Panthers (sorry, Giants fans), and Buccaneers....
  7. "Silver Spring" by Fleetwood Mac, one of Stevie's best---the B side to "Go Your Own Way." Classic.
  8. Marv, Where would somebody be able to look at Reflections 1 and 2? --LC
  9. Here's a good title for a new Raspberries' CD: "Live at BB King's 2005."
  10. Ditto. There's a letter (Eric's) for you and Ken to frame, Bernie. TONIGHT is a great read. (PS: I disciplined myself into waiting until Christmas morning to read it, which was tough. After my daughters ripped into S. Claus's deliveries on Dec. 25, they spent the afternoon playing... and I spent the afternoon reading. As someone who got shut out of the 2005 tour, I sure valued the chance to have a peek inside the gigs.... Without a doubt, I won't miss out on the 2006 tour.)
  11. Thanks for that, Marvin. Really a sad story, because until he died, very few people likely knew of Barry Cowsill's plight. You know, so many groups and individuals in pop and rock music have ended up having tough times and losing their way over the years.... Think of Elvis and Hendrix and Joplin and Badfinger and Dennis Wilson and Cobain and Hutchence and many others -- even our pal Brian Wilson, who lost a lot of potentially great music-making years before, fortunately, getting his act together again. There are too many superstars and countless obscure artists who couldn't deal with the pressures and ended up getting lost in depression and/or drugs and/or alcohol.... It's gotta be a hard life. All of this is reason enough to be thankful that each of the Raspberries has stayed grounded, kept their heads on straight, and managed to avoid the bad trappings of life as a musician. Makes it even easier to admire EC, Wally, Jim, and Dave as well as Scott, and Mike, don't you think? Here's to many more years of making music....
  12. That is indeed sad.... I can't say I was a huge fan of the Cowsills, but I do love "The Rain, The Park and Other Things"---great single that I remember from when I was a kid. There was never much written about the group, except for the classic story that the Cowsills were the inspiration for The Partridge Family. A report on E!'s web site tonight had these notes: --------- "Barry Cowsill, who'd moved to New Orleans only months before Katrina, was last definitively heard from in a voice message left on his sister Susan's cell phone, and retrieved shortly after the hurricane hit. In it, he said he'd seen looting, and asked for help. "'I don't know how he reacted to the situation he got himself in,'" Bob Cowsill said. "Of all of us, he was probably the least mentally equipped to handle [it]." "Cowsill, who would have turned 51 on Sept. 14, was due to fly to Los Angeles on Aug. 29 to check himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. Bob Cowsill said he'd worked hard to convince his younger brother to agree to the flight--and the treatment plan. "He was so close to getting it together, and, gee whiz, this dumb hurricane just got in the way," Bob Cowsill said. "It's just amazing to me." --------- (Not to make light in any way of this sad story, but... I wonder if he really said "gee whiz" and "dumb.") Anyway, between this news and Lou Rawls and, of course, the coal mining tragedy in WVirginia, man, 2006 is off to a rocky start.
  13. The Pats better be careful.... Everyone in the world thinks they were ducking the Steelers when they coasted against Miami. (As much as I enjoyed seeing the 2nd team play and Flutie drop-kicking an extra point, I'm sorry---you just don't pull back when there's something at stake, even if it's seeding position in the playoffs.) Now the Jags are fired up and feeling disrespected. A team like that can be dangerous. That said, I'll take NE at home in a close one.... and I'll go with the Steelers too. (More important to me: Here's hoping Brett Favre sticks around!)
  14. Ahh, a different kind of Trifecta. Good stuff. Your examples are right on, with the potential for other Beatles Trifectas. The original order of the U.S. LPs confuses things today (because Capitol's first CD reissues came out in the original British order). Since your Beatles example sticks with the original order, I'll offer up Hard Day's Night/Beatles For Sale/Help! -- can't go wrong there. I'd also say (discounting compilations and live albums): --Beach Boys' Little Deuce Coupe/Shutdown Vol. 2/All Summer Long (although it's tough to leave out the album that came just before these three: Surfer Girl, with that timeless title track---the best harmony-vocal song ever). --Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home/Highway 61 Revisited/Blonde on Blonde --Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet/Let It Bleed (w/ "Gimme Shelter")/Sticky Fingers. --Fleetwood Mac: Fleetwood Mac/Rumours/Tusk. --And, of course, we don't think we can leave off Eric Carmen/Boats Against the Current/Change of Heart, do we? Sustained brilliance over a three-album stretch isn't as easy one would think. To wit: * Yellow Submarine came out between The White Album and Abbey Road and prevents a Tri there (in my book). * The Beach Boys' Concert album (from 1964) ruined it for Beach Boys Today! and Summer Days-Summer Nights. Also, Smiley Smile (interesting but unfinished) ruined a Tri for Pet Sounds and Wild Honey. * And John Lennon's Sometime in NY City came after Plastic Ono Band and Imagine -- so sorry, no Trifecta.
