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  1. Great work, as always, Bernie. The quality is so, so great—perfect preservation of a great moment. Kirk, who is the guy jumping out of his seat? (And how did the people behind him like it? LOL—I kid the excited 'berries fan....).
  2. Another live version (2009) I never saw until now. Love this... such buoyant energy. Davey Johnstone is having a ball.
  3. I was immediately struck by that artistic album cover on Hasten Down the Wind. Nice song, Kirk. Back to Kiki for a minute.... Here's a live version of "Don't Go..." done 25 years after the original:
  4. The mere mention of KiKi Dee inspired me to go back look at this video, which I haven't seen in probably two decades or more. I loved hearing this song on the radio all the time in the mid-1970s. Kiki was an adorable figure in this vid. (Who knew her real name was Pauline Matthews?)
  5. ELO fans seem a lot nicer than Sweet fans. Lol
  6. Hey, this is a nice surprise. Good to hear his health has rebounded. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10837695/amp/Elton-John-reveals-hes-returning-Farewell-Yellow-Brick-Road-Tour-break-home.html
  7. Great thread, Rhonda. And I like your interpretation of the gratitude angle. So true. Good to practice gratitude, although it can be hard to hide that jaded feeling.
  8. Hey, great find, Lew. Being a huge ELO fan, I loved reading this and picking up all the ELO references. Plus it’s obviously a British site, so it was cool to see the different verbal “habits.” (Also brought out the editor in me, but I’ll leave that alone.) I especially get a kick out of their music passion. Never mind that they discuss EC… could have been anyone. It makes me want to see what other artists they’ve chewed on. Most of all, this actually felt like a thread I’d read right here. It’s like looking in a mirror.
  9. BUMP from 17 years ago (!)—a great old thread started by that all-time rabble-rouser Tony Cartmill. I like this thread because it goes somewhere that fan-site bulletin boards don't usually go. That said, I will opine that Raspberries — on those four great albums — were practically clunker-free. I guess the fun of this thread is seeing which numbers didn't work for which people. Let's see if some of our more recent posters have anything on their clunker lists....
  10. Sincere thanks to Bernie for having: the interest to start an early web page the energy to grow it into a website the passion to use his influence to literally spark Raspberries' reunion. If not for EC.com, we wouldn't have had that thrill of a reunion tour (albeit a staggered one with too few dates—I never got the New England concert I hoped for....). I did get to one show — should have been at all of 'em! — but that one show was a lifetime thrill. Raspberries on stage—it was something I pictured in my head fairly regularly since 1976, but thought would never happen. (I know—I was wrong!) My favorite 'berries song, live, from the tour that Bernie helped touch off:
  11. Hmmm, that's a down-and-dirty video. The panning effects are so overactive that you get seasick watching it. (When you overdo the "Ken Burns" cropping tool in iMovie, this is the result. It takes away from the overall look. And... I'd love to have smoothed out the script.) Boy, does that sound snobby of me! But... just my opinion. I'm appreciative that the video maker thought enough of Eric to create a video profile.
  12. Matthew, happy birthday wishes!
  13. Welcome, Jehanbosch. Hope you have fun digging through the posts here—tons of information. I might have misunderstood your notes about live albums. I couldn't tell whether you have the two "official" live Raspberries albums: Live on Sunset Strip (Ryko, 2008) and Pop Art (Omnivore, 2017). Both releases have been covered in-depth here. Here are links to a couple of the many threads worth revisiting. • Here's Bernie's recent look back at the year Live on Sunset Strip came out: And... here's an older Pop Art Live thread that has real-time comments written by posters just before and just after the album came out as a 28-track two-CD set or a 30-track double-LP set:
  14. Hey, that's great. Love her voice, especially in the chorus. And I love the pacing.
  15. Good find, Bernie. Where the heck was that when my daughters were li'l babies? I dare the singers and would-be singers (where's Tommy Tunes?) here to do a karaoke vocal to that.
  16. Welcome, Carlos. Hope you have fun hanging around and posting. You know, that story you told in response to Lew's excellent question is pretty cool. I was just telling one of our other posters that when I was in 4th grade—yes, 4th grade—my teacher did the exact same thing. I still remember his name: Mr. Wilson.And because it was decades before you were in 4th grade, the lyric sheet I remember him passing out was (this will date me) the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Yep, he plopped the vinyl record on his classroom turntable and had his little 4th graders sing along to what turned out to be an all-time classic. I still rank "Hey Jude" as my favorite song of all time... or at least tied with "The Long and Winding Road." Not terribly far behind (for those who like to dig into more obscure numbers) is "China Skies" by John Stewart and then Eric's "Boats Against the Current" and Raspberries "Overnight Sensation."
  17. With Raspberries especially and Eric solo, variety was part of the magic. It showed a versatility that some artists don't have. That said, I definitely get what Kjoh80 is saying. Even though I'm a fan of most of Raspberries ballads and many of Eric's ballads, I can understand how they might not thrill one person as much as the rockers do (or vice versa). Sometimes it depends on your overall musical preferences, or on your mood, or on where you are in life. Today, I'd rather listen to "Take It Or Leave It" than something like "Let's Pretend"—as much as I've always loved that one (and it is truly great).
  18. James, in a perfect universe, the 'berries would have survived into the '80s and '90s with — are you ready? — a six-man lineup. Yes, Dave and Jim... kissing and making up with Eric and Wally, resulting in: • Carmen on vocals and keyboards or rhythm guitar • Bryson on lead guitar • Smalley on bass • McCarl on rhythm guitar or keyboards, • Double drummers in Bonfanti and McBride. How's that for a cop-out, er, a diplomatic answer? Seriously, I appreciated Dave's contributions, especially to Side 3 (particularly the country-influenced "Should I Wait" and "Makin' It Easy"). And I appreciated the melodic power-pop Scott brought. And Wally's lead is great in any setting. And it's not such a far-fetched music fantasy. After all, Wally, Scott, and Dave did team up for that Raspberries Refreshed album. And Eric had double drummers (one of whom was Mike) in his early solo touring days. My favorite of the four great albums, btw, is Starting Over.
  19. And... there are all those "died," "dead," and "RIP" posts scattered about that we're migrating to "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye." I don't think we've found them all yet, though that new "grim reaper" section is past 15 pages. It's not all glamour and glory, Lew! 🙂
  20. That was totally kismet that Matthew posted the item about the 1959 fries just a few hours before I excavated this one. Strange days, indeed.
  21. Good plan! Fifteen years covers the long stretch of time that gave EC.com its foundation... a strong enough foundation to keep going, even as Eric-related activities died down. It's nice to have this virtual "clubhouse" to interact with (musically) like-minded folks, right?
  22. How did i miss this commercial? Love the use of "Hungry Eyes," but from a top-level view, it's really funny that hitting a drive-through lane at a fast-food joint is no longer good enough... now we want it delivered to the homestead. 🤣
  23. The other nice perk that Bernie mentioned: our weekly zoom calls with Eric. We don't like to bring them up because people will wanna know what we talk about. Alas, it's in the vault (but it's real and it's spectacular).
  24. Belated thanks to RCT and Kirk for the bevy of 45 sleeve photos.... Who knew?
  25. What a great thread on a great old ballad. I think there’s a thread somewhere here where Eric describes the event on which he based this. Or am I dreaming again?
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