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    My two daughters; visiting my family; writing and editing; photography and photographs; day-trip drives; baseball and football; playing golf (when I can find time); and antiques and collectibles, because they relate to my work. And... I love all kinds of music: Beatles, McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, Raspberries/Eric Carmen, Fleetwood Mac, John Stewart, Billy Joel, U2, Springsteen, 10,000 Maniacs, Buddy Guy, Johnny Cash, Rosanne Cash, and classical and baroque masters, especially J.S. Bach and Vivaldi.
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  1. Actresses..

    Well, old friend, I'm not as much of a movie buff as I always wanted to be. But I will give you two names that rank at the top of my list (off the top of my head): • Audrey Hepburn — those eyes! — particularly in Breakfast at Tiffany's • And Eric's old heart-throb Natalie Wood, especially for Rebel Without a Cause. Both died way too young! A name that intrigues me from the 1930s is Mary Pickford. Somewhere along the line of my editing/wriitng in the antiques/collectibles world, I encountered a photo collection and autographs of Pickford, and I always meant to dig in and see her in action, but haven't gotten to it yet.
  2. Well done. A slightly more pained reading... and such a clean sound.
  3. Vinnie, I didn't say that clip was John Lennon singing. Read more closely, man! It says "somebody doing 'Alone Again' in a John Lennon way." That said, I would tend to agree that "AAN" has a McCartney-esque flavor as well. But I'm not backing down that I hear some Lennon in it. The best Beatles-influenced acts (ELO, World Party, Raspberries) could channel both Lennon and McCartney—and some Harrison, too. In "Alone Again," the melancholy in the melody reminds me of Paul, the gloom-and-doom theme of John.
  4. Righteous Brothers

    Who knew there was a Righteous Brothers tour in 2021? I saw an ad saying they're appearing in Massachusetts twice this summer, and their official website verifies (www.righteousbrothers.com/events). It's just Bill Medley, of course (Bobby Hatfield died at 63 in 2003 in a hotel after doing coke before a show). The website says Medley has a new partner named Bucky Heard. Medley, of course, got the same career boost as Eric Carmen did from Dirty Dancing. Amazingly, he's now 80 years old and still on the road. I find that impressive. Interestingly, the most powerful Righteous Brothers song, "Unchained Melody," features Hatfield's greatest vocal, which you can watch on this great old clip. This is from the Andy Williams Show (1965), and Andy asks Medley why Hatfield does it solo. Medley's response: "I didn't think it would be a hit."
  5. Top 10 Elton John Songs

    The Gilbert O'Sullivan thread James started led me to a YouTube duet (from 1973) of "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert and Elton. That vid led me to another I'd never seen—Elton and band doing "Step Into Christmas." I don't love this song, but it's not bad—sort of a B-/C+ holiday tune for me. However, the lip-synced video is cool because it's got Elton's band appearing with him—minus Ray Cooper, who's replaced for the performance by Bernie Taupin. The link to that video is below. The bigger thing is... think about the context. The Gilbert O'Sullivan TV show that featured both "Alone Again" and "Step Into Christmas" was aired in December 1973. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say Elton was at the absolute top of his game at that juncture. The year 1973 saw him release both Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player AND Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. And the month after the video, in January 1974, he and his band recorded Caribou in nine days. Two Januarys earlier, in 1972, he recorded Honky Chateau. So think about that: In the space of two calendar years, Elton recorded Honky Chateau... Don't Shoot Me... Goodbye Yellow Brick Road... and Caribou. Not bad, although if you go to the Wikipedia page on Caribou, you'll see that that album wasn't well-loved by critics at the time—or by producer Gus Dudgeon, who trashed the songs, lyrics, playing, and even liner notes. But I like it. Anyway, I thought it was worth pointing out that the Elton you see in this video was an unstoppable music force at that moment.
  6. Gilbert O ..

    See also Elton John thread for some context around that video. (I didn't want to hijack this Gilbert thread!)
  7. Gilbert O ..

    Well, how about that? I'd never seen this or even know it existed, but one G.O. vid led me to another... a live "Get Down" performance with Elton John, 1973, sitting side-by-side on piano and trading verses. Cool!
  8. Gilbert O ..

    As I wrote elsewhere, I don't know G.O.'s deep cuts, but always liked his hits, especially "Alone Again (Naturally)" but also "Get Down." I was just listening to the latter, and upon further review, it sounds like a cross between a Paul McCartney song (from somewhere around Wild Life and Ram) and Elton John (from his "Philadelphia Freedom" era). It's a fun uptempo pop tune that holds up:
  9. It'll be good to get your take on G.O. And I saw the other thread you started; I was just about to post something there when I stumbled upon this YouTube vid of somebody doing "Alone Again" in a John Lennon way. I never made that connection, but yes... this song does have a Lennon feel to it. Ironically, I was about to make the point on your thread that "Get Down" sounds like it could've been written by... Paul McCartney.
  10. Live renditions of "AAN," then and now (well, 2016). Not lip-synched, either. His voice sure has held up over the years. I'm almost certain Tommy and Lew went to see him live just a couple years ago. There's a thread here somewhere about that.
  11. I love those... even though they can be a bit of a rabbit hole. :-)
  12. I forgot about this gem. Thanks, Kirk. What inspired you to dust this off? Feeling nostalgic?
  13. Let's Pretend Orbison?

    I agree, Kirk. I was actually going to post this one here (great minds) but remembered the audio-only version that included "Starting Over," so I went with that one — in deference to you. :-) I wish the full vid, complete with "SO," of this live TV performance would show up on YouTube. I first heard a cassette bootleg of this slow version when I was in college in the mid-late '70s. A classmate had taped it from TV in '73 or '74 and made a copy for me after we discovered each other as maybe the only other Raspberries fans at that college.
  14. Gilbert O ..

    A worthy gem I’d never heard. Thank you, James. I looked on Apple Tunes for this album but... no dice.
  15. Ha! Close enough. The older one or two out of that many kids have a certain independence, path-finding spirit, diplomacy, and penchant for creativity. And... a 4-2 split is a 4-2 split!