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  1. Did you know that Tico Torres the drummer of Bon Jovi played in Franke and the knockouts, the band led by Franke Previtte who wrote the hits of "Dirty Dancing". A Eric Carmen connection there.
  2. No! Mike Nesmith's mom invented white out not Peter's.
  3. One of the most disappointing aspects of the 30th anniversary edition of "Born to Run" was the lack of bonus tracks such as demos, outtakes, and live material in addition to having no essays from Bruce like stories behind the songs. In years from now are we going to get another edition of BTR released that is expanded with bonus tracks making the 30th one obsolete that we have to spend our money again on BTR?
  4. John P


    Slash's autobiography. It's great. The inside dirt on his life before, during, and after Guns and Roses.
  5. Hopefully more shows in uncharted territories. Would be nice if a newer and younger audience can dicover the band.
  6. The new Mick Jagger solo best of contains a superb previously unreleased John Lennon produced gem titled "too many cooks (don't spoil the whole soup)" that was recorded in 1973. I had no idea that those 2 ever recorded together in the 70's.
  7. Aerosmith - Live Bootleg
  8. Thanks for being very cordial with me in the 4 times I met you this year Eric. I did the best to keep cool and not ask any stupid questions.
  9. New England- Boston or Mohegan sun casino in CT.
  10. The beautiful piano version of "Let's Pretend" and then segue into "Starting Over" just like on DKRC in 1974.
  11. Talking to Jim Bonfanti last August at WAB's he said that they did play around with "On the beach" during rehearsals but Eric found the lyrics to be stupid.
  12. Despite having a horror show of a commute from NYC to Cleveland and back, it was all worth it! Had 5th row and center seats. Eric's mother who I briefly chatted with was sitting right behind me believe it or not. Good seeing the Berries play in a bigger size venue for a change. I couldn't believe that the whole band showed up at the Wyndham Hotel after the show. Thanks guys! Even got to meet Eric's brother there as well as the whole band. Great seeing the whole gang again. Hope you all had a safe trip back home and if you experienced the same nightmare I had commuting back home, my heart goes out to you. John P
  13. I requested it to Eric 3 times in person many times on these boards and zilch it never happened.
  14. Anyone interested I have 1 good seat for sale.
  15. My one time idol. One comment he made that always sticks in my mind "It's better to take a risk than not taking a risk at all."
  16. She's a very easy going person. Thanks to her I got to meet the Raspberries the 1st time around.
  17. She comes up with brilliant ideas like the Raspberries buttons.
  18. He's in the guiness book of world records for the most posts on EC.com.
  19. I have 1 ticket for the Cleveland show I am selling at face value. The seat is in Orchestra floor center in row HH seat 207. If interested please e-mail at J24P@webtv.net or ram_on424@yahoo.com. John
  20. Happy B-Day Adrienne, It was nice chatting with you outside the venue in NYC.
  21. More, More, More - Andrea True Connection Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood- Santa Esmerelda Keep On Dancing - Gary's Gang Your The One For Me -D Train Give it to me baby- Rick James
  22. Sorry don't mean to brag but I just saw 4 shows and got 4 more.
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