  15. Keith, I agree with you on all counts, except the first. I'll go with my emotions (and probably lose money)---the Pack will be fired up behind Favre at home (and please, no calls for Rodgers) while the Seahawks take it easy. Didn't this football (regular) season go by incredibly quickly? Even for a Packers fan.... PS: I guess I believe in the Bears, finally, as a team that can cause trouble in the playoffs, and maybe pull off an upset. But in the end, I'm thinking we'll see a Patriots-over-Seahawks Super Bowl. (Sorry, Colts fans.... Belicek is too much.)
  16. Darlene, Absolutely brilliant. That one's getting printed out and posted here in my office. --LC
  17. As a Yankee fan living near Boston, I know little kids' hearts broke all around New England when they woke up to the bad news about Damon. (Reminds me of the heartbreak I felt as a kid when the Yankees traded Bobby Murcer.) I'm not totally in love with the signing. I agree with JohnO, Marvin, and others.... I mean, Damon's a great leadoff hitter, and he'll get some nice "cheapie" HRs down the RF line at Yankee Stadium, but... a) On a purely emotional level, Damon's always going to seem like a Red Sock. I begrudgingly respected him as an "enemy," and I even thought his wild-man look was kind of a nice thing for baseball. It'll be weird seeing him in a suit and tie with the more corporate Yanks. Baseball needs characters like that, but he'll be a bit muted in pinstripes. That's minor, though. The bigger thing is... Damon IS 32. I'd rather have had him on the Yankees the last four years than the next four. His arm is closer to a popgun than a rifle. And he doesn't run like he used to. But he does have power and he is productive. So I think he'll have an outstanding couple of seasons. c) Most important, I thought the Yankee offense was strong anyway, really, and wish that that big wad of $52 million was spent on pitching. Heck, we could have two good arms come in for that price. Maybe a horse like Kevin Millwood and/or Jarod Washburn. The Yanks need pitching depth; an extra run per game is nice, but our geriatric hurlers didn't get any younger in the off-season.
  18. Many thanks to Bernie for the "All By Myself" tribute. I'd never heard the L.A. performance, and it's simply incredible. Eric's voice sounds very pure and honest, as it does on the record, and it's a thrill to hear it in that setting, and sung at a time when it was so new and fresh to the singer and the audience. "Classic" is an overused word these days, but it fits that song like a glove. When my girls are asleep and the house is quiet, I can put on "ABM" and go right back to that cold winter of 1975/76. I got my driver's license in late November of 1975, so I would take the family's 2nd car -- a beat-up 1973 Chevy Nova -- anytime I got the chance, and I remember hearing "ABM" through those tinny little radio speakers all winter long. (We lived near Pittsburgh at the time: 13Q had it in heavy rotation, as most stations did.) Anyway, I found it to be such a moving song, especially for teenagers who could relate to the sentiment. And it's held up so well all these years later.... I'm with BlackHawk and Marvin and everyone else who mentioned EC's piano instrumental -- without it, I don't feel like I'm hearing the whole piece. But if the short version helped get it to where it is today, well, that's cool too. Anyway, thanks again for the treat, Bernie! You are the hardest-working man in power-pop!
  19. James, Long-winded? Thanks... I made your brain hurt? Ah, well, I guess it's the USA Today generation. Anything longer than two sentences is too much. --LC
  20. That Trifecta was dedicated to SugarB. --LC
  21. James, if you have a few minutes (er... hours), check out the "One Fan's Odyssey/A Long and Winding Post" I put up last month. I had the exact same experience as you -- I bought Raspberries' Best after soaking in EC's first solo album. And like Darlene, I used a magnifying glass to read all those Raspberries reviews. (CubFanMike, I can now understand, after having worked in music publishing for a lot of years, how such a collage would come together --record company PR depts. use clipping services to procure EVERY last word written about their artists, and they build huge files. I'm sure that's how the Raspberries one came about: some creative mind in the graphics department emptied out the file. As I wrote in that Odyssey post, the Raspberries' Best packaging was pure genius -- a "sales job," in effect. I must have read those liner notes a million times. Like you, James, I also found the wait for Boats Against the Current to be exciting, frustrating, even agonizing. In a way, the delay only heightened anticipation. At least for most of us. And the wait for Change of Heart was even more agonzing. Hey, when you're in college, you're so much more impatient. Speaking of college, the Starting Over poster was on my dorm wall all four years. So were a couple others mentioned above -- ELO's Out of the Blue poster and Beatles White Album photos and poster. Two others that took up a lot of wall space: 1) John Lennon: Imagine poster (huge!) of JL playing his white piano 2) Paul McCartney: Band on the Run poster
  22. Hey there Sugar, let me buy you a drink.... Sorry -- thought an EC quote might help. Really, hang tough, SugarB, and remember to stay positive. That always helps when you're in a boat-against-the-current mode. Here's hoping things get back to "normal" for you. We're rootin' for ya!
  23. That's a cool photograph! And to get a concert review by EC himself -- even cooler. Wouldn't you love to hear Tyler do a cover version of, say, "Overnight Sensation"?
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