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  1. An underrated figure in music annals…. I especially would have especially loved seeing him do “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and “Centerfield” back-to-back. Thanks for that report, Bernie.
  2. Welcome back, Larisa! Glad you're posting again. Nice vid—great to hear "Sunrise" again. (Thanks to James for the re-discovery and share.)
  3. It's a great site. I think it needs a regular event to draw in some people. Kyle, what if you played a couple songs on piano live, every Friday night? Live-streamed at EC.com.... Hey, Bernie is open to ideas!
  4. Considering I've had 5,654 posts — make that 5,655 — and have only won 130 days, I'd say there's only one song to describe me:
  5. Love the Cowsills. It's sad that the family has had some tragic losses, but it's nice to see the three on the new album are still motivated and creative. "Rhythm of the World" is a quality song and production.
  6. Great account. I didn't know all of that. It's very well-written by the Rediscoverthe80s author. Kirk, you bring up a good point, because the differences aren't just perspective — they're details that are pretty different. I've gotta say: Dean's memory — all that detail — seems pretty convincing.
  7. Happy birthday wishes, Marlene!
  8. Agree, Bern. I don't care if actual monkeys were playing the instruments. They put out some memorable music — a series of quality albums and an impressive string of Top 40 singles, from the twang-fest "Last Train to Clarksville" to the brilliant pop of John Stewart's "Daydream Believer." I have a playlist of over 100 Monkees songs (including a lot of solo Mike Nesmith numbers) that's just great fun to listen to. Much of their music has withstood the test of time. Alas, appearing to be cool is a a major mission of the R&R Hall of Fame, so the Monkees are on the outside looking in. Yet I think they were kind of cool...
  9. I was tied up yesterday but... happy belated b'day wishes to EC.
  10. Great one, Bernie. Love the song and the vid. Real mermaids, too! The Monkees were awesome.
  11. It's hot outside, too! Wally is The Guitar Master.
  12. We've definitely had better state-of-the-website reports. When you reopened this board, Bern, you noted people were abandoning FB, while message boards like this one, depending on the topic, were starting to get more action again. There was a Facebook backlash for reasons that some here have touched on above. But FB is still Grand Central Station—a flurry of activity, with people coming and going. Message boards like this one are for longer stays. Just tough to get people to come by! The FB pages have the benefit of volume and reach. They're omnipresent, and they get the benefit of auto-generated emails lures that drag people in. One advantage EC.com always had was the presence of EC himself. I'm sorry he doesn't feel it's worth his time to pop in and do some of that great conversational writing he used to do. It's been almost 10 years since his last writings. So, left to own our devices, we've chewed on every aspect of EC and 'berries fandom possible, and then some: We've ranked and rated songs with creative angles.... We've done revisionist and "hindsight" history.... We've reminisced.... We've shared photos, rare and common.... We've enjoyed audio and video rarities.... We've seen Kirk's steady presentations of EC-related YouTube efforts.... We've pounced on anything and everything that could be classified as news (from Eric's tweeting career to the sale of his catalog).... We've had Bundles turn into a Hall of Fame researcher, digging through the Internet's vast archives for related mentions.... We've started acknowledging (more than ever) those who have passed away, and set off our own virtual cemetery for tributes.... And, of course, we've sliced and diced the EC and 'berries catalogs every which way—and in the grand scheme, they're not very deep catalogs in terms of quantity. Like Rhonda noted, we appreciate all who do show up. Especially when we're dealing with sweeping curveballs life is throwing at us. Yet as you note, Bernie, the size of the crowd continues to frustrate. It's especially puzzling as to why the aforementioned Facebook pages are overrun with former EC.com board posters. Where'd everybody go? We need a membership drive.
  13. Great share... thanks Lew! Love John Denver, so it sucks if the "stars" thought he was too uncool to participate.
  14. To say nothing of her great taste in music—and the good sense to record "Boats Against the Current," with a version that I have always loved.
  15. And... a sweet live version. "Sweet" — maybe the best word for Olivia.
  16. So sad... I loved Olivia—loved her. How could you not, if you were a teen in the 1970s. I actually sent money to her fan club just to get the photos and posters and whatnot. I had an Olivia poster hanging in my dorm room as a freshman, alongside posters of Raspberries (Starting Over), ELO (Out of the Blue), Lennon (Imagine), and McCartney (a couple of his '70s albums). Olivia had beauty, elegance, a truly arresting voice, and overall "niceness." That song she did called "Have You Never Been Mellow"—whew. Talk about music that can soothe the soul, or soothe the savage beast... that was it. Her little vocal intonations and mellowness and coos and runs were so unique.... Still love that one. R.I.P., Olivia.
  17. Right, but make no mistake: Someone of Paul Stanley's caliber and status knows who Wally is.
  18. Interesting he didn't mention Wally, considering it was those Wallyized riffs he was nicking. Maybe that was one of the shows where Wally was out sick, leaving Raspberries as a three-piece, with EC on guitar?
  19. Good stuff—lots of memorable pop songs stalled at No. 2, and the writer did a very impressive job of framing 'em.
  20. LOL—I love this reporting. There are some great threads on Dudgeon here that I'll dig up, threads where Eric himself contributed. But the details in this short report are pretty funny. I liked the writer's understated bit near the end about how the Arista folks had already invested $300K in the album... so were hoping it would be finished by April. (I don't think it was—I believe it scuffled on for another couple months before getting pressed, packaged, and distributed in August. The anniversary is coming up! Time to update that great old Boats blog, Bernie! http://ericcarmen.blogspot.com
  21. Well, that's sad. Truly a great actor—perhaps even a little underrated? R.I.P., James Caan. (Lew, good one-liner up there.)
  22. Now that said communications are four decades old, can you feed us a few lines that shed light on what they were going for? (Well, we know what they were going for.... But what they figured would come of it?)
  23. That Tonight You're Mine cover will forever be a thorn in EC's catalog, visually. I wonder why he or Arista didn't think about reissuing it with a different cover—especially because Eric himself disowned it. I know of other albums that got issued with different covers in later pressings—The Beatles' Yesterday and Today, John Stewart's Fire in the Wind, and Lynyrd Skynrd's Street Survivor, as examples—not to mention The Best of George Harrison and Boz Scaggs Hits!. And all of those mentioned in this fun article: https://ultimateclassicrock.com/altered-album-covers/
  24. LC

    Happy 4th

    Not a huge fan of fireworks anymore (they bug my dog! — and all animals). But in this setting, spectacular: "Live and Let Die."
  25. Great share, Dave. Very heartwarming. It's amazing that a fan tracked down that stolen guitar after four decades. Should we be searching for anything on behalf of the 'berries or Eric?
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