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  1. Yes, one of hundreds of top-shelf compositions John Stewart wrote. Thank you for putting it up here, Rhonda. I've mentioned this before: Rhonda saw one of my posts in 2022 where I raved briefly about John Stewart song. She asked for a few suggestions of songs that define JS. I figured I'd send her a half-dozen and that would be the end of it. No way — John Stewart's way with a melody, his soulful guitar playing, and his intelligent, insightful lyrics connected right away. So... those first few songs I reviewed for Rhonda turned into a John Stewart Master Class. We're now up to 182 songs, no duds among them, as Rhonda can attest. Make that 183. I didn't even get to "Roll Away the Stone" yet; Rhonda discovered it on her own and did her a worthy review. It's an Americana ballad played beautifully by John's band in 1974 in Phoenix. His stature in Phoenix is worth mentioning.... In the early 1970s, a DJ at a radio station there started playing John's early albums — the most pivotal of which is California Bloodlines (1969, Capitol). The DJ's exposure resulted ion such a huge following for John that it made sense for him to play there. In 1974, a series of sold-out shows resulted in a double-live album called The Phoenix Concerts. Highly recommended! "Roll Away the Stone" was a new song he trotted out for The Phoenix Concerts. There was no studio version of this song. Yet it's played note-perfect, and John's in fine voice, and it more than holds up today. It's sort of a call to look inward ("Are we cursed, are we blind / Have we all lost our mind?) in finding ways to do better, and to make a positive impact. I wish there were footage of this performance. So, a thank-you to Rhonda for giving this song some love — and especially for being my audience of one in my JS "Master Class" series. In reviewing 182 songs, I've become even more appreciative of my old friend John Stewart. I'm not a musician, but Rhonda is, so she responded to my 182 reviews with her own insights, often getting technical about things like chords and structure. More than ever, I know. why John was such an otherworldly songwriter. As Raspberries have been called godfathers of power-pop, John Stewart is known as the godfather of Americana music.
  2. Oops—I miswrote. How about: It's interesting that he wrote "I Need Your Lovin'' and covered "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" — neither to be confused with "You Need Some Lovin'." ... or "I Need You."
  3. Oh, I've been exposed.... I just didn't know Eric took a stab at it! It's interesting that he covered "I Need Your Lovin'" AND "Baby I Need Your Lovin'"....
  4. How have I never heard this? I figure somebody here has posted it, but I haven't seen it here, either. I know, I know — I've been living in a cave, and not getting enough EC rarity shares....
  5. Ongoing coverage: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/francis-scott-key-bridge-baltimore-collapse-container-ship/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab4i&fbclid=IwAR1P7-9owZUhoplTxQlcPExHbKEC0pnaroh88pQHT2fSVcZ1FsQhJYchiT8
  6. Thanks for that link, RCT — I hadn't seen that. 🙂
  7. Rediscovered this great old thread... this is one where Lew gave his take on lyrics in general and inspired me to think about doing a "Lew vs. LC on Lyrics" thread.... because I consider lyrics to be far more important than Lew does. Lew, are you up for a point-counterpoint thing? (Why do I always think of Dan Ackroyd's "Jane, you ignorant slut..." line from old Saturday Night Live skits?) Not to take away from Duane's original point, which is a good one. Speaking of which, Duane — if you're out there — you mentioned you had an edit for "Run Away" too. Did I miss it here?
  8. Good to see you posting again, Jeff. I remember you from years ago. You can check out anytime, but you can never leave. Welcome back also to our old friends Julie and Mike. I can't speak for former members who left and never came back (or, haven't come back yet). I can just speak for myself. I like the music talk here, and I like those who have remained, and I like the idea of contributing posts that can go into more depth. I will say this: A lot of former posters seem to love Facebook — there are multiple Raspberries and power-pop pages they frequent (as I do). But on Facebook-type sites, really good posts get buried by piles of newer posts — and get lost to the ages pretty quickly. Here at EC.com and similar type boards, I like the fact that really good posts can get bumped and refreshed at our whim. Good topics fittingly have legs. The searchability Bernie built into this site allows us to keep chewing on topics that deserve it.
  9. Dave, cool find. I need to dig through boxes. I may have this too. (Or not!)
  10. Watch this — it's "Go All the Way" accompanied by a battery of movie clips that move so fast they'll make you dizzy.. in a good way. (Is Natalie Wood in here?)
  11. One of Eric's most moving — and also most underappreciated — ballads is "The Way We Used to Be." It shows off his masterful playing, versatile vocal ability, and craftsmanship as a songwriter. And the lyrics fit perfectly. Click through to the YouTube video (one of multiple presenting the same song) and you'll see that this one has 3.4K views. Clearly, we are not the only EC fans who know his deepest catalog treasures. There are also nearly 300 comments.
  12. Click through to YouTube for this "Go All the Way" post and you'll see all kinds of fan tributes to EC. Note: Click on YouTube within the frame. Once there, sort by Newest first.
  13. A "conspicuously absent" list of luminaries who haven't posted a memoriam to Eric Carmen. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these...) Ringo Starr Bruce Springsteen Billy Joel Jon Bon Jovi Susanna Hoffs Also, only one of the Overdubs, Billy Sullivan, posted tributes to Eric. Maybe they didn't hear about it, or didn't consider him a close enough friend, or have privately acknowledged Eric's passing. But in this day of 24/7 social media, people notice when your voice is silent.
  14. Good comeback, and glad to hear you survived those speed bumps. I guess all of us have hit some kind of speed bump along the way, but we just keep on keepin' on. Boats is truly a masterpiece. Listening to that record feels like "home" to me.
  15. Love it. A timeless pop ballad, with a great lead vocal by Terry Kath.
  16. Bravo! Your work has always been stellar, Bernie.
  17. Besides which, I'd rather spend my posting time doing longer, more detailed thoughts than one- or two-word answers just to bloat my total. 🤣 But that's just me....
  18. I think the auto-counter tied to my account is stuck! I cannot believe I'm thousands of posts behind Marvin, Hollies, and other ghosts. Well, what about the idea of quality of posts, not quantity of posts? No points for that? After all, lots of those 10,000+ posts from some of the leaders involved game-playing. I don't really do a lot of games. 🎲
  19. I would see them live, just for kicks. Not many dates: https://www.thektelallstars.com/concerts-and-show-calender
  20. Batman, see: https://www.thektelallstars.com
  21. Blackhawk Pat tipped me off on Celine's tributes. He sent this screenshot, which seems to combine the two.
  22. Here's the second, as a response to her own post. ,
  23. I've been waiting for this one: Celine Dion. She wrote some very heartfelt words in two Twitter posts; here's the first.
  24. Who knew that there's actually a touring "K-Tel All-Stars" band... and that they cover "Go All the Way"? Not a bad version — they put out some good chops and energy.
  25. This was Eddie Trunk's first reaction, as noted by James on the first page of this thread. "Devastated" was the word of the day.
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