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  1. Even though Eric's version is stronger, I don't think he'd have had as big a hit with "Hey Deanie." The TV platform Shaun Cassidy had... huge. 

    But... imagine if Eric had kept it for himself and made it the lead single upon Change of Heart's release. One more "what if" in a career full of them! 

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  2. Right. That sort of situation is hard to defend as being something other than a money-making machine.

    On the other hand, we're open-minded about cases where a lead singer and key instrumentalist are on board.

    • Mick Jagger and Keith Richard touring as the Rolling Stones? Fair enough, especially with Ron Wood (even though he wasn't an original) still in the band. 
    • Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey touring as The Who? Also fair enough — though I think they've finally called it quits (I see some Daltrey solo dates billed as "Roger Daltrey/The Voice of the The Who"). 
    • And, as James and Batman noted, Don Henley touring as the Eagles? I'm fine with that, too, considering that Henley was the co-voice of the group... and that the touring band includes Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt, who, though not originals, became key contributors... and that Glenn Frey's son Deacon took his dad's place... and that they drafted Vince Gill... and that they enlist guitar ace Steuart Smith (even if they don't give him the honor of being an "Eagle").


  3. The ELO reference is interesting. Don't forget that there was an "ELO II" band touring and releasing albums without Jeff Lynne in the 1990s/2000s.

    Sorry, but that is not ELO — even though it had the original drummer (Bev Bevan) and keyboardist (Richard Tandy) along with a late-arrival-but-still-important voice, bassist Kelly Groucutt. And on tour, they played all the classic ELO songs and deep cuts. But... Jeff Lynne wrote pretty much all their songs and was almost always the lead singer. (Groucutt took lead vocals on a couple of songs). So without Lynne, it was a stretch.

    We all remember a similar situation when Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley, and Scott McCarl released an album as Raspberries. It was really an interesting development — especially because Scott replaced Dave in the original Raspberries run. But without Eric, could it be the 'berries? 

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  4. The age-old question: Can a "classic" band still tour under its original name if the only original member is the drummer? See this Guess Who new tour announcement:


    It notes that the lineup includes original drummer Garry Peterson. Period. Otherwise, it's a wholly different cast. So really, it's a Guess Who Tribute Band, featuring the co-founding drummer. Maybe it's a great show — I haven't seen 'em so I can't pass judgment. But wouldn't this be like, you know, a Raspberries tour featuring only Jim Bonfanti from the original lineup? Jim just wouldn't do it....

    While I'm not a huge Guess Who fan, I do like some of their '70s blasts of rock'n'roll, and I know there are some Guess Who/Burton Cummings fans here. So... a vintage classic:


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  5. Great old song — forgot about it. Very Beatlesque, especially when that harmony vocalist kicks in (so McCartney-ish). I had never seen the video and had no idea what the band looked like. Naturally, I had to look 'em up... It's a Netherlands band, and the lead singer is Peter Tetteroo. They changed their lineup frequently, but Tetteroo was a constant. Sadly, he died at only 55 (liver disease) in 2002. 

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  6. Not to be naive, but, er, isn't it a good thing that people can listen to "Cindy in the Wind" on YouTube? Think of all the EC fans who have passed on without ever having heard it. 

    Or is there some copyright infringement, or a request by Eric to keep it private? I just don't know. I guess I'm from the Dylan/Neil Young/Grateful Dead school of sharing rarities. 😇

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  7. The link above is long-broken, but I bet it was one of these songs. I always loved that big voice of Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane. Reminds me of Mama Cass Elliott... so it made sense that she performed and toured with The New Mama's and the Pappas from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s, handling Cass's parts.



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  8. A nearly 20-years-later bump of a cool thread. In fact, what ever happened to Keith Nivan, who started this thread in 2005, and dozens of others who chimed in? 

    Enough board questions... here are some more questions posed in song titles, all of them from the brilliant Karl Wallinger and his underrated, under-appreciated band World Party:  

    "Is It Like Today?" 

    "Is It Too Late?"

    "Who Are You?" (not to be confused with song of the same name by The Who)

    "What Does It Mean Now?"

    "What Is Love All About?"

    "When Did You Leave Heaven?"

    I noticed all these question titles when I was building a World Party playlist a couple years back. So when I rediscovered this fun old thread, I had to log them in. All are quality tracks, with this one ("Is It Like Today" ranking as my favorite.


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  9. This might be the first time an obituary ends up in Cartoon World. I'm thinking about it....

    I'm sure the Biden family will make sure our President gets appropriate care in the event he is ever diagnosed with dementia, whether it's next week or years from now. But I'm not sure how that ties in with Brian Wilson's plight. 

    Be that as it may, my best wishes to the Brian Wilson family. Dementia is a hopeless and even horrifying thing to go through, both for the person struggling with it and for loved ones who act as caregivers.

    Those of us who have experienced it (or are experiencing it) know all too well about the toll dementia takes....

  10. BTW, here's what Kelce said during his violent verbal explosion: 



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  11. 10 hours ago, susie b said:

    Rumors flying all over for weeks that this is a staged romance, much like the old Hollywood studio system used to do, to re-engage the European-American fan base after the NFL lost viewership with the BLM and the taking of knees.

    I understand that the NFL still hasn't regained its military fan base after all the disrespect.


    Staged or not, the "romance" was already kind of nauseating when Taylor's entourage got her through the thicket and allowed her to meet and hug and make out with Kelce while the ever-present media soaked it up. I don't remember ever seeing that kind of a hook-up mere moments after a Super Bowl win. God, leave the team to celebrate. Give him a wave and blow a kiss. It just smacked of a PR moment for both parties. 

    I sound like a celebrity curmudgeon, I know, but damn. This is the Super Bowl. Don't turn it into an instant post-game spectacle that advances her agenda, and his. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, James said:

    Didn't watch the game, but saw the clip all over X.

    In my world ( a world where respect flourishes )....he'd have been benched for the game, and if he didn't humbly apologize to the coach and team afterwards, he'd have been cut.

    Agree with you James. We may not be politically aligned, my friend, but I'm with you here. To rush up violently and purposely bump into your 70-something coach is an unforgivable act. I don't care about "heat of the moment" — you don't do that to a coach. Or to a teammate, for that matter. I'd have sat his big butt down the rest of the game and put him on waivers afterwards. 

    And does Vegas have a betting line for the Kelce/Swift "romance"? I'd put money on a split-up within six months. She isn't the type to put up with the kind of hot-headed bully who would do what Kelce did to Coach Reid. No way.


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  13. Grumpy today, Batman?

    It's just a small radio station's year-end Top 100 list. No need to do any internal vomiting. It was likely based (at least loosely) on listener requests. I think every radio station had its own metrics for their end-of-year top-100 lists — and as far as I know, they didn't just mimic Billboard or Cashbox. More than likely, they reflected listener preferences and data (such as it was) collected by a station's program manager. They weren't right or wrong, or reflective of sales, or reflective of critics' picks.... They more than likely were just giving the people what they wanted.

    I didn't post this as the be-all-end-all-list of the best songs of 1972 ranked in order. And I don't think anyone will contend that Chuck Berry's "Ding-a-Ling" is better than Elvis's "Burning Love."  I just threw the list out there as a nice, nostalgic look at hit songs from a memorable year in music. 

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