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  1. I was there on Sunday like as if anyone here actually cares.
  2. That's what I want to know too. Maybe after all the horror stories of people who commuted to and from the Cleveland gig (including me) maybe the band want to resume after the arrival of better weather.
  3. Noticing a good amount of people on these boards from Ohio. Was there anyone at the tragic 1979 Who concert in Cincinnatti where there were like 16 people who got crushed to death because not too many doors were opened and many people thought the show started when they over heard the sound check from outside mistaking it for the actual show. Heard after that disaster that general admission concerts in Cincy were banned for many years. Anyway who was there and what recollections do you have of that day?
  4. We are always saying why don't the Berries play in this town or that city, does it help to contact our favorite venue that we know that they can draw a descent crowd and put in a request for a future gig ?
  5. The Hall of shame usually incucts someone after they kicked the bucket on if their on the verge of death.
  6. Topps were somtimes given a cease and desist order from those actual corporations whose products they parodied.
  7. I'm sure there are some who collected those stickers from yesteryear. My favorite always and still is "Quacker Oats". Even made a T-Shirt of that great work of art.
  8. The question is what are the legalities involving this new incarnation of The Jam. Is Weller going to take any legal action? Are they performing under the moniker The Jam? Or is it The New Jam? or The Jam 2008? Does Weller recieve a percentage from this new incarnation's touring and recording profits?
  9. The book to read that covers this whole topic is "The Walrus Was Paul".
  10. Too bad he didn't share it in his current autobiography.
  11. Since I'm from NYC I remember that night very vividly. I was listening to WPLJ when it was a rock station and right after a 1 hour Doors special commemorating Morrison's birthday the DJ Mark Goodman (yes the original MTV VJ) announced the shooting. I was lying in bed half asleep thinking "oh he's very important they'll save him". Next morning I forgot about hearing about the shooting until I saw the newspaper headlines on the bus while on my way to school. It was all what we talked about in school. A very bleak and dark time for just about everyone including me.
  12. Lets not forget the great rocking cover version of The Monkees "I'm a Believer" on SM,CM.
  13. Bram Tchaikovsky's first and best album "Strange man, Changed mam" has finally been reissued on cd. Remastered and expanded with extra bonus tracks. This is a overlooked classic that is a must for any Raspberries/Power Pop fan. Guitar power chords reminiscent of The Who, vocal harmonies that harkens back to The Byrds and with a few elements of Springsteen in the music. It was for a brief period a decade ago reissued on cd in Japan but finally has a proper U.S. release. To me it has that timeless quality like any Raspberries cd and "Girl of my dreams" ranks right up there with "Go all the way" as one of the greats. Rumours have circulated over the last few years of a possible reunion of Bram's previous band The Motors. If it happens we'll see if it brings him out of obscurity.
  14. Yes!!!!! I'm in picture #80! Whoooo!!!!!!!
  15. John P


    Alright! Thought nobody here would be familiar of them.
  16. John P


    I know the name Spacehog doesn't mean much to the folks on these boards since I don't think the people here are not quite the one's to be into 90's Alternative Rock but I must point out this one song titled "Carry On" on their 1998 cd titled "The Chinese Album". The track in my opinion sounds like a 90's Raspberries with the lead singer Royston Langdon (AKA Mr. Liv Tyler) sounds like David Bowie doing a Eric Carmen impression. Good song.
  17. Lets not forget him on "Archie Bunker's Place".
  18. The one with Miss Crabtree was it called "Teachers Pet"?
  19. The one with Miss Crabtree was it called "Teachers Pet"?
  20. Wish I was there. Didn't want to take the risk with the frijid Chicago weather.
  21. There is a 60's band called The Magic Lanterns which features a member named John Osbourne. Stickers on the bands cd indicate that this is Ozzy Osbourne's pre Black Sabbath band, well guess again it is N-O-T !!!! Ozzy. It's someone who has the identical birth name like Ozzy and someone most likely trying to ride on the coat tails of Ozzy's fame.
  22. Marvin, in case you already haven't done it why don't you call E Street radio on Sirius and apply to the I'm the Boss segment. Post your Top 5 Bruce songs and your reasons for it then maybe sirius will play your taped message and song selection. Just a suggestion.
  23. Wendy and Lisa of Prince and the revolution fame father is Mike Melvoin the keyboard player on the Partridge Family records (he was Susan Dey) and their brother was Jonathen Melvoin the Smashing Pumpkins keyboard player who fatally od'd. George Young of The Easybeats ("Friday on my mind") brothers are Angus and Malcom Young of AC/DC.
